Here’s how NOT to define your competition


An entrepreneur pitches using a deck with no slide for competition. We have no competition.”. Professional investors laugh when they hear an entrepreneur come out with that one. Perhaps buyers cannot obtain attractive financing in the current market.

Why I Look for Obsessive and Competitive Founders

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When second place isn’t good enough because we live in winner-take-most markets. He wants to compete to be the lead drummer in the competitive ensemble and study under Terence, an obsessive instructor who is hell bent on winning competitions for the school. Obsession.

The Best Entrepreneurs Are Hyper Competitive & Hate Losing

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This is part of my series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. I originally posted it on VentureHacks , one of my favorite websites for entrepreneurs. I started the series talking about what I consider the most important attribute of an entrepreneur : Tenacity.

Competition Is A Lie – Tracy DiNunzio Explains Why


Tracy DiNunzio, Founder and CEO of Tradesy , recently shared her insights regarding the best approach for entrepreneurs to address competition. competition''s a really interesting thing. Competition Is A Lie. The only thing you have as an entrepreneur.

OK, So Maybe Not ALL MBA Entrepreneurs Are Oxymorons


MBA’s are an easy target for entrepreneurs’ scorn. I too have taken shots at MBA’s, describing why they are not typically well suited for startup life in Why Entrepreneurs Hate (Most) MBAs. Situationally, MBA’s Can Be Effective Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur

Be careful how you define your competition.


Professional investors laugh when they hear an entrepreneur state, “We have no competition.” It is a failed litmus test for the entrepreneur, even if the plan is for a totally new device or service that could take the world by storm. Whether the entrepreneur has not been able to find companies doing “something like” the plan, or s/he has not considered the most obvious killer of new ideas – doing nothing, it is a faux pas that should never be allowed to happen.

Meet Our Startup of the Year Competition Semifinalists: Mobile Therapy


From apps to hardware, to KickStarter successes and international startups, we’re inching closer to finding out who will take home the title of Startup of the Year competition at our annual Celebrate Conference in October. Among the dozens of participants that applied for the online competitions, only a few progressed into the semifinals. Tech.Co: Since launch, what was the most challenging part of gaining market traction?

Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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He was a life-long entrepreneur and the first business he created out of college (actually, he founded it while he was at Caltech) was a company that manufactured high quality audio speakers. they can build teams that really focus on building & marketing great products.

Why Your Marketing Campaign Sucks

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Mostly it’s because your marketing campaigns suck. Or more directly – they are likely narcissistic resuscitations of your newest features or bragging points that nobody but your marketing team and your mom care about. They offer a point-of-view about their market.

Qualcomm Launches Second Annual Venture Competition


San Diego-based Qualcomm said Tuesday that it is launching its second annual venture investment competition, the Qualcomm Ventures QPrize competition. According to the firm, this year's competition will provide up to $750,000 in seed funding to entrepreneurs working on mobile ventures. South Korea and Israel are new markets for Qualcomm's competition. Tags: qualcomm ventures venture capital competition

Catch up to your market or be lost!


Markets and competitors change. During the past several years, some very big bets have been made by large companies and well-healed entrepreneurs in old media, newspapers and TV stations. Were these companies and entrepreneurs out to a long lunch during the media transformation?

A Serial Entrepreneur’s Guide To Uncovering Awesome Startup Ideas


Seth is a design-oriented entrepreneur, with little desire to document details. Per Seth, emerging entrepreneurs should, "Find problems that need solving… that resonate (with you). market size, characteristics, just me? Entrepreneur Video

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Guerilla Marketing, Brad Feld Style


Serial entrepreneur, venture investor and startup accelerator pioneer Brad Feld has notoriously mocked traditional marketing throughout his career. If you have amazing products, the marketing of those products is trivial. If you have $hitty products, the marketing is impossible.

What Makes an Entrepreneur (7/11) – Detail Orientation

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This is part of my series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. I originally posted it on VentureHacks , one of my favorite websites for entrepreneurs. I started the series talking about what I consider the most important attribute of an entrepreneur : Tenacity.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Be Respected More Than Loved

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Eventually you need a VP of Product to handle your product roadmap, a CTO for engineering leadership and VPs of sales, marketing & biz dev. If you hire truly talented people you end up definitionally with a lot of competitive peers who will inevitably jockey for resources and control. Extremely talented people are ultra competitive. Of if your VP Sales isn’t complaining about marketing she’s trying to get the function reporting to her.

7 Business Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Never Make (Twice)


As an entrepreneur, I helped create companies which achieved two IPOs and two trade sales totaling $385 million. Perform China Syndrome Market Analysis. Fallacy: An entrepreneur’s two most precious assets are time and money. “Learn from the mistakes of others.

