Interview with Phil Ressler, BigStage Entertainment


Pasadena-based BigStage ( is one of those rare companies that has taken technology developed from university research, and is now bringing that technology to the commercial market. We spoke with Phil Ressler--a former venture capitalist from Clearstone Ventures--who is now CEO of BigStage. I had gone into Clearstone at their invitiation, and had a really exciting time, and the experiment lasted longer than expected.

The Challenges (& Opportunities) of Starting a Tech Company in LA

Jason Nazar

Here it seems that entrepreneurs are coming out of business school, transitioning from corporate life, or hail from the entertainment industry. Whereas in Silicon Valley, you can have a V.1 There’s Santa Monica, Westside, Hollywood, Downtown LA, the Valley, and Pasadena.

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Big Stage Emerges From Beta


Pasadena-based Big Stage Entertainment , the venture-backed startup which is developing photo-realistic avatar technology, has exited its beta and officially launched its site. The firm said the official launch will allow users to create what the firm calls an "@actor" -- a 3D avatar which can be inserted into movie and TV clips, music videos, still images, and elsewhere. The firm had launched a beta of its site in August.