Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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Not because they didn’t want to do Pay-per-click (they are huge buyers of SEM) but because they didn’t want other people to know what they paid for clicks! And now, of course, UberSocial, Bill’s latest project.

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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If you’re a technology startup you need to excel at product, of course. SEO / SEM are promotional techniques for marketing through the Google distribution channel, which have yielded huge benefits to many companies – Yelp being a prime example.

Guerilla Marketing, Brad Feld Style


In particular, Brad was impressed that, “Trada…educated people on how SEM works…and they were incredibly inclusive. This article originally appeared on Forbes HERE.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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In the same year they won Business Insider’s Startup competition. In industry this is known as “yield management” and of course it needs to exist. Let me not bury the lede.

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How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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We also know that even though many of us who are experienced in startup successes & failures look at businesses and say, “That will never work” (as many people said about Uber) or “You can’t make any money in that business” (as many said about WhatsApp or Dropbox) and of course some entrepreneurs pull off extraordinary things we never thought possible. But I’m investing on the assumption you will be successful, of course. Competition.

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How Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive Success

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You’ll have no idea when you’re off course. How many through SEM? per click on an SEM basis this is NOT your cost to acquire a customer – you need to add conversion rate. You Manage What you Measure.