Want To Trip Out? This Entrepreneur Can Hook You Up


In fact, for the past 27-years, he has specialized in bringing exotic travel destinations to those of us who are healthy and active but whose competitive sporting days are long behind us. If you could share one startup lesson with a young entrepreneur, what would it be?

What Entrepreneurs Should do about Price Fixing

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I thought I’d try to look at it from a different lens, that of the entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur you should assume that. Have you looked at competition? How well financed is the competition? What is their market traction? So what is an entrepreneur to do?

What Makes an Entrepreneur (3/11) – Ability to Pivot

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This is part of my new series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. I originally posted it on VentureHacks , one of my favorite websites for entrepreneurs. VCs often tell entrepreneurs that they want to see “traction&# before they’re ready to invest.

MeetAdvisors | Business Advice For Entrepreneurs

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Most of the time the advice you are looking for is from a successful entrepreneurs who might be so busy to be reached. The starup offers online entrepreneurial networking opportunities by introducing professionals with expertise (Advisors) to those seeking business advice (Entrepreneurs). Entrepreneurs ask Advice, when granted, they leave a review for the Advisor. If other entrepreneurs knew he was here there’d be a line,” said Fridman. No direct competition.

RingRevenue Creates A New Performance Marketing Revenue Channel


Value Prop Twitter Style : “Ringrevenue’s call performance marketing platform enables ad networks, agencies, advertisers & publishers to generate more inbound sales calls.”. In today’s market, so much focus is placed on transacting business online. Entrepreneur Interview

Non-millennial Bootstrapping – These 50-Something Entrepreneurs Rejected VC $ And Nailed It


Without taking a dime of outside capital, the company has achieved impressive success in a competitive, SaaS market segment, landing companies such as Nike, Intuit, NASA, AutoDesk and PBS. Most companies have a roadmap describing what they’re planning to build, deliver or market.

Startup Children – How To Parent An Entrepreneur (Part IV) - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained


Amarillo’s advice is consistent with my comments in the Startup Competition ; get to know your competitors on a personal basis, while appearing as innocuous as possible. Be vigilant and keep your eyes on your competition, especially when they are dealt their hands.

Five Trick Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Asking For Money


However, certain questions can be tricky for an entrepreneur to answer. Below are five common questions an entrepreneur will encounter when seeking venture funding. Intent : Investor / entrepreneur conflicts often arise when a company contemplates an exit opportunity.

Entrepreneurs: The Funding Landscape Has Changed.


An entrepreneur utilizes online communities to solicit pledges of small amounts of money from individuals who are typically not professional financiers. Competition is high for these resources, and often there is a substantial ownership stake, if not control, for the investors, depending upon the value of the business and success in using the first moneys invested. Guest post by Sara Mackey.

Lessons Big Companies Should Learn from Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurs often lament big companies, but most of us hope we’ll create just that. There’s a lot more the big folks can learn from the millions of entrepreneurs hustling each day, building something amazing from scratch.

Entrepreneur's Journey

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Friday, November 6, 2009 -- The Entrepreneur's Journey: Finding, Launching and Growing the Next Big Thing. The Entrepreneurs Journey: Finding, Launching and Growing the Next Big Thing takes participants on a guided tour from developing the creative idea for a new business to delivering a high market value start-up. Also on-hand will be entrepreneurs who have been there and done that.

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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But being best-in-class at online marketing is also a sine qua non to standout from your peer group. The starting point of product IS marketing, which is what a lot of young entrepreneurs that never studied business don’t realize.

Startup Children – How To Parent An Entrepreneur (Part III) - Board Games Can Teach Children Negotiating And Risk Taking Skills


Along with Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham and Marcia Brown’s Stone Soup , the seemingly innocuous board game Monopoly has played a pivotal role in the edification of several generations of entrepreneurs. Just like in Monopoly, if this contract is broken, the entrepreneur can be thrown in jail.

ConTraps Part III – Contract Traps Entrepreneurs Should Avoid At All Costs


This series describes how entrepreneurs can craft company-changing agreements with BDCs, while avoiding Kiss of Death contract provisions. In Part II of this series, I suggest that entrepreneurs seek agreements in which “what is good for the goose is good for the gander.”

CapLinked Worldwide Pitch Competition | Submit Your Startup

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CapLinked , the online platform for private investment funded by members of the “ PayPal Mafia “—announced that it is launching a worldwide pitch competition for entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to a panel of all-star judges from Idealab, Rincon, Rapidfire, and Actarus. