Does your team know your playbook?


From experience and from information about the competition, a coach creates a playbook that contains detailed plans for actions or plays that the entire team must know without question and execute without pause in order to win games and advance toward the playoffs.

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How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Competitive (Athlete: skier & rowed at Princeton, hates losing at everything she does). She is a coach and mentor to team members. Let me start with the news that I’m excited to share with you.

The Importance of Teams and Why the Best Leaders Cultivate Them

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The show has become my best curator of which books to read (including my favorite of last year, The Accidental Superpower ) and my go to for understanding geopolitics of: Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, India and of course the US. Increasingly I find myself engaging executive coaches at companies an trying to help executive teams get 360 degree feedback. The best leaders I know encourage coaches to come in and are willing to listen to feedback about themselves.

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The Importance of Realism in Startups

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I made many classic first-time mistakes which serves both as my warning signal of which teams to avoid funding (if I perceive they will make critical mistakes often led by hubris) and also as my source for coaching others. There are of course also external factors you can’t control.

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The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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Of course that’s true. Advisors / Coaches / Mentors.

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You Can’t Rely on a VC for Your Hardest Decisions

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Of course as a frequently traveler I know this, too. We are money, advice, coaching, cheerleading, interventionist but not “the decider.” They are there to help you correct your course when you want to make decisions that their history and wisdom tells them might lead you into a dark alley. I was reminded about the role of a VC last week when my partner Kara Nortman (<—- yes, of course you should follower her!

What I Would Look for When Choosing a VC – Knowing What I Know Now?

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It’s insanely competitive to get into our industry so most have degrees from institutions like Stanford, Harvard, Wharton and University of Chicago (blatant plug ;-). VCs should be more of a coach than proscriptively telling you what to do. I think of VCs as coaches.

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On Leadership. And Diversity of Character.

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I often tell people I learned more about how to become an entrepreneur by being president of my fraternity than any college course I ever took or any paid job I ever had. Of course it was infinitely more challenging. I was competitive. *. What does it mean to be a leader?

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Some Thoughts on Leadership Going into 2016

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But of course all of these things are intertwined. Obviously you need to be mentally flexible enough to spot if your instincts were wrong and a change of course is necessary. I’ve spent hours this week reading about the firing of the head coach and personnel manager of the football team I support – The Philadelphia Eagles. His name was Chip Kelly and he came off of a very successful stint as the coach of the collegiate Oregon Ducks.

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What to Make of Amazon’s Work Practices?

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What about a top athlete in the NFL or NBA or even part of the coaching staff. And of course there are startups. I’m looking for maniacal, competitive, driven, hard-working, obsessed individuals who are deeply committed to winning in the same way that Kobe Bryant is committed to being at the best in his field. There is much discussion about this weekend’s article in the NY Times regarding Amazon’s work practices.

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Helping Startups Understand Salespeople & the Sales Culture

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” So I did want any rational person who wants to improve does – I hired a coach. Sure, you need to be competitive on price. Of course that’s not true. Sales people will always tell you how far ahead the competition is.

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Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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I acted as the occasional mentor, advisor and coach to Ethan. In the same year they won Business Insider’s Startup competition. In industry this is known as “yield management” and of course it needs to exist. Let me not bury the lede.

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Do VC Platforms Make Sense?

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Of course not every VC has the fund size or the fee size to build services at this scale yet many provide extremely well-regarded programs that are valuable. And there is often competition over marketing activities, fund raising ownership and the like.

Do’s and Don’ts of a Job Interview

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Of course, the interview might not even happen if the resume is the not a “good” one. I’m still shocked when people ask me questions like: “Who is your competition?” Of course, if the things you don’t know are key to the position you are in trouble. Credit: Fotolia.

Changes in Software & Venture Capital – Part 2 of 3

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With new micro VC entrants into to early-stage investing plus increased competition from angels, incubators and the like – traditional VCs have taken notice. And of course hedge funds and growth-equity funds can’t resist trying to get earlier-stage exposure again.

Plug and Play San Diego Finds Home in New Downtown Works Space


Plug and Play San Diego, established in 2013 as a satellite of the Sunnyvale, CA-based incubator, has funneled 15 local startups through the Silicon Valley program after providing some coaching and other services in San Diego.

Improving Sales: The Excuse Departement is Closed

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So I did want any rational person who wants to improve does – I hired a coach. Sure, you need to be competitive on price. Of course that’s not true. Sales people will always tell you how far ahead the competition is.

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How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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Of course much of it is conflicting. And of course I’ve sat on the other side of the table: As a VC. And of course you’re meeting people who can give you money. One of the best sales coaches I ever worked with used to talk to me about “testing prospects.”

Where You’d Least Expect Them


In 2016, the renowned international university programming tournament — attended by student competitors, coaches, and parents — took place in Phuket, Thailand. But longtime ICPC student coach Antonette Logar, Ph.D.,