Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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Bill had previously created a packaged software company called Knowledge Adventure the produced children’s educational software. I brought up the fact that I find many larger companies abusing the patent system to slow down smaller competitors which is actually anti competitive.

Music Prodigy Beats 70 Startups To Bring Music Education Technology to the Masses

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Music Prodigy , a Los Angeles based music education technology firm serious on improving the way people learn, play and interact with music beat over 70 startups with their app Rock Prodigy to win the Silicon Beach Awards.

Sony Online Entertainment Offers $10K Scholarship For Girls


Sony said it will award $10,000 towards tuition or other educational expenses as part of its 2013 G.I.R.L. Game Design competition. Deadline to apply for the competition and scholarship is March 29th.

Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Shines Spotlight on Emerging Tech Hubs


Steve Case, venture capitalist, author, and co-founder of AOL, is preparing to hit the road this week on his sixth Rise of the Rest tour, where he travels to emerging innovation hubs in search of investment-worthy tech startups and to highlight the growth happening outside of places like Silicon Valley and Boston. In the years since the tour’s inception in 2014, Case says he’s become “quite encouraged” by the momentum he sees building in the middle of the country.

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Fifty years of the internet

TechCrunch LA

The ARPANET, as it was called back then, was designed by government, industry and academia so scientists and academics could access each other’s computing resources and trade large research files, saving time, money and travel costs. Leonard Kleinrock. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

Lime is building its first scooter ‘lifestyle brand store’ in LA

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The design could hint at what Lime wants to do with its retail store branding. Educate them on the benefits, educate them on safety, and provide helmets.” How can Lime differentiate its scooters and bikes from the piles of Birds and Spins filling Los Angeles sidewalks?

Is Your Wireless Infrastructure Provider Delivering?

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If your wireless infrastructure provider doesn’t have the necessary equipment and services, however, TSPs should start considering other options or risk falling behind the competition. Carriers are already well-educated on changes and aware of the type of support they need.

With Stan Winston School and Kluge Winning a Webby the Family Comes Full Circle

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The win is a tremendous endorsement of founders Matt Winston and ErichGrey Litoff’s vision to build an online school that would educate and instruct students in the art of character creation and continue the legacy of the great Stan Winston.

Jumping into the App Game | Making Apps The Market Wants!

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Niche apps can usually demand a higher price point because there isn’t much competition out there. Having competition isn’t a bad thing. As any investor will tell you, competition in a space means that there is a need for a solution.

Talking to a VC About Your Competitors

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Competition. And the reality is that if you have no competition it will likely be perceived as a negative, not positive. Because if you’re truly that early / novel there’s a good chance that you’re too early and will spend lots of time / money educating the market.

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Fixing Tech’s Gender Problem Starts With Company Culture


Despite men's inroads into software development, many women continued to make significant contributions in the field of software design until the early 1970's. One of these bright lights is Santa Barbara-based HG Data - developers of the world's largest competitive-intelligence database. <Note:

Young Minds Attacking Old Age Problems | SXSW’s First Ever Panel of Young Innovators

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As we move forward in design thinking and innovation, the simplicity, purity and intense curiosity of the child mind may very well hold the key to some of the world’s largest problems.” Enzo Monfre is a 12 year old founder of Enzoology Education and Exploration Nation.

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OK, So Maybe Not ALL MBA Entrepreneurs Are Oxymorons


Ventures In Which An MBA Education Is A Plus. MBA’s are trained to design, organize and manage such large-scale, complicated operations. Despite their attitude and personality shortcomings, an MBA degree can provide certain types of startups with a distinct competitive advantage.

Startup Weekend LA | An Insiders Story of a Startup on Steroids

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The team needed would consist of at least 1 non-technical business person (me) and 2 or more technical people—designer and developer. I was only able to create a team with non-technical business people and a designer. We were all in such a high for winning the competition!!!

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Young Minds Attacking Age-Old Problems | SXSW’s First Ever Panel of Young Innovators

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As we move forward in design thinking and innovation, the simplicity, purity and intense curiosity of the child mind may very well hold the key to some of the world’s largest problems.” Enzo Monfre is a 12 year old founder of Enzoology Education and Exploration Nation.

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How I Promise You One of the Most Meaningful Days of Your Life

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Defy Ventures is a program that aims to educate people in prison to become better humans upon graduation. Defy Ventures runs business plan competitions and has people like us who attend and give business advice and feedback. I wasn’t raised badly — I was well educated.

Interview with Richard Koffler and John Morris, The Tech CEO Network


Myself, I am now working with a medical ultrasound technology firm, working directly with the researcher and a design firm. It's trying to determine if there is a viable way to go to market, and also deal with competitive issues.

Creating the Next Generation of US Employees. My Investment in Treehouse

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But its objective is to teach the world web design or to program computers. I’m investing in businesses that reinvent education. And while Maker Studios is pure entertainment, TreeHouse is pure education. Ryan wants to reinvent education.

