Find your “teacher customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. This week’s insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. The customer would be the first to receive the new functionality in a new release.

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Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?


There can be nothing more important in your business planning that selecting the proper pricing niche, making your story clear using that niche, and the defending your position against the competition. What competition would you face?

Here’s how NOT to define your competition


An entrepreneur pitches using a deck with no slide for competition. We have no competition.”. Your potential customers could choose “do nothing.”. It could be that a larger competitor has met with its customers, promising to extend its product line into this very niche.

Why I Look for Obsessive and Competitive Founders

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He wants to compete to be the lead drummer in the competitive ensemble and study under Terence, an obsessive instructor who is hell bent on winning competitions for the school. But the film has my brain buzzing all week about obsessive and competitive people. Obsession.

Competition Is A Lie – Tracy DiNunzio Explains Why


Tracy DiNunzio, Founder and CEO of Tradesy , recently shared her insights regarding the best approach for entrepreneurs to address competition. competition''s a really interesting thing. Competition Is A Lie. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Competitive Intelligence

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, March 20, 2012 -- Competitive Intelligence: 007 Market Intel. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to estimate market size, competitive market share, how many potential customers are there, and price points. PDMA SoCal. It's Monday morning. The company president calls you into his office after attending a brainstorm session. He announces, "Let's build a gold-plated widget!"

Your customers are telling you “Wiw Wiw Wiw!”


Customer empowerment is moving so fast nowadays that many of us are running to just catch up. Blame the Internet for this rise in customer expectations. But don’t close your eyes to the fact that your customers have grown to expect your products or services in the form of….

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Competition Heats Up For DogVacay, As Rover Gains Funds


The two look headed for a dogfight, as each looks to gain awareness and find customers--not to mention hosts--for their respective services. marketplace petsitting capital venture competition sitting rover dogvacay

HipTraveler | Taking Startup Competitions by Storm

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In order to support all of these teams, there are several on-campus startup competitions every year, from the Silicon Beach USC competition to the New Venture Seed Competition, with prize funds to help build the companies.

Using Technology to Realize a Competitive Advantage

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Computers and the Internet have now brought in a new era that relies on data to make profitable business decisions in the competitive environment. Below is a full explanation of how small businesses can leverage technology to earn a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Find your “teacher-customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. Find one to teach you. This insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. Email readers continue here.] This is not to bend this insight into a claim that a company should wait to develop new, groundbreaking products and services until a customer asks for them.

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Custom Software

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 -- Custom Software. Today, companies need every edge they can get to strive in our current competitive marketplace. For many companies, custom software provides the edge they need. Improved productivity and efficiency leading to cost reductions, easier to use services leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention, a new needed product or service that is not available anywhere else. Techbiz Connection.

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Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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He wanted to build direct customer relationships to get product feedback but only 2% of customers would ever return their registration cards. So when he saw the browser it instantly dawned on him that this would be the greatest customer development tool ever.

Meet Our Startup of the Year Competition Semifinalists: Mobile Therapy


From apps to hardware, to KickStarter successes and international startups, we’re inching closer to finding out who will take home the title of Startup of the Year competition at our annual Celebrate Conference in October. Among the dozens of participants that applied for the online competitions, only a few progressed into the semifinals. Co: What was the road like leading up to your initial pitch for the competition?

Resonant Signs New Customer For RF Technology


Santa Barbara-based Resonant , which is developing radio frequency filer technology for mobile front-ends, said yesterday afternoon that it has signed a second customer for its technology. Name of the customer was not disclosed. Resonant said it would not disclose the customer name nor the band that the filter will be developed for due to the competitive nature of the industry.

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Master of Customer Acquisition, Matt Coffin, On Startups …

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He is very hands-on and helpful – especially for any company looking into customer acquisition. o Put a timeframe/money – competition in the picture. Passion: Have to be able to motivate people, customers, team, yourself.

FreedomPop Launches New MVNO Targeted At Sprint, T-Mobile Customers


According to FreedomPop, its new service, UNREAL Mobile , will provide unlimited plans starting at $15 a month, and is aimed an "ensuring continued competition" in the wireless market after the announcement of the T-Mobile and Sprint merger. Los Angeles-based mobile phone service provider FreedomPop is announcing this morning that it has launched a brand new, high end mass market wireless service, specifically aimed at Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers.

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5 Tips to Becoming a More Customer Centric Organization

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As organizations we have become more open and I believe this is great for businesses and their customers. We spent time out in the marketplace talking with customers, looking at their solutions, comparing ourselves with our competition and then squirreling ourselves away in our offices designing our next set of features. some came from our customer service, some were to improve performance / scalability from tech ops, some were bug fixes, etc.)

The #1 Question to Ask Before Starting Any Case Study


A customer story can't just be interesting or results-oriented. Before beginning customer success stories or case studies with a new client, I ask a LOT of questions of my marketing contacts - well before ever talking to one of their happy customers.

