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Ross Levinsohn Takes Charge At Yahoo


A familiar face in Southern California's technology industry reappeared in a high profile position this weekend: Ross Levinsohn , the former head of Fox Interactive Media and venture capitalist at Fuse Capital, has taken the reins at troubled Internet portal Yahoo , after the company decided to replace CEO Scott Thompson. READ MORE>>.

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First Round Capital Launches Dorm Room Fund | $500,000 Pilot Investment Fund For Students

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Less Capital is Capital Still. He says on his blog , “I was a dorm room entrepreneur. For Students By Students. Earlier Experience.

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It's Official: Ross Levinsohn Out At Yahoo


Ross Levinsohn , who has been heading up Yahoo as Interim CEO, is officially leaving the firm tomorrow, according to a regulatory filing by Yahoo.

Yahoo Planning Big Investment In Snapchat, Says Report


Yahoo is planning a big investment in Venice-based Snapchat , in a deal that values Snapchat at $10 billion, according to a report over the weekend. The WSJ reports that Yahoo is investing around $20M in Snapchat at the lofty valuation, using money it cashed out of the IPO of Alibaba. READ MORE>>.

Ross Levinsohn Officially Starts At Yahoo


Ross Levinsohn , the former head of Fox Interactive Media, has officially started at Yahoo heading up its Americas Region, according to the company.

Spotlight: LA Tech Summer Judges Includes BetterWorks, CallFire, Idealab, and Tech Coast Angeles

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The Spotlight: LA Tech Summer event is turning to be the best one yet! So with out further ado I present the Spotlight: LA Tech Summer 2011 Judges!

Yahoo Deal With Microsoft May Hit Overture


In a major deal, search portal provider Yahoo and software giant Microsoft said that the two companies are in a deal where Yahoo will replace its own search engine technology with that of Microsoft--with potentially huge repercussions to Yahoo's Southern California search engine marketing operations.

Why Google Fiber? Moat-widening Endeavor & Future of Computing.

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The hardware production industry is capital and labor intensive, complicated, and faces significant human rights, regulatory, and seasonality risks.

Report: Levinsohn May Head Up Yahoo North America


Ross Levinsohn , the former head of Fox Interactive Media, is possibly the top candidate to head of Yahoo 's North American operations, according to a report from AllThingsD. It's unclear where that would leave Levinsohn's venture firm, Fuse Capital , as well as a new digital media fund the firm recently established with Best Buy.

Gradient X Snags Exec From OpenX


He was at Overture before it was acquired by Yahoo. READ MORE>>. gradient openx executive advertising bidding mobile marketing

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DataPop Raises $7M


The funding was led by MK Capital, and also included prior investors Rincon Ventures, IA Ventures, Momentum Ventures, and Accelerator Ventures. Lehmbeck, as well as a significant number of employees at DataPop, were at Overture Services/Yahoo. datapop venture capital advertising technology targeting overtureREAD MORE>>.

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Launch Media's David Goldberg Passes Away


Goldberg had also served as President of Yahoo Music in Los Angeles. david dave goldberg launch media facebook surveymonkey death obit yahoo

Metacloud VC On Cisco Acquisition: "Epic Exit"


According to one of Pasadena-based Metacloud ''s venture capital backers, the acquisition of the cloud services provider by Cisco on Wednesday was an "epic exit". Vice President of Technology Operations at Ticketmaster Entertainment and Steve Curry, the former head of Yahoo''s global storage operations. READ MORE>>.

This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 2

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I was on This Week in Venture Capital (TWiVC) again this week with Jason Calacanis. billion to Yahoo! High Profile Deal of the Week: 1.

HipGeo Raises $500K


The funding comes from Morado Venture Partners, a seed stage fund run by ex-Yahoo executives Ash Patel and Michael Marquez. hipgeo venture capital funding geolocation smart phone locationLos Angeles-based HipGeo has raised $500,000 in an initial round of funding, the firm is announcing this week. READ MORE>>.

Vicente Capital Partners Raises $150M Fund


Los Angeles-based Vicente Capital Partners said Wednesday that the investment fund has raised $150M for the firm's Growth Equity Fund. The firm said its new fund will invest between $5M and $15M in equity in expansion capital or buyout deals, to companies who have $2M to $25M in revenues and up to $5M in EBITDA.

Scopely Raises $8.5M


scopely venture capital social videogame video game content elbaz buddiesIt looks like all that bacon paid off. Los Angeles-based Scopely , the startup co-founded by Eytan Elbaz , Eytan Elbaz , Walter Driver and Ankur Bulsara, which is developing social and mobile games, said this morning that it has raised $8.5M READ MORE>>.

Interview Dan Dato and Bruce Brown, Upstart.LA


which became Softbank Marketing, selling ads for Yahoo before Yahoo had its own salesforce. What is Bruce Brown: Exactly.

TYLT Labs' New Seed Fund And The Promise Of Silicon Beach


Plus, there are companies like Yahoo, Google, and others who have set up shop here. Tell us a little bit about your investments and firm?

Insights and Opinions: Angel and Venture Capital Shareholder Liquidity


It has been a long 10 year drought of no IPOs and sub par M&A activity that has stifled the startup, venture capital and angel investment community throughout the US. Read the rest of Jeff's post on on angel and venture capital shareholder liquidity. However (More.).