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10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup — Spook Studio — Medium

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This helps to add some constraints to the design process as everyone has a clear idea of what the product isn’t. This is a missed opportunity (and demonstrates a misunderstanding of what design is ). I set up a regular design meetup for startups, UX Café , for this reason.

Learning is Fun with Two Bit Circus’ STEAM Carnival

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A wondrous place designed for kids to learn that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are not only interconnected, but fun to boot. Ladies and Gentlemen.

RingRevenue Creates A New Performance Marketing Revenue Channel


This is especially true for companies with expensive and complex products or services that are more consultative in nature, like insurance, financial services, home services, education and travel, etc. Who do you view as your biggest competition?

Catch #Mindshare50 Talks Live on TechZulu

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Bushnell is currently co-founder and chief game designer for Anti-Aging Games. He can also spin fire while balancing on a circus ball and whistlin – but not just any whistling, eric finished in the top 10 at the world’s whistling competition in Louisburg, North Carolina.

Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010


No, that IS NOT a competitive advantage - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , July 12, 2010 This is part 1 of the series: 5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches. Listening to first-time entrepreneurs talk about their competitive advantages is as predictably invalid as the local weatherman's 10-day forecast. and tips for buyers looking for logo design. Today, we’ll cover web design marketing best practices and tips for small business.

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Fast Follower III – First Mover Disadvantage


In a matter of months, he developed technology that was superior to that created by the world’s leading scientist over the prior 15-years, despite his lack of a formal education. In most instances, small companies do not have the financial wherewithal to bludgeon the competition and establish market share through brute force. A runner who has no chance of winning the race is designated as the rabbit and is instructed to set a very fast initial pace.

Enrou: Combining Causes and Commerce To Help Improve The World


I had worked along with some of these organization son the ground, who were employing people, providing microfinancing, education, and help. I also have a very good friend who is a UX designer, and she really had a great eye for the brand we wanted to build.

INNOVATION - A Scientist's Perspective

AeA Los Angeles Council

Approximately 50 executives from the worlds of technology & venture capital piled into the dining hall on June 30th to listen to Dr. Mark Drapeau speak about "innovation" and its sister topic, "STEM education." Innovation – and its sister topic, STEM education, is a topic that easily falls through the cracks. The Defense Department certainly innovated, but does relatively little to educate children in STEM topics; nor perhaps should it.

What I *Would Have* Said at TechCrunch Disrupt

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Others should swing for the fences - Some companies are designed to be big, industry changing plays. There is no way for people to keep prices down – it’s a competitive market.

CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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Our combined experience working in film education and inside the traditional and digital entertainment industry gives us unique insight into building an authentic “film school like” education on the web. Any competition in LA?

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Top 40 Startup Posts for August 2010


Teach Like You’re the Student - Steve Blank , August 10, 2010 “I never have let my schooling interfere with my education.”. The right way to position against competition - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , August 23, 2010 This is Part 4 of the series: 5 lessons from 150 startup pitches.?? There is no competition. Of the 8 founders at the dinner, half of them had a design/ui/ux background.

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Interview with Elizabeth Amini, Anti-Aging Games


The firm notably has Atari founder Nolan Bushnell as an advisor and serving as its chief game designer. There is lots of competition in this area for serving retirement homes. So Nolan is behind the design of the games?

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How Chinese Startup Tradesparq Is Looking To Grow In SoCal


Now, we''re looking at Southern California because there''s lots of talent in the area of design, and we also want to start targeting enterprises here who want to start sourcing products in Asia. It''s also a dog-eat-dog world over there with the competition.

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Where You’d Least Expect Them


Our civic center actually had to upgrade their broadband because we needed a really good Wi-Fi with the competition being done on computers. On the final night of the competition, Visit Rapid City treated competitors, coaches, and parents to a reception at Crazy Horse Memorial.

Interview with Marco DeMiroz, Soliant Energy


Our product is unique, in that it is designed for commercial use. We've got a low aspect ratio, where normally concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) products are designed for huge, ground mounted arrays for utilities. Ours are designed for plug-and-play capability with existing, flat panels. There's only so much you can do with standard flat panels, where we are designed to deliver up to 2.5X

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How Tradesy Makes Selling Women's Clothing Simple, with Tracy DiNunzio


I've really gotten an in-depth education about what women want when buying and selling online. RecycledBride was really the testing ground and gave us an education of the ins- and outs- of this market an dhow it works, and gave us extensive user testing.

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Fuel50: Helping Employees Figure Out Their Career Path, With Anne Fulton


Los Angeles-based Fuel50 ( � backed by local investors Rincon Venture Partners and Bonfire Ventures�is helping to solve that problem, with its career pathing software designed for helping employees at large enterprises figure out what's next. Even when I had babies, I started a company making baby clothing with designers for a few years. The education around new products and bringing them to the market is the same in both markets.

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