Does your team know your playbook?


From experience and from information about the competition, a coach creates a playbook that contains detailed plans for actions or plays that the entire team must know without question and execute without pause in order to win games and advance toward the playoffs.

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From Call Center Agent To C-Suite Executive: How This Amazing Woman Did It


Her positive attitude and willingness to take chances rapidly propelled her to the coveted and influential position of Coach. Several Zappos employees had mentioned "Coach" and the impact she has had on the corporation during our tour. Selfless Coaching.

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Turn “process” into “game.”


Email readers, continue here.] So think of ways to make each process into a game, one in which there is a defined metric or measure of the winner at the end of a cycle short enough to permit teaching, celebration, challenge, and motivation for the next time played.

Is management by walking around an outmoded fad?


One of the CEOs I coach starts his day by walking the floor of his extended facility and checking in with managers and employees of the various departments, especially the call center.

How can I trust that my virtual employees are working?


It takes trusting management, good metrics, and entrepreneurial employees. One more thing: supervisors need first–hand experience of working virtually in order to support, motivate and coach their teams.

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You may burn your first professional manager.


But most important of all, I warn the founder that s/he must be ready and able to let go, to delegate clearly, and to establish metrics for measuring the performance of the newly hired executive – but not to interfere with that person’s day to day management unless absolutely necessary.

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Why you should never have a data room — the most counter-intuitive fund-raising advice you’ll ever…

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I hired a sales coach named Kai Krickle who helped me figure out how to close more deals. Kai taught me that the key metric to whether a sales process is going well is “engagement.” Why you should never have a data room?—?the

Why You’re Not Getting the Most out of Your Board

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Get board members to help me with things they are uniquely positions to help with – mostly introductions, recruiting or coaching my team members. Schedule 1:1 calls 1 week before the meeting to walk each board member through the key issues / performance metrics in the business.

Technology Roles in Startups


Some of the activities that are likely part of the mix where there might be need: Review and provide input on business plans Costs and time estimation Product prioritization Options analysis Systems analysis and design Technical risk analysis Technical research and evaluation Systems for accounting and reporting Metrics (see startup metrics ) Security Integration Scalability Social media integration plans (ex.

Launchpad LA Receives VC Funding: $50,000 Per Startup

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But the most important metric has been the deep and lasting relationships that have been built with startups and also between senior executives. Launchpad LA today announces it will accept applications for its third class of Los Angeles-based tech startups.

8 Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Investors and Board

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When we recommended that Rob get a CEO coach he not only embraced it but craved it and thanked us for suggesting it. By being so metrics driven we can have a lot more quantifiable and objective discussions at board meetings and at mid-point reviews. . Rob Bailey is the CEO of DataSift.

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Attorney and Startup Business Advisor – Aaron Shechet


Any thoughts on my recent post Startup Metrics ? The Startup Metrics post is a good example of what I call “holocognics.” Startup Metrics discusses what a Startup needs to consider before “going live.”

How Arivale Is Harnessing Genomics To Optimize Human Health and Wellness


We'll talk more about that, but what we do is bring the data cloud to life through licensed professional coaches, who understand the incentives of behavior change, and meet participants where they are, through three or four occasional recommendations each month. The second thing, which is different from other companies, is we have translated that into bite-sized recommendations, and we give you a coach.

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Success Is Not Always A Straight Line, With Hamet Watt, Upfront Ventures


I also know what I need to do, as an investor, to support a company, whether that''s strategic support, coaching, or providing encouragement to help build a great company. That might be overused, but it''s an important metric.

Choose Your VC Investor Carefully

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There are people like Gus Tai who any entrepreneur who’s worked with him well tell you is that he has helped coach them into building a great business. Beware of VC Seagulls, who shit on you and then fly away (or worse yet leave you with Red Herrings).

MapMyFitness | Keeping an Eye on Health

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Metrics are important for any fitness buff and MapMyFitness does the job well by providing necessary data such as calories burned, distance traveled, time spent on workout, etc., Fitness and health has never been as predominant in the tech space as it does today.

New Tech Provides Parents Help in Guiding Teen Drivers

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This field combines telecommunications, GPS and other technologies to enable real time reporting on vehicle usage metrics that was not previously possible. It is a free 100 hour coaching program to help new drivers improve their driving with data-driven feedback.

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Interview with Jonathan Lehmann and James Chung, KarmaGoat


Jonathan Lehmann: I was awarded the Larry Wolfen Entrepreneurial Spirit Award at UCLA, after getting amazing coaching from Matt Ridenour in our business plan development class.

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