How I Got the Monkey Off My Back – Today Was a Good Day

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As a result I didn’t write my first venture capital check until March 2009 – exactly 5 years ago. I divided success into the phases of venture capital and 18 months into writing my first check here was my view (details on each in the link above).

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Why You’re Not Getting the Most out of Your Board

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Every time I think to write a post about this I figure the most recent board meeting I’ve attended will think it’s about them so I don’t bother. So I’m going to write a series of board meetings posts unrelated to anybody or maybe an amalgamation of them all.

The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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Of course that’s true. Advisors / Coaches / Mentors.

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What I Would Look for When Choosing a VC – Knowing What I Know Now?

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So I thought I’d write about out with what I would look for in a VC knowing what I know now and why. VCs should be more of a coach than proscriptively telling you what to do. I think of VCs as coaches. The best way – of course – is to reference check.

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What I’ve Learned from Fred Wilson

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So part of playing an effective coach is helping the team to see the answer for themselves. Fred has of course been a public mentor to us all with his market-defining terminology that he popularized including “freemium” and “mobile first.”

Some Reflections on VC Investment Decisions

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Seed investors are aplenty and of course they need downstream money to fuel their early-stage bets. Of course these are great places to network with other investors, meet great entrepreneurs and keep your connections strong with senior execs at larger companies like Yahoo!, I know I can’t be in every deal and I know that the easy part of being a VC is writing the first check in a deal. Of course I would like to be in every great deal ever done.

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Entrepreneurshit. The Blog Post on What It’s Really Like.

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I plan to write about it early next year when we’re all through. Throughout the course of last year I never had more than $8,000 in my account. . Of course I do! But you realize that you can be more helpful as a coach. And yes, I sleep better at night as a coach.

Why I’m Turning Over a New Leaf & Refocusing My Energy

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Of course labels are all too easy to throw out and simplify or stereotype the beliefs of other people. he coached me and my 3 siblings in basketball and soccer and more. This election has been hard on our country.

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Stage 32: An Education Hub For Entertainment Industry Creatives


The integration of massively open online courses (MOOCs) makes strategic sense, which is likely why LinkedIn acquired Lynda for $1.5 The average cost per webinar ranges from $39-59 with longer online courses (2-8 weeks) landing somewhere between $99-799. Jon Sperry – a highly respected dialect coach who has worked with Harvey Keitel, Sofia Vergara, and Russell Crowe – taught a Stage 32 class that was attended by members from over 40 different countries.

This is How Startups “Level Up” After Raising Money

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If you’re an early investor like I am that often means writing the first $2-3 million check into a business that previously had either survived on fumes or on a $500,000 angel round. Of course I’m not preaching crazy, irrational spend or having Kid Rock at your next company party. You can do them all yourself, of course. You’re the coach, mentor, cheerleader. One of the interesting things about being a VC is that you often see companies in transition.

Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need a COO

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So I know I’m getting myself into a bit of trouble by writing this. If they’re not running their business then perhaps the wrong person was picked as CEO or perhaps they need more mentorship / coaching to better allocate their time.

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Want to know why charging $12 / year converts higher than $9.99?

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Sure, of course I am. But it’s PacMan.&# I forgot to get him on record on the show, but Gregg writes all the lyrics for the big presidential videos they’ve done – you can see where the humor of JibJab comes from. Advice, coaching, intros?

Interview: Seth Epstein of SocialStay


Write it down…. When I was running FUEL, I really did not have advisors – I did have a coach the entire time, who was a sounding board, but we worked on more esoteric concepts like ‘creating space’ (much longer convo) and on interpersonal relations and how to inspire growth, etc… That worked.

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Changes in Software & Venture Capital – Part 2 of 3

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And of course hedge funds and growth-equity funds can’t resist trying to get earlier-stage exposure again. Many LPs want to write checks of $10 million or $25 million because they themselves have billions of dollars to manage.

Why Early-Stage VCs Should Be Careful About Intros from Bankers

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Of course I went through normal other channels of deal flow. We are judging how well you are coached on stage. They do this because they have amazing skills at writing business plans. When I was new at Venture Capital I was trying to figure out the business.

How to Make Better Reference Calls

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Plus, if she does have areas where we could coach her on improvement it would help to know that coming in.” Reference calls. We all have to make them.

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As Populist as it May Feel, 98% of VCs Aren’t Dumb

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In the original version of his post, Andy writes. And Coach Campbell. I’ve heard directly from top executives that Jeff Bezos (in my opinion the most talented person in the tech industry) has received his fair share of VC coaching in the early years.

The Importance of Proprietary Deal Flow in Early-Stage VC

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Of course I went through normal other channels of deal flow. We are judging how well you are coached on stage. They do this because they have amazing skills at writing business plans. When I was new at Venture Capital I was trying to figure out the business.

Board members must protect the coporation before themselves.


They write into their investment documents that they will occupy a seat on the board for as long as they are invested in the company, thinking of this as a protection for their investment and tool for them to influence growth. Should board members therefore withdraw and not participate in corporate planning, coaching the CEO and other issues not related to the duty of care or duty of loyalty? Of course they should not. All other board functions are secondary.

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Don’t Cede Control: Why You Need to Cut out Middle Men in Negotiations

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You can certainly get coaching from your VC on how to play the negotiations since they do it more often than you do. I want to decide what the right “angle&# on the story it (with their input, of course). Middle Men. Middle People? They exist in all forms of work and life.

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Improving Sales: The Excuse Departement is Closed

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I’ve started writing up some of those sales & marketing lessons and I plan to continue to build that section out over time. So I did want any rational person who wants to improve does – I hired a coach. Of course that’s not true.

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My Life as a CEO (and VC): Chief Psychologist

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I finally got around to writing it having read Fred Wilson’s post about what a CEO does. Naturally the countries reacted negatively to reporting to a centralized figure in the UK (and of course to no longer reporting to the CEO).

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