LA, and Southern California's Surge In Venture Capital Funds


Managing Director: Bill Maris (formerly of GV/Google Ventures) Investment interests: Health care investments. Core Innovation Capital. Moonshots Capital. california southern capital venture

Five Regions That Could Draw Amazon’s Next Headquarters


The tech and commerce giant says it wants cities and states to apply to be a candidate for its so-called HQ2 by Oct. [ Updated 4:26 p.m. See below.

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Mike Jones of Science Inc, On Exits And Finding The Right Entrepreneurs

socalTECH, the startup �studio� led by former MySpace CEO and technology veteran Mike Jones , just saw its third acquisition out of its portfolio this year�the acquisition of FameBit by Google/Youtube. Mike Jones: (chuckles) I think I get the feeling that Google chooses you, and you don't choose them, in a weird way. They had been huge fans of the platform, and I think they had a super, genuine connection with Youtube, thus with Google.

SRCH2's Plan to Arm The World With Enterprise Search Technology


In the arms race of search technology, only the big guys -- Google, Microsoft -- seem to be able to keep up with all of the innovations in the space. Most consumers know how this works if they use Google, which launched this two years ago. It''s not just mobile, it''s also e-commerce.

The Internet Accelerates Everything | The Global Human

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Commerce and trade are fundamentally based on exchanging asymmetries in one another’s ability to produce value at a given cost. As such, commerce intrinsically creates mutual value. Because of this, capitalism is infectious and self-reinforcing.

Surveying SoCal's M&A Landscape, with David Siemer


Google and Yahoo aren''t going to buy them, AOL has already made its bet, and your only real path to an exit is an IPO for any kind of liquidity. E-commerce is a great example. But, there have really been very few e-commerce exits.

This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 3

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Investors: Foundation Capital (lead), with existing investors: Morgenthaler Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Canaan Partners. Investors: FirstMark Capital (Amish Jani)(lead), with existing investors: Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, First Round Capital, Reid Hoffman.

This Week in VC with Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital

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We had a special edition of This Week in Venture Capital this week shooting out of the Next New Networks offices in New York. Our guest was Mo Koyfman of Spark Capital. Google Analytics vs. Facebook’s new analytics tool. The Spark Capital website (it’s one of my favorites).

Entrepreneur Hack: This Remote Team Of 12 Generated $100M


He then joined Picasa and was instrumental in its acquisition by Google. He then started several successful companies, including FastSpring, a company that provides outsourced e-commerce services to over 3,000 software companies. No venture capital.”.

A Chat With Jamie Montgomery On How LA's Tech Ecosystem Has Grown


The conference is run by Jamie Montgomery , one of the local industry's pioneers in venture capital and investment. Jamie is currently also co-founder of March Capital Partners, in addition to running the summit. There are more consumer, fashion, e-commerce, beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness companies here, and I think those areas see a higher percentage of female entrepreneurs than you might find in semiconductors or software.

Koupon Kitty Launches Coupon Code Software


A new, online coupon software "bookmarklet" called Koupon Kitty --backed by Juvo Capital, the investment firm of Talmadge O'Neill and Harry Tsao--said it launched Wednesday, to help consumers find the best coupon codes for various e-commerce sites. The service said it was created by Juvo Capital to simplify and streamline getting online savings.

The Amazing Power of Deflationary Economics for Startups

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When you think about the great achievement of the Internet in aiding content, commerce & communication they include: Large scales of connected people & information never seem before in humanity. Payment ready consumers (Amazon, iTunes, PayPal) and businesses (Google AdWords, Square).

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Get Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor

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Today, innovation is happening at an increasingly faster rate and , that being true, Thomas thought it was more efficient to match capital to ideas than execute the ideas himself. Startup Advice This Week in Venture Capital

Batch 8 500 Startups Demo Day | Our Top Ten

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One would imagine with so much influence and potential capital flying in the packed room, the atmosphere must have felt thicker than a frenzied shark tank. Shippo is changing the game for e-commerce shipping. They’re going to be huge for private e-commerce retailers.

LA Tech Startup Innovators and Fun Facts

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Venture Capital: Upfront Ventures. philosophie has worked with some of the world’s biggest names: Google, Nissan, Nintendo, UCLA, and more. E-Commerce: Nasty Gal. Silicon Valley? That’s so yesterday.

Moonfrye Gets $2.5M For Kids Activities


Los Angeles seems to be cementing itself in as the capital of celebrity and e-commerce, with the latest deal being Moonfrye , a new, "celebrity mom" startup featuring Soleil Moon Frye, best known to the rest of us as Punky Brewster.

Soylent Now Available In LA 7-11 Stores


Rosa Foods, led by CEO and founder Rob Rhinehart, said the distribution at 7-11 stores is its first move beyond e-commerce. Soylent recently raised $50M from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Tao Capital Partners, Lerer Hippeau Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. Stopping by your local, Los Angeles 7-11 convenience store for a free Slurpee today?

