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Join TCVN for our October event featuring a panel of 4 successful entrepreneurs. Panel includes: Tara Hannaford, Founder of GoTYM Inc and Vice President of Sales at Casamigos Tequila; Scott Fox, Startup Advisor/Executive, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO, Author, Angel Investor; Jeff Greenberg, Technology Executive, Entrepreneur, Startup Coach, Professor, Author; and Mark Lam, Founder and CEO at Pristine Group/Law Firm. Thursday, October 26, 2017 -- Successful Entrepreneur Panel.

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Raising Seed Capital Now: 10 Tips

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“Our executive director works with entrepreneurs [who] have been selected to pitch, coaching them to improve their presentations and helping them anticipate questions.” TCVN News Investors and entrepreneurs who won at the fundraising game during and after the Great Recession offer advice on landing equity money. By Monica Mehta. After years of cloudy skies in Startupland, the sun is peeking out, and investors are tipping their toes back into the wading pool.

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