5 Financial Strategies that will always beat your Competition

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 -- TechAmerica Century City Greater LA Finance Network Group Presents: 5 Financial Strategies that will always beat your Competition. 5 5 Financial Strategies that will always beat your competition: 1. Have provable and quantifiable customer benefits 5. Be where your customers are and optimize their experience.

Google Pulls Plug on Webpass in Boston Amid Growing Competition


We’ll work with customers and partners to minimize disruption, and there will be no immediate impacts to their Webpass service,” according to the statement. “We In another setback for Google’s Internet business, the tech giant has decided to wind down the Boston-area operations of Webpass, a wireless Internet service provider Google Fiber acquired in June 2016. A statement e-mailed by a Google spokeswoman didn’t give a reason for the decision. “We’ll

When Your Startup Business Plan Needs to Be Revised

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Maybe a major company with deep pockets has embarked on a product line extension and is set to launch a product in direct competition with yours, or maybe, as with online gaming a few years back, the government decided to ban or sharply restrict your industry’s activities.

How Savvy Companies Leverage Brand, Technology and IP Licensing to Leap Ahead of The Competition

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 -- How Savvy Companies Leverage Brand, Technology and IP Licensing to Leap Ahead of The Competition. AccessEN.

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Sponsor Message: Find more customers with socalTECH


In this kind of economy, it's more important than ever to find and locate customers. How do you find customers who are still going strong--and are expanding and hiring? In a tough economy, it might be your key to unlocking customers you didn't know existed, and getting the edge on your competition. Try our free, two week trial and see how we can give you an edge in finding your next customer

Catching Up With Eli Portnoy, Sense360


For this morning's interview, we had a chat with Eli Portnoy , the CEO and founder of Culver City-based Sense360 (, which is developing analytics software which leverages mobile phones for data on customers. The hypothesis was, companies are in an extremely competitive environment, and it doesn't matter what company or industry they are in, it's been one of the most competitive environments we've seen in a long time.

Faster is sometimes more valuable than better.


Dell is a great example of emphasis upon fast, creating a customized computer in 48 hours or less, bringing in assemblies and components just-in-time to make the assembly line. Dell’s response would be something like “Quality custom computers more quickly than the competition.”

Postmates’ newest feature is like Uber POOL for food delivery

TechCrunch LA

Postmates is launching a new feature called Postmates Party that lets customers within the same neighborhood pool their orders. In return, these customers get the food delivered for free, eliminating a major pinch point for potential Postmates users. The feature illustrates how Postmates, one of the earlier entrants to the billion-dollar food delivery wars , is trying to remain competitive by appealing to price-sensitive customers.

HG Data Takes $12M More For Market Analytics


The company's service revolves around tracking the installed base of a wide range of products, ranging from cloud services, enterprise applications, and customer relationship management tools, to hardware, project management, and other applications. hgdata data market analytics competitive intelligence venture capital updata rincon epicventures

Berkeley’s SkyDeck Offers Chip Design Support Worth Millions to Startups


Competition isn’t the biggest problem in a field so primed for innovation, says Tang, who is.

What Amazon Hopes to Achieve with Prime Day

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He’s more focused these days on higher sales and customer loyalty than on profits, as evidenced by the fact that the $99 Prime membership fee doesn’t even recoup an average member’s 2-day shipping fees, let alone the costs of all the other benefits. Beat The Competition.

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Here Comes New Ideas from BPM

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While the global economy has proved to be fertile soil for launching small to mid-sized businesses, there has never been a time in which the competition in the small business arena has been as intense as it is currently.

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Boy! If I had only learned this before spending a million!


Know your market and competition, or don’t spend a dime on anything else. In this case, the competition was not from a company but a new technology. There is no competition.” To state “there is no competition” is always the most-red of all flags to an investor.

Moving Analytics | Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

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Through simple design, extensive sensing mechanism research, and behavioral science principles, Moving Analytics is carving out its own innovative niche in a heavily competitive space by providing a simple solution for highly sedentary people. How is Movn different than your competition?

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Could Lack of Apple Innovation Cause an Exodus?

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That said; I absolutely do not agree with the mantras “Apple should die in a fire” or “Apple customers are inferior” The days of Apple bashing to the point of near religious-fundamental aggression are far dead to me and thankfully so.

The Hardware behind the Results of Framework Benchmarks Round 10


As a managed hosting provider, we were able to provide the project with the same types of machines that our customers use to run their production environments. According to TechEmpower's Round 10 blog post: Competition for the top position in the JSON-serialization test within the Peak Hosting environment has heated up so much that Round 10 sees a more than 100% increase in the top performance versus Round 9 (2.2M By Jeffrey Papen, CEO and Founder, Peak Hosting.