Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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We talked about patents. I brought up the fact that I find many larger companies abusing the patent system to slow down smaller competitors which is actually anti competitive. His first “real&# business came in college where he designed audio speakers.

Intellectual Property – Worthless To A Startup, Priceless To A Big Dumb Company


Patents held by startups generally have a limited ability to reduce competition. The average time required to obtain a patent is 36-to-40 months, during which there is no guarantee your adVenture will ultimately receive patent protection. No Patents, No Interest.

Masimo Settles Lawsuit


Masimo had sued Hygia in April of 2009 over Hygia's reprocessing of its sensors, and also had later claimed patent and trademark infringement, unfair competition, false designation of origin, and injury to business reputation in its suit. Tags: masimo medical device pulse oximetry hygia legal lawsuit patent

This Immigrant Entrepreneur Launched Her Billion Dollar Empire, Despite Speaking No English


Rather than selling dresses for $25, Ida’s designs were now selling for over $300. If Ida had been a prima donna designer, she might have rejected this request out of hand. Products such as the Symington Side Lacer were designed to flattened women’s breasts.

Fixing Tech’s Gender Problem Starts With Company Culture


Despite men's inroads into software development, many women continued to make significant contributions in the field of software design until the early 1970's. One of these bright lights is Santa Barbara-based HG Data - developers of the world's largest competitive-intelligence database. <Note:

The Audacious Plan to Make Electricity as Easy as WiFi

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Here is where having Marc Berte and a team out of MIT who have designed systems like this for years gave one confidence we could do something others couldn’t copy and at price points that could make us market leaders over night. When I first met Meredith Perry she was 24.

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Meet the 25 Startups Competing at SXSW Startup Night 2018


That’s why Canecto developed a cutting-edge, AI framework designed to be a web analytics assistant and help provide owners relevant insights around their customer base and learn how visitors interact with their content. Everything is bigger in Texas.

Music Prodigy Beats 70 Startups To Bring Music Education Technology to the Masses

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Rock Prodigy is Music Prodigy’s pioneer product and is a revolutionary interactive music app powered by patent-pending polyphonic pitch-recognition technology that allows musicians of all skill levels to use any instrument and provide instant performance feedback to accelerate learning.

TechZulu Tech Crawl | Culver City Edition!

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ZehnerGroup designs and builds custom websites that scale. Our unique entrepreneurial spirit lends itself perfectly to launching the next great web startup or is generating that fresh spark to create a competitive advantage for a large corporation.

Top 29 Startup Posts May 2010


Why Lawyers Don’t Run Startups - Steve Blank , May 27, 2010 Startups need to have a great lawyer, accountant, patent attorney, etc. LIFT10: Workshop on Hacking Venture Capital - Fred Destin , May 7, 2010 This morning at the excellent LIFT Conference I gave a two hour workshop on " Hacking Venture Capital " designed to give entrepreneurs a hands-on experience of (a) pitching and (b) negotiating with detailed debrief and tricks of the trade.

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How Beatshare Is Tackling Music And Messaging


Before that, I was at a multimedia design academy in high school. I've always been a mobile enthusiast, in technology and design and user experience. Eli Aizenstat: I entered into the Design Accelerator, which is an accelerator run in conjunction with the Art Center College of Design and Caltech, in the summer of 2014. We worked on Beatshare at Chapman, where there was a business plan competition, which we won.

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Yarnell Design ( Brilliant web and iPhone app design. Join Tech Coast Angels members and other start up investors at the 5th Annual Los Angeles Fast Pitch Competition. and international patent and trademark procurement - IP Litigation - IP Licenses and Agreements: distribution, development, joint venture - Intellectual property aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

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GumGum Makes Images Profitable for Publishers

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At the tender age of 15, Tanz teamed up with his friend Michael Schneider (the CEO of MobileRoadie ), to create the design firm Fluid Design. They have built proprietary ad serving, video serving and image recognition technology, complete with patents, and invented in-image advertising.

Top 30 Startup Posts in June 2010


Just because a product has a patent, deep complexity and an obvious competitive advantage does not mean that it can fly by itself into the market. Why you have to design products for how your customers are , and not how you want them to be. Competition is overrated - Chris Dixon , June 26, 2010 Your #1 competitor starting out will always be the BACK button, nothing else. Some great content around the intersection of startups and being a Startup CTO in June this year.

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Why You Should Start a Company in. Los Angeles

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is the second largest designated market area (DMA) in the country, so youre starting with a natural talent pool of very interesting people, and also, a market from which to sell your goods and services into. RSS ); Why You Should Start a Company in.

On Ramp Wireless: Connecting The Smart Grid


Kevin Hell: We''re going all the way down to the chip design and production, which is coming out of Asia. It''s very resistant to interference, due to the way the technology was designed.

Roping in the Legal Eagles


Just as you would not ask your family physician to perform a coronary bypass, do not ask your corporate lawyer to help you write your patent application. Most corporate attorneys can give you general guidance with respect to securing your Intellectual Property (IP) rights, especially with respect to trademarks, copyrights and other non-patent-related items. However, you should seek a patent attorney when it is time to craft your patent application.

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Collect, Organize, and Share on LoveIt | Interview with Ron LaPierre Co-Founder & CEO

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When we discussed the feedback we saw an opportunity to use our backgrounds in search and discovery to help us stand out from the competition. Our biggest challenge has been to quickly build a product for a very competitive space that includes formidable players.

Decoding Signal From Noise For Wall Street, With Bitvore


Whether that''s for competitive analysis or market analysis, our product is basically able to monitor--on a very large scale--things that are important to your particular company. It''s designed for business people.

Interview with Mike Neshat, RFaxis


The way we've been describing this to people has been, you can treat our RF device like a digital chip--all of the RF design is out of the equation. There is lots of competition from the big companies, legal threats in the industry for chip startups to navigate today, how are you handling that? Anything we'll be doing will have reference designs with Broadcom and Cirrus and the others. A few weeks ago, we were surprised to run into a new launch of a semiconductor startup.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Tear Down Your Firewalls

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They are afraid of their competition finding out about the idea, a bigger company trying to steal it or some other entrepreneur doing it first. Well, my philosophy is that if you keep it from your competition, youre also keeping it from potential users or customers.

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Interview with Woolas Hsieh and Dina Lozofsky, Solarmer Energy


About a year later, we recognized that it was very important to also have the patent, and Dina joined us. That makes solar panels as a product not competitive at all, if you removed government subsidies. We believe that plastic solar cells will be uniquely competitive in windows applications, which we believe will be coming out in 2012, based on our own schedules. They can then be incorporated into tents, bags, and clothing as part of a design.

Interview with Cliff Rees, XCast Labs


Our major designer was the number two guy on the Lucent 5E development program, so we understand how to design scalability into telecom apps, and scale seamlessly, better than our competitors. Nobody in our competitive space can do all of those things, because they simply don't control their own destiny, because they don't own their own technology. We've got patents on technology that helps save bandwidth utilized for VoIP calls and particularly for video.

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Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 3.0: Internet advertising is good. No, it’s bad. Oh wait… it IS good!

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Patent Lawsuit 6. The interesting thing is that we never looked at our competition, we never did any kind of competitive analysis on the products we wanted to be leaders, so we acted like leaders – we focused on our customers, not our competition.

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: Startup 5.0 – I’m just going to chill out for a bit… (OK, for a month…)

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of the product, file patents, hire a small sales team and launch a marketing program to take StrongMail to market. In Silicon Valley, people are much more competitive, have more focus/experience in software backgrounds and often focus more attention on the methods first, then the results.