How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Wonderful human being who is civically engaged, mother of 3, mentorer of younger founders, hard worker and arguer extraordinaire (so says her current Twitter bio). She is a coach and mentor to team members. Let me start with the news that I’m excited to share with you.

Micro–train; macro–manage


” Of course, in practice it’s not that easy. My own version is “Hire smart and hire right, and you’ll be a mentor rather than a boss.” Instead of spending a lot of time managing them, invest a little quality time in coaching them.

The Valuable Unsung Heroes of Startups

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And speaking of coaching, if you haven’t read Googled by Ken Auletta you should. And in it he profiles the work of Coach Campbell who was once on the boards of both Google & Apple. EXECUTIVE COACHES.

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What Startup Advisors Do I Need?


But, advisors, coaches, and mentors can often fill the bill. In creating Mentor Night , I’ve been happy to hear how giving most people are. If you present a mentor with an interesting startup challenge in a space where they have experience or expertise, the mentors are quite willing to spend a few hours to help the founder. Bob Dorf just published a post Where are the Hackers?

How I Got the Monkey Off My Back – Today Was a Good Day

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Working with early-stage teams : coaching, mentoring, setting strategy, rolling up sleeves: 9/10. I become a venture capitalist in September 2007 – exactly 6.5 years ago.

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The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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Of course that’s true. Advisors / Coaches / Mentors.

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What I’ve Learned from Fred Wilson

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So part of playing an effective coach is helping the team to see the answer for themselves. Fred has of course been a public mentor to us all with his market-defining terminology that he popularized including “freemium” and “mobile first.”

StartupWeekend Next Teaches Teams How to Level Up

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Course Culture: Experiential Learning. There is a mentor program that accompanies the class. Each entrepreneur will be paired with Coaches and Mentors to receive critical feedback designed to test and probe their assumptions every step of the way.

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Some Reflections on VC Investment Decisions

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Seed investors are aplenty and of course they need downstream money to fuel their early-stage bets. Of course these are great places to network with other investors, meet great entrepreneurs and keep your connections strong with senior execs at larger companies like Yahoo!, Of course I would like to be in every great deal ever done. This is when founders need you the most – either are coach, mentor, interviewer, work off-loader or honest-mirror-reflection of reality.

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Getting Back Your Series A Mojo

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” And of course – the harder you work, the luckier you get. I wish more startups would get personal coaches so they could let out their angst to neutral people – not staff, not investors. Last year I wrote a blog post on entrepreneurs with a chip on their shoulders.

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Getting Your Series A Mojo Back

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Of course it’s a fine line between hero and hubris. I wish more startups would get personal coaches so they could let out their angst to neutral people — not staff, not investors.

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This is How Startups “Level Up” After Raising Money

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Of course I’m not preaching crazy, irrational spend or having Kid Rock at your next company party. You can do them all yourself, of course. You’re the coach, mentor, cheerleader. One of the interesting things about being a VC is that you often see companies in transition.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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I acted as the occasional mentor, advisor and coach to Ethan. In industry this is known as “yield management” and of course it needs to exist. Let me not bury the lede.

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The Benefits of Top-Down Thinking & Why it is Critical to Entrepreneurs

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The wisest mentor I ever had was Ameet Shah , my partner on several projects. He coached me that I had to start with the answers. For the first 5 years of my career I was a “bottom up&# thinker and worker.

Plug and Play San Diego Finds Home in New Downtown Works Space


Plug and Play San Diego, established in 2013 as a satellite of the Sunnyvale, CA-based incubator, has funneled 15 local startups through the Silicon Valley program after providing some coaching and other services in San Diego.

How to Kick Start Your Community’s Startup Scene

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The basic components are obvious: talented founders, great engineers, angel money, venture capital, access to larger corporates (for business, funding & talent), great education / research (for IP breakthroughs) and a sufficient ecosystem of mentors, advisors, executive coaches and mavens.

How Boards Need to Evolve Over Time

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I admit that I haven’t yet read it but I’ve had numerous discussions with Brad over the years about board structure & conduct and consider him a mentor on the topic. I’ve written a few posts about boards recently as part of a series on the subject.

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As Populist as it May Feel, 98% of VCs Aren’t Dumb

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And Coach Campbell. I’ve heard directly from top executives that Jeff Bezos (in my opinion the most talented person in the tech industry) has received his fair share of VC coaching in the early years. And let the entrepreneur decide the course of action.

What Future for Accelerators?

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And then of course our friends at TechStars launched an accelerator in collaboration with our friends at Disney so now there was six. There are many great companies that have been associated with Launchpad over the years and of course I’m proud of everybody we’ve had relationships with. We are happy to now support every & all accelerator in town that provides capital and office space and we want to focus on mentorship, coaching, advice, community building, etc.

My Life as a CEO (and VC): Chief Psychologist

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Naturally the countries reacted negatively to reporting to a centralized figure in the UK (and of course to no longer reporting to the CEO). And as a VC, mentor, angel investor and founder of Launchpad LA I live it as a routine of my life.

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7 Startup Lessons from NBA Finals

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But Spurs coach, Gregg Popovich used his many years of experience to deliberate a plan that was well executed and surprised even the experts in the game, leading the underdog team to a Game 7 against the defending champions.

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Activyst Wants to Change the World, One Girl at a Time Through Sports

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Knowing how much playing sports shaped the course of her life, it pained her to see these girls denied the opportunity. The solution Rock found was if a play area connected to the already trusted schools was created with approved coaches, the parents would let the girls play.

Female Founders and CEOs | Valerie Brennan of Three Day Rule

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We started seeing a demand for what we were doing and from there began throwing singles parties, doing match making, and date coaching. Useable of course, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.” Everyone needs a date at some point, why not get it right the first time (or three).