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Clearstone Backs


Santa Monica-based venture capital firm Clearstone Ventures has backed a developer of an online social dating and games firm, CupidsPlay. CupidsPlay said it received seed funding from Clearstone. cupidsplay clearstone venture capital funding online gaming content videogame social gamesREAD MORE>>.

Clearstone Backs Games2Win


Santa Monica-based Clearstone Venture Partners has upped its investment in Mumbai, India-based Games2Win , an online developer of casual and other games. Rajan Mehra of Clearstone Ventures joins the board of directors of Games2Win along with the funding. Clearstone's efforts in India are run by Sumant Mandal and Rajan Mehra.

Clearstone Ventures Into Apture


Santa Monica-based Clearstone Venture Partners is the lead investor in a Northern California firm focused on the blogging and publishing industry, Apture. David Stern and Sumant Mandal of Clearstone have joined Apture's board along with the funding.

It Takes a Village to GROW and Nurture Innovation

Tech Zulu Event

We’ll be bringing you more updates and exclusive content as we get closer to the event. and around the world. Why, you ask?

Clearstone Gets Another Win With Ankeena


Santa Monica-based Clearstone Ventures appears to be on an exit roll this month, with the acquisition Thursday of Ankeena Networks , a supplier of software for content delivery networks. Clearstone's Sumant Mandal sits on Ankeena's board of directors.

False Negatives and the Anti-Portfolio

Ask the Angels

Seeing last week’s Venture Capital Dispatch in the online Wall Street Journal, When Venture Capitalists Let One Slip Away , reminded me of Jim Armstrong’s (Clearstone Venture Partners) comment last year about false negatives. You cannot afford to be looking the wrong way.&#. Electric guitars are now old hat. in 1977).

TechZulu Presents: The Annual Startup Forecast

Tech Zulu Event

Successfully negotiated ground breaking deals with several of the major media companies whose content became the basis for many of these products.

Six Degrees Games Raises $7M


The round was led by Time Warner, and also included prior investors Clearstone Venture Partners and Prism VentureWorks. READ MORE>>.

TechZulu Recaps: The Annual Startup Forecast

Tech Zulu Event

Peter Csathy jumps in to answer questions about content. The Annual TechZulu Startup Forecast is one of our most anticipated events. Verdict?

Six Degrees Partners For Moderation Software


Six Degrees is venture backed by Clearstone Venture Partners, Prism VentureWorks, and Time Warner. READ MORE>>.

Rubicon Project: Q2 Advertising Grows


Rubicon is venture backed by Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, IDG Ventures and GE/NBC Universal's Peacock Equity Fund. Tags: rubicon project online advertising content The firm develops its report from tracking a group of twenty premium websites it manages through its REVV Marketplace. READ MORE>>.

Integrien Adds Lee Roberts To Board


Roberts is currently President and CEO of BlueWater Management Consulting , and was formerly General Manager and Vice President of Content Management at IBM, which acquired FileNet in 2006. Integrien is a developer of IT performance management software, and is backed by Acartha Group, Clearstone Venture Partners, and the Tech Coast Angels.


Rubicon Bolsters Certified Inventory Effort


Los Angeles-based The Rubicon Project , the online advertising optimization firm backed by Clearstone, Mayfield, IDG, and Peacock Equity, said today that it has enhanced its "Certified Inventory" program with a partnership with AdSafe Media. Financial details of the relationship were not disclosed. READ MORE>>.

Los Angeles Tech Launched - Hot List


I'm happy to announce the launch of the Los Angeles Tech Content Community. This is the beginning of a content community that collects and organizes the best content from blogs and web sites. The content comes from other places. The bottom line is that Los Angeles Tech is trying to help find and navigate that content.

Interview with Rahul Sonnad, Geodelic


Actually, from that, I just got lots of analogies with publishing geographic specific content. This runs on a number of platforms? Thanks!

Rubicon Signs New York Advertising Firm


Katz 360 Sales said it is using Rubicon Project's Internet advertising infrastructure to customize content and audience selections for its advertisers. The firm is venture backed by Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, and IDG Ventures Asia. READ MORE>>.

Rubicon Taps Firm to Sell Premium Ads


Katz 360 Sales said it is using Rubicon Project's Internet advertising infrastructure to customize content and audience selections for its advertisers, across the 20,000 premium websites that Rubicon is enabling. The firm is venture backed by Clearstone Venture Partners, Mayfield Fund, and IDG Ventures Asia. READ MORE>>.

Thanks to socalTECH's Sponsors and Advertisers!


Thanks this week to our sponsors and advertisers, which include Clearstone. Clearstone Ventures ( With Vistage, you'll benefit from: Advisory Board Peer Group Meetings; Private 1-to-1 Mentoring Sessions; Expert Speaker Workshops; Content and Connectivity Online. California's technology industry possible.

Venture Conference Highlights SoCal Startups


The "best of show" prize went to Magnify360, which develops software for optimizing content and web sites for specific users. READ MORE

Interview with Mark Suster, GRP Partners


Obviously, this being LA, we're also very interested in digital content and distribution. My competition is not Rustic Canyon, it's not Clearstone, or the other venture firms in town. This morning's interview is with Mark Suster , a venture capitalist at GRP Partners ( We invested in Overture, which was sold for $1.2

Interview with Phil Ressler, BigStage Entertainment


We spoke with Phil Ressler--a former venture capitalist from Clearstone Ventures--who is now CEO of BigStage. I had gone into Clearstone at their invitiation, and had a really exciting time, and the experiment lasted longer than expected. We see this as a way to let them represent themselves in the digital realm. Thanks

Interview with Eric Hovanec and Steve Reich, LeisureLink


Our platform enables them to very easily get content into our system, and syndicate that content--which in this case, is the inventory, the rooms they have available for sale--to all the places where a consumer might purchase travel. There's content loading, customer service, and account management--the basic guts of the operation.

This Week in VC – Scott Painter, CEO of Zag & TrueCar

Both Sides of the Table

Incubated by Clearstone Ventures in 2008. Includes content mobile guides, ie. Our guest this week was Scott Painter. It’s awesome.