Initiative to Boost SoCal’s Startup Scene Teams With GV Founder


A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has set out to boost the startup ecosystem in San Diego and the rest of Southern California—and he already has scored a coup by partnering with Bill Maris, the founder and former CEO of Google Ventures, now known as GV.

5 things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California

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5 things Silicon Valley gets wrong about Southern California. For anyone from California, you know there are vast differences between the northern and southern parts of the state – so vast in fact that, to us, they could just as easily stand alone as two separate states.

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Accelerator Crazy In Southern California


What's the latest craze in startups in Southern Califonia? K5Launch , which was announced yesterday, is headed up by Amir Banafatemi, Ray Chan, David Cheng, and Kai Tao, four Southern California angel investors. The group's members include many member of the Tech Coast Angels, and has a goal of making Southern California, and particularly Orange County, a more vibrant environment for tech startups. It looks to be startup accelerators.

Two Southern California Technology Researchers Get White House Honors


She was also a co-founder at Gevo , the biofuels startup which spun out of Caltech, which had its IPO in 2011. golomb whitehouse caltech research technology award national medal science gevo

Los Angeles Startup Events


I realized that it has been a little while since I posted about the Los Angeles Startup Community and so needed to update my list of startup events that will be out of date almost before I finish publishing it. So, you may also want to go look at: Los Angeles Startup Events Here are some of the events and meetups that I've spoken at, attended or at least interest me. So, if you happen to read this and want to meet me, just reach out directly.

Interview with Steve Poizner, Alliance for Southern California Innovation


Steve Poizner is a serial tech entrepreneur and was formerly California Insurance Commissioner, and recently founded the Alliance for Southern California Innovation (, a nonprofit which has gathered together an impressive list of research universities, technology leaders, and others to help boost the profile of Southern California in the technology industry. I did that for a couple of years, which got me and my wife down to SoCal.

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USC, Caltech License Technology To SFC Energy


The University of Southern California , the California Insitute of Technology , and fuel cell development firm SFC Energy said late Tuesday that the three have executed on a license to a portfolio of U.S. The Caltech team included S. caltech energy fuel cell clean technology patent licensing transfer

Southern California Linked IPOs Grow


The number of Southern California related initial public offerings is growing steadily upwards, as Gevo --originally started in Pasadena, and based on technology out of Caltech and UCLA--hit the market this morning. Gevo is just the latest in a surge of companies hitting the public markets which have Southern California links. Other recent IPOs with Southern California roots include Inphi Corp.

CalTech Enterprise Forum | Renewable Energy & The Smarter Grid

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The CalTech Enterprise Forum presents Renewable Energy & The Smarter Grid: Opportunities for the Entrepreneur this Saturday May 7th. In California, newly elected Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring state utilities to generate 33 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2020. Why are the costs so high? 40 on-line registration fee; $50 at-the-door; $10 for students with full-time student ID and free for Caltech students (must show ID at door).

Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum - Aerospace

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Saturday, January 21, 2017 -- Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum - Aerospace. Our Southern California Aerospace landscape has been revitalized. With major new players as well as established companies expanding development and manufacturing, a renewed vibrancy offers a turf for entrepreneurship at all levels, especially with the US Government pushing traditional primes and sub-primes to turn to new technologies and sourcing for defense and commercial applications.

Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum

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Saturday, January 21, 2017 -- Aerospace and Defense: Finding and Funding Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Southern California. Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum. From small sat’s and drones to headline-making rocketry by the “big guys,” our Southern California Aerospace landscape has been revitalized.

Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum - Entertainment

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Saturday, February 25, 2017 -- Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum - Entertainment. Southern California is still the home of Hollywood -- the symbolic name for the motion picture industry, but that industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Many of the studios have sizable in-house technology development operations, but all acquire technology or technology products from outside their corporate borders.

Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California. LA CTO Forum Dealmaker Media Digital Family Reunion Startups Uncensored Social Media Club, LA Twiistup Mindshare LA LA Hadoop Meetup Dorkbot Geek Dinners LA Cloud Computing LA Web Application Developers LA PHP Developers In addition to these, I'd recommend looking at: Technology Council of Southern California – Surprised John didn't mention this one.

Local Universities Get $360K From DOE For Cleantech Entrepreneurship


According to Pasadena-based green marketplace firm OnGreen , the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), UC Los Angeles (UCLA), and University of Southern California (USC) scored a grant from the U.S. ongreen ucla caltech education university school clean technolog

Submissions Now Open For Spotlight: LA Tech Winter

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TechZulu and The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) are pleased to announce Spotlight: LA Tech Winter. Spotlight: LA Tech is part of a quarterly demo series that will highlight the finest technology entrepreneurship in Southern California. join us in proving there’s more than one place in California to create great technology. They will sell out quick so grab them while you can.

Steve Poizner Boots Up New Southern California Tech Nonprofit


Steve Poizner , the former California gubernatorial candidate and former founder of SnapTrack (which he sold to San Diego's Qualcomm), says he has created a new group called the Alliance for Southern California Innovation , which will focus on further developing Southern California's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Caltech MIT Enterprise Forum?s 2012 Fall Social

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 -- Innovation Soiree: Caltech MIT Enterprise Forum?s September at Caltech, signals innovation in high gear as summer blends into a new academic year: creative minds abuzz, innovating and discovering throughout a strikingly beautiful campus. To celebrate entrepreneurship across all of Southern California, the Executive Committee of the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum invites you to an evening networking reception.