EcoMom Ups Funding To $2.0M


Los Angeles-based EcoMom , the online e-commerce site selling green products for mothers headed by Jody Sherman, has upped its Series A funding to $2.0M The additional funding reportedly came from Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya and Google's Don Dodge. ecommerce products baby green angel funding capital venture ecomomin funding, according to reports. EcoMom--formerly known as Sprout Baby--initially launched in May with backing from angel investor Dave McClure.

How Honey Offers A Shortcut To Savings, with Ryan Hudson


As an online shopper, do you wish you could instantly and automatically find and use all of those coupon codes floating out there--without having to search for and test them all out every time you're at an e-commerce site?

Interview with Mark Suster, GRP Partners


We have a regional focus here, and the market is underserved in venture capital, yet it's the second largest metropolis and DMA in the country. He was at a point where his business was going well, around 2001 and 2002, and he had raised venture debt, and couldn't raise any venture capital in Southern California, and couldn't raise any capital in Northern California. Tags: mark suster interview venture capital partners global retail grpvc

Interview with Derek Norton, Watertower Ventures


Earlier this week, Derek Norton , a long time advisor to the media, Internet, and technology industry in Los Angeles, announced a brand new venture capital fund called Watertower Ventures ( We are going to write checks of between $100,000 and $500,000, and we are going to invest in what we are calling first institutional capital. That's the first time organized, institutional, managed capital is coming into a company, right after friends and family.

From The Valley to The Beach | Interview with Nate Redmond of Rustic Canyon

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Google, Zynga). Opportunity to leverage native skill sets including online monetization, commerce, digital media, data analytics is not tied to location. LA is the capital of middle market companies. More capital being invested in LA by the strongest firms in Silicon Valley.

Eight Repeat Entrepreneurs To Watch In SoCal


They've acquired CAPTCHA security tools originally developed by Vidoop, and looking to market that technology to e-commerce web sites, social networking sites, and others looking to reduce spam and fraud. Tags: entrepreneur startup venture capital investment repeat

This Week in VC with Om Malik & Paul Jozefak

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What a pleasure that I got to spend an hour talking with both Om Malik (whom I’ve always respected his views) and Paul Jozefak , a venture capital partner at Neuhaus Partners in Germany (and formerly the head of Europe for SAP Ventures). Tags: This Week in Venture Capital


Social Networking (the Shorter Version) Past, Present, Future

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ask microsoft, aol/time warner & google]. Back then were were looking for the same things users look for today – the “6 C’s of Social Networking&# – Communications, connectedness, common experiences, content, commerce & cool experiences.

Product Manager Entrepreneur Mark Geller


From there, I became the first non-founder employee at an e-commerce startup called BITSource, which was the first electronic software distributor delivering electronic volume software licenses to corporations. Your last two positions Google Photos and United Online were really big companies.

The Master Checklist of EVERYTHING You Need to Start a Business

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Check Google , Yellow Pages , and local directories to ensure your business name is not taken. Find sources of capital— friends & family, business bank loans , angel investment , venture capital or even crowdfunding ( Crowdfunder , Fundable ).

Interview with Shivani Siroya, Tala


In emerging markets and the developing world, access to banking, capital, and financial resources is fare more difficult than here in the U.S., Santa Monica-based Tala , backed by Google Ventures and Lowercase Capital, has developed a tool that allows anyone with a cell phone to build a financial track record, specially for people in emerging markets. We can see marchan transactions, and if they are making e-commerce transactions, if they are paying things at small kiosks.

Want to Start a Technology Company in LA?

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And we’re left with a city with idyllic weather, major commerce, the media center of the world, and a great emerging technology scene. Funding is different – In Silicon Valley you have mega venture capital funds and many of them. Los Angeles.

Interview with Matthew Graczyk, Zubican


but businesses spend 18 trillion a year, but very few companies are trying to facilitate that kind of commerce. It's just a matter of time--when someone goes to Google and searches for a ball bearing, that search will be dominated by our content.

This Week in VC with Dana Settle of Greycroft Partners

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Our guest this week on #TWiVC was Dana Settle , partner at Greycroft Partners , a venture capital firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Competes with HauteLook , RueLaLa (sub of GSI Commerce) , Billion Dollar Babes , ideeli , Glam List.

What the Past Can Tell Us About the Future of Social Networking

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ask microsoft, aol/time warner & google]. We were looking for what I call the “6 C’s of Social Networking&# – Communications, connectedness, common experiences, content, commerce & cool experiences (fun!). Google acquired YouTube for $1.65

Digiday Mobile: The Future Of Mobile Media Live

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After recent announcements by Google and Apple, the mobile advertising ecosystem is abuzz with optimism and flush with venture capital. Should brands offer e-commerce through apps? TechZulu will be streaming Digiday : Mobile live from 8:00am - 5:00pm PST Monday 3/8.