XPRIZE Awards $15M In Global Learning Competition


According to XPRIZE, it decided to split the top $10M award in the competition between two winners-- Kitkit School , which has developed a learning program using a "game-based core"; and onebillion , a developer of "numeracy content" and literacy material. xprize learning competition kitkit onebillion school education educational software swahiliMarina Del Rey-based XPRIZE , the organization led by Dr. Peter H.

Data Scientist Team Share Lessons Learned From Competition


When you’re in a competition and on the spot, answering questions to industry experts can be a nerve-wrecking process. This competition required the team to answer “…questions on a Food and Nutrition data set that contained 28 features and 30,000+ rows.

FanWide Wins $10,000 Sports Startup Competition At USC


FanWide , a startup which helps users find "viewing parties" for their favorite college or pro sports teams, anywhere they live or travel, has won a the $10,000 prize in the HYPE Sports Innovation competition, held last week at the University of Southern California. According to HYPE, the competition, held in conjunction with USC's Marshall School of Business and Silicon Valley Bank, was aimed at finding the most disruptive technology likely to shape the future of basketball.

IBM Watson AI XPRIZE Competition Opens Registration


The IBM Watson AI XPRIZE , the $5M competition being run by Los Angeles-based XPRIZE , has opened up registrations to teams, and has published guidelines for the artificial intelligence competition. The new competition is seeking to spur teams to create artificial intelligence technology, to challenge some of humanity's most pressing challenges. watson xprize competition registration nonprofit challenge artificial intelligence software

Interview with Fariborz Maseeh, Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition


Last week, the University of Southern California 's Viterbi School of Engineering announced that it had established a new, business plan competition, the Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition ([link] specifically aimed at students in the engineering school.

Competition Dangles $200K To Students With Clean Technology Ideas


A new competition--part of the Startup America effort launched by the Obama Administration, and spearheaded locally by Caltech, USC, and UCLA--said today that it is looking to award $200,000 in prize money to university students with clean energy business ideas. First Look West said that the first place team will win $100,000, the second place team $60,000, and third place $40,000; the competition wlil be held April 30th and May 1st.

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Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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Bill had previously created a packaged software company called Knowledge Adventure the produced children’s educational software. I brought up the fact that I find many larger companies abusing the patent system to slow down smaller competitors which is actually anti competitive.

Music Prodigy Beats 70 Startups To Bring Music Education Technology to the Masses

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Music Prodigy , a Los Angeles based music education technology firm serious on improving the way people learn, play and interact with music beat over 70 startups with their app Rock Prodigy to win the Silicon Beach Awards.

Wpromote Launches Scholarship For Students In Digital Marketing


wpromote scholarship digital marketing high school student education contest competitionLos Angeles-based digital marketing agency Wpromote said on Monday that it has launched a new set of scholsrships, which will go to students interested in digital marketing. According to Wpromote, the new scholarships--which will be awarded bi-annually--will total $3,000, with the first award in December of this year.

Local Clean Energy Business Plan Contest Awards $160,000


A local, clean energy business plan competition started by the California Insitute of Technology (Caltech), the University of Southern California (USC), and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has awarded $160,000 in prizes in its latest competition. First Look West also said it provided $5,000 in a "Tansformational Idea Award" funded by Draper University, the entrepreneurial education program from venture capitalist Tim Draper.

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Sony Online Entertainment Offers $10K Scholarship For Girls


Sony said it will award $10,000 towards tuition or other educational expenses as part of its 2013 G.I.R.L. Game Design competition. Deadline to apply for the competition and scholarship is March 29th.

Yes, You Can Get A Scholarship To College To Play Overwatch


Are you a competitive, e-sports player specializing in Overwatch , the popular title developed by Blizzard? The University of California, Irvine, said on Wednesday that it will offer up an e-sports scholarship to the school, where it will provide $2500 a year to players who attend the school--and commit to another 15-20 hours per week working on practice, team meetings, competitions, and other efforts.

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Broadcom Backs Science Fair Effort


Irvine-based Broadcom is backing a nationwide science fair competition, with a six year, $6M investment, the firm said this week. The winner of that will receive $25,000 in an education grand prize from the Samueli Foundation, the charitable foundation of Susan and Henry Samueli.

Steve Case’s Rise of the Rest Shines Spotlight on Emerging Tech Hubs


Steve Case, venture capitalist, author, and co-founder of AOL, is preparing to hit the road this week on his sixth Rise of the Rest tour, where he travels to emerging innovation hubs in search of investment-worthy tech startups and to highlight the growth happening outside of places like Silicon Valley and Boston. In the years since the tour’s inception in 2014, Case says he’s become “quite encouraged” by the momentum he sees building in the middle of the country.

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How We Won $50,000 Award in SBA Growth Accelerator Fund Contest


Small Business Administration as a Growth Accelerator Fund Competition winner. It also got me thinking about what was important for winning this competition. When I came across this competition, it seemed like our program could be eligible, so I went ahead and applied.

Judge the Judges | Gain an Advantage on the Startup Field

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Your concept clearly is more developed than any of the competition. Education, work experience. The color scheme of your pitch deck obviously will not insure you win a pitch competition. Use this information to help you gain an advantage over the competition.