SoCal Inventors Recognized By Popular Mechanics


A number of Southern California inventors and companies have been recognized today by magazine Popular Mechanics , for their work on what the magazine says are "world changing" innovations. Tags: southern california inventor ucla innovation

Spotlight: LA Tech Summer! | Featuring CODA

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TechZulu and The California Institute of Technology ( CalTech ) are pleased to announce Spotlight: LA Tech Summer. Spotlight: LA Tech is part of a quarterly demo series that will highlight the finest technology entrepreneurship in Southern California. join us in proving there’s more than one place in California to create great technology. They will sell out quick so grab them while you can.

Interview with Jonathan Zweig, AppOnboard


What we have done, is we take a part of the game out of the app, and put that on the other side of the fence of the App Store, so the first experience they get with the app is essentially a demo. We have already proven out that they are a high lifetime value user, someone who will actually stay in their game, so that they have higher retention, and the user ends up spending more money over time. I didn't ever envision all of that happening so quickly.

Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium

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Thursday, October 13, 2011 -- Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium. Join us on Thursday October 13th at 9AM at the Beckman Institute Auditorium on the Caltech Campus for the Southern California Smart Grid Research Symposium.

Innovation Soiree

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012 -- Innovation Soiree: Caltech/MIT EF's Spring Social. Spring at Caltech signals graduation and careers being launched. And likewise the Institute's beautifully verdant campus reminds us of Caltech's unmatched output of scientific discovery and technology venture creation. To celebrate entrepreneurship across all of Southern California, the Executive Committee of the Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum invites you to an evening networking reception.

Gevo Sets Range For IPO


Gevo , the biofuels startup spawned out of technology from the University of California, Los Angeles and Caltech, has set an offering range for its IPO. coli) bacteria, as well as technology from Caltech from the lab of Dr. Frances Arnold. Gevo is one of at least two firms whose roots are in Southern California to hit the markets in the past few months; Sunnyvale-based Inphi Corp., gevo biofuels merger acquisition nasdaq market cleantech clean caltech ucla

Catching Up With Mike Giardello, President of Innovate Pasadena


Pasadena has a long history as a center of the technology and innovation world�all the way back to first American experiments with rocket launches in 1936�Southern California's first foray into the rocket business (sorry, SpaceX)--through the Internet boom with Idealab, to today. This is our third week of having a full week of events, and has been our most successful event so far. Pasadena has long been known as the home for many spinouts of Caltech and JPL.

NSF To Create Innovation Center In LA


The National Science Foundation is planning to create a new, innovation center in Los Angeles, in conjunction with the University of Southern California , the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) , and the University of California Los Angeles , the NSF said this morning. Size of that grant was not announced by the schools, however, a NSF award abstract says the award under the grant so far is around $1.18M.


Zuma Ventures: Creating A New Technology Startup Model


So, I ended up leaving and started another company, Thoughtstar, which is much like Basecamp. David Carter: In my case, I really enjoy the culture of Southern California.

Catalyzing Innovation In Pasadena, with Innovate Pasadena


In the same way that the technology community is not the same when you''re talking San Francisco versus Palo Alto versus San Jose, Southern California''s technology communities have their own neighborhoods. So, part of our goal is to acknowledge what we have.

Spotlight: LA Tech Judges and SuperDemo Bill Gross of Idealab!

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Always looking to provide the very best for our community so that you may learn and grow as a startup or entrepreneur, Bill Gross is one of the best experts we could provide. in Mechanical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology.

Gevo Buys Ethanol Plant


Gevo , the Caltech spinoff developing biofuels processing technology, said last week that it has completed its acquisition of a biofuels plant in Luverne, Minnesota. Gevo's technology is based on research developed out of Caltech, although the firm is now located in Colorado. Gevo is one of the SoCal-linked firms currently in IPO registration. Tags: gevo biofuels clean energy fuel alternative cleantech caltech ucla technology transfer

Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities

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World-class education including Caltech, USC and UCLA. And do so in real life, too. Caltech. So, yeah, I would like LA to be LA. So many had names of partners (Kleiner Perkins) or local favorite identifiers like trees (Sequoia).

Interview with Fouad ElNaggar, Redpoint Ventures


Redpoint Ventures is one of the venture capital firms which has straddled both Northern California and Southern California, with offices in both locations. Our partners tend to be on five to eight boards, so when we get involved with a company, we get involved with a company.

Interview with Paul Gloger, Rockoco


It turns out that the firm--a spinout of Caltech--came out of the exact same lab as Helixis, the molecular diagnostics firm acquired for a healthy $105M by Illumina last week. It came out of a lab at Caltech, operated by Axel Scherer. So what have they said about your technology?

A Chat With Jamie Montgomery On How LA's Tech Ecosystem Has Grown


It's now an internationally recognized showcase for technology here in Los Angeles, and we also get to showcase Southern California companies, as well. We're now one of the top five tech markets in the world, along with the Bay Area, New York, the rest of Southern California, companies in India, and places like China, Berlin, and London. Plus, technology is impacting so many other parts of the economy today, like energy, retail, and finance.