Do Not Obsess On Names – Obsess On Delivering Awesome Customer Value


Yahoo – Merriam-Webster defines “Yahoo” as “a boorish, crass, or stupid person.” Jerry Yang and David Filo, Yahoo’s Founders, chose the name, as they considered themselves to be “Yahoos.” Legend asserts that the name change from Cadabra was prompted by Yahoo’s alphabetized listing of search results. Really?

Topline Games Raises $25M


The funding came from Cantor Ventures, the venture capital arm of New York investment firm Cantor Fitzgerald. Topline Game Labs is led by David Geller, the prior Global Head of Fantasy Sports at Yahoo! topline games fantasy sports marketplace venture capital content yahoo Sports. READ MORE>>.

This Week in Venture Capital with Jason Calacanis

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I was on This Week in Venture Capital today with Jason Calacanis talking about the big VC deals at the moment and talking about the VC industry.


Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

Both Sides of the Table went on to ink huge distribution deals with Microsoft, AOL & Yahoo! Overture was sold to Yahoo! Overture ( Heresy.

Anthem, DFJ Frontier Back Janrain


Two Los Angeles area venture capital firms have re-upped their investments in a provider of identity management software. in its new round of funding, which was led by Emergence Capital Partners. openid software management identity frontier capital venture ventures anthem janrainJanRain said it has raised $15.5M READ MORE>>.

The Corrosive Downside of Acquihires

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And to keep up with the Jones’s it seems that Yahoo! Almost certainly the startup would have raised some capital. Does Yahoo!

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Surveying SoCal's M&A Landscape, with David Siemer


Google and Yahoo aren''t going to buy them, AOL has already made its bet, and your only real path to an exit is an IPO for any kind of liquidity.

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Brian Coryat, ValueClick Founder And Internet Pioneer: Startups Should Wing It


Talking To Yahoo''s Jerry Yang. He quickly realized the power of the Internet when he came across a relatively obscure site, called Yahoo!

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MarketShare Bolsters Advisory Board With Levinsohn, Others


Levinsohn is the best known of the three, having most recently been interim CEO at Yahoo!, in addition to serving at Fuse Capital and Fox Interactive Media. marketshare executive advisory board analytics software marketing markets yahoo levinsohn ross READ MORE>>.

MetaCloud Raises $10M For Private Cloud Service


Lynch and Curry are technology veterans, having managed cloud deployments for Yahoo and Ticketmaster. metacloud venture capital cloud computing private openstack rackspace deployment management software The round was led by Canaan Partners, and also included Storm Ventures and AME Cloud. READ MORE>>.

Tecca Aims At Women


Tecca was originally spun out as a project of Fuse Capital, the venture capital investment firm formerly headed by Ross Levinsohn, before he was hired away to run Yahoo's Americas business; Tecca is now co-led by Assaf Tarnopolsky (Sony Pictures/MobiTV) and Shannon Ludovissy (Fox Interactive Media/Movielink/Fandango/NBC).

Why Technology is Driving More Urban Renewal

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Further to the south are the legendary companies of Cisco, Apple, Intel, eBay, Yahoo!, In fact, so many DID NOT that companies like Google & Yahoo! Spark Capital, Flybridge, Founder Collective, NextView Ventures … all in Boston or Cambridge not west of the city. Palo Also is about 35 miles south of San Francisco.

DataPop Gets $1.7M


Los Angeles-based DataPop , a new paid search ad management firm started by a pair of Overture/Yahoo Search Marketing veterans, has raised $1.7M DataPop was founded Jason Lehmbeck and John Zimmerman, both of whom have been at Overture and Yahoo! Tags: datapop venture capital search marketing advertising overture yahoo

Are Business Plans Still Necessary?

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This is part of my ongoing series of posts and I need to file this one under both Raising Venture Capital and Startup Advice. craze. wares.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Respected More Than Loved

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But if you level up , raise capital and grow customers, revenue and staff – life changes. Contrast that with years of decay at Yahoo! One of the vivid memories I have from being a startup CEO is the feeling that most people in your company have a look in their eyes that like they can do your job as well as you. You set direction.

Interview: Jason Lehmbeck, Co-Founder and CEO of DataPop


Messenger : Jason Lehmbeck , Co-Founder and CEO of DataPop , former VP of Emerging Ad Products at Overture Services and Yahoo! ows are lower.

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GraphEffect Taps Social Media Experts For Advisory Board


Ollinger was an earlier employee at Facebook, and also served at and Yahoo. GraphEffect is backed by Lerer Ventures, Thrive Capital, Founder Collective, Rincon Venture Partners, CrossCut Ventures and Baroda Ventures. GraphEffect said it has added Paul Ollinger, J.B. Kropp and Hari Menon to the advisory board. READ MORE>>.

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Interview with Vinny Jindal, Stockr


Everywhere else where you can talk about the stock market is anonymous, like Yahoo's message board, or other forums online. Thanks! READ MORE>>.

Passenger Expands Board


The firm said Studenmund also has served as and First Interstate Bank, in addition to her time at Overture Services and Yahoo. Passenger is venture backed by Shelter Capital Partners, StarVest Partners and Steamboat Ventures. Tags: passenger brand community online software executive overture yahoo READ MORE>>.

VC Confessions: We Passed On Twilio’s Seed Round


Without insights into the Northern California startup ecosystem, our thesis was, "Why are these guys seeking capital in SoCal? Unicornless.

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