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How Groups are Closing the Security Skills Gap, Boosting Diversity


Companies around the world are reevaluating their methods for recruiting and retaining top talent and, even in innovation hubs like Boston, there is serious competition for talent. Today, there is a massive shortage of cybersecurity talent across the globe.

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Entrepreneurs Thinking Inside the Box


The experience was part of InCube 2018 , a global startup pitch competition organized by the ETH Entrepreneurship Club. Hackathons usually involve thinking outside of the box.

X PRIZE Foundation Launches New Prize Around Literacy


The group said Thursday that it has launched a new, $10M Global Literacy X PRIZE, which will look to help educate what the group says are over 60 million children who are not receiving primary education. xprize foundation prize award literacy education olpc school

Fifty years of the internet

TechCrunch LA

How did we go from collaboration to competition, from consensus to dissention, from a reliable digital resource to an amplifier of questionable information? Leonard Kleinrock. Contributor. Share on Twitter.

13 Ecosystem Builders That Are Boosting Startup Growth


BlackTech Week was created in 2014, and in four short years, they’ve gained over 2700 participants, 150 speakers, and 3 pitch competitions. While winning pitch competitions is great, it’s not the most important thing about Startup of the Year.

Lime is building its first scooter ‘lifestyle brand store’ in LA

TechCrunch LA

Educate them on the benefits, educate them on safety, and provide helmets.” Instead, it’s the fierce competition from hometown startups like local favorite Bird that Lime wants to overcome through brick-and-mortar marketing.

Local Universities Get $360K From DOE For Cleantech Entrepreneurship


Department of Energy to help foster student entrepreneurs via a business plan competition run by the group called First Look West. ongreen ucla caltech education university school clean technology

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Entrepreneurs and Teachers Put to the Creation Challenge | Startup Weekend Bay Area

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This year Startup Weekend is branching out towards driving solutions to be created for the education industry with Startup Weekend EDU. ” Startup Weekend EDU will focus on building applications and developing education-based use cases around them.

Interview with Ramit Varma, Revolution Prep


Out of 41 companies who submitted their software for approval, only three were accepted--us, McGraw Hill, and Peoples Education. Software is set to be transformative in the space of education. I take it the software then really requires lots of education experts to make work?

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CLU New Venture Fair

SoCal Tech Calendar

The New Venture Fair (NVF) is a valuable part of Cal Lutheran's entrepreneur education experience, in which student teams share their innovative startup projects in a competitive environment. Wednesday, May 8, 2019 -- CLU New Venture Fair. The NVF is a dynamic and exciting evening where the community gets its first look at Cal Lutheran's exceptional student entrepreneurs.

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Pathbrite Shows the Fruits of Having a Crystal Clear Value Proposition

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As a former educator, I understand the complexity of the bureaucratic processes of secondary and post-secondary education systems. That is why I am amazed and extremely excited at how fast Pathbrite is storming through the education system and slugging home-runs.

Is Your Wireless Infrastructure Provider Delivering?

Southern California Edison Blog

If your wireless infrastructure provider doesn’t have the necessary equipment and services, however, TSPs should start considering other options or risk falling behind the competition. Carriers are already well-educated on changes and aware of the type of support they need.

What To Do When Your Competitor Gets Funded?

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But the bigger truth is the competition is important. We will have two well-funded companies educating the market on why this market opportunity for the $24 billion US storage market is ripe for disruption. market share today and are stuck with high real-estate costs, shitty customer service, bad value propositions and no ability to respond to competition because they have effectively become real-estate holding companies that store stuff for cashflow. This morning Clutter.io

Young Minds Attacking Old Age Problems | SXSW’s First Ever Panel of Young Innovators

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Enzo Monfre is a 12 year old founder of Enzoology Education and Exploration Nation. Entrepreneurship Events SXSW SXSW 2013 American River College Astronomy Club BeeSweet Lemonade bit blacks in tech Enzo Monfre Enzoology Education fabricatedby.me

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X Prize Foundation Opens Lab At USC


The X Prize Foundation , the nonprofit which is managing a number of prize-based competitions to spur on scientific research and innovation, said Wednesday that it is launching a new lab program at the University of Southern Califonia Viterbi School of Engineering.

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Talking to a VC About Your Competitors

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Competition. And the reality is that if you have no competition it will likely be perceived as a negative, not positive. Because if you’re truly that early / novel there’s a good chance that you’re too early and will spend lots of time / money educating the market.

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Young Minds Attacking Age-Old Problems | SXSW’s First Ever Panel of Young Innovators

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Enzo Monfre is a 12 year old founder of Enzoology Education and Exploration Nation. Entrepreneurship Events SXSW SXSW 2013 American River College Astronomy Club BeeSweet Lemonade bit blacks in tech Enzo Monfre Enzoology Education fabricatedby.me

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Accelerators: a recent and positive trend


Although that is still a good idea in many cases, there is a recent alternative available to some entrepreneurs on a competitive basis that seems most attractive and positive.

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Should I license my IP, sell a royalty stream, or just produce products?


They will be more willing to pay a royalty fee if your product gets them to market earlier or is protected by patent to create a barrier to their competition. This week we contacted royalty licensing expert, the well-respected Arthur Lipper, asking the magic question.

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