This Week in VC with Jim Armstrong of Clearstone

Both Sides of the Table

Had a great chat with Jim Armstrong who is a General Partner at Clearstone Venture Partners today on TWiVC. It was especially fun for me because we got the chance to talk about the VC industry and how entrepreneurs should think about the VC industry in addition to discussing deals.

Menlo Ventures Karl Mehta Launches CodeForIndia.Org To Empower Citizens In India

Tech Zulu Event

Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and VC, Karl Mehta has launched Code For India (CFI) to empower the country’s citizens to actively participate in improving their communities. Mehta too has been appointed by Governor Brown to the Workforce Investment Board in California.

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If the Venture Model is Broken, Who??s Funding All These Startups?

SoCal Tech Calendar

Early stage investing is booming and we are finally seeing the kind of exits that show signs of a potential IPO market in our future. What is the new business of investing  startups are getting funded at rapid speeds, if venture is broken, whos doing the investing? What role do angel fund and incubators like Ycombinator and Techstars play in nurturing entrepreneurs to build better, bigger companies?

This Week in VC – Scott Painter, CEO of Zag & TrueCar

Both Sides of the Table

He didn’t tell it in the video but, ever the entrepreneur, Scott started a business to take couples up on a “mile high club&# flight on airplanes as a way of getting all of his miles logged to get his next class of airplane license that required a certain number of hours logged.

Zag 309

What Mattered in 2010: Bruce Hallett, Miramar Venture Partners


We asked the same five questions of a variety of top technology entrepreneurs, investors, and others, to hear what they're thinking about, and are sharing it here over the next two weeks. Today, successful entrepreneurs aren't buying big boats or building villas in Cabo after successful exits.

The Challenges (& Opportunities) of Starting a Tech Company in LA

Jason Nazar

In the bay area it’s quite common for the entrepreneurs starting a company to be developers or technologists who can build the first versions of their products. Entrepreneurs that start companies in LA are often focused on revenue and business models.

Value of *Certain* Angel Investors

The Quigley Report

Most of the companies Clearstone invests in have angel money. The first group includes angel investors who know the space they are investing in. When a company comes to Clearstone with some money in the bank from smart in-the-know angels, we get interested quickly. As it happens, angel investors in this category usually know the VCs who invest in their space and can be a great help in introducing a start up to smart venture capital investors.

The Venture Capital Industry: The Current State of Affairs

Jason Nazar

Instead of making as many new investments, VCs will use their cash for inside rounds to fund their top preforming portfolio companies that have the greatest likelihood of success. So what does this mean for internet entrepreneurs?

TechZulu Recaps: The Annual Startup Forecast

Tech Zulu Event

Speakers listed: Brock Pierce – Digital currency pioneer investing in Bitcoin, games, and online gambling businesses; Clearstone Global Gaming Fund. Peter Csathy – CEO Manatt Digital Media Ventures, accomplished media and digital media entrepreneur.

Stock Market Slide Effecting Start Up Valuations

The Quigley Report

So to some extent, entrepreneurs and VCs can comfortably ignore the chaos of currency fluctuations, interest rate changes and other macro finanicial shifts. A growth fund wants to invest in a company that it can reasonably see going public in the next 12 to 24 months. These funds are being much more conservative in how they value the companies they invest in. This is what Clearstone is doing with its portfolio companies.

What Do VCs Read

The Quigley Report

Getting a mention in one of these periodicals is an excellent way to stoke demand in your business from the investment community. When Paypal came to Clearstone in 2000 looking for funding, many other VCs simply could not get past the fact that it was a 'dot com'. This sounds obvious, but a lot of entrepreneurs believe that VCs are either already well versed about their particular market or that they have the internal resources to quickly find out. What do VCs read?

Interview with Mark Suster, GRP Partners


Mark has also been quite active mentoring entrepreneurs, We caught up with Mark to hear about what kinds of investments GRP is looking at nowadays, his view on the software-as-a-service market, and how best to approach him with a pitch. It looks like GRP has been making lots of early stage investments lately--can you talk a little bit about your investment preferences and what you are looking at nowadays? We invested in Overture, which was sold for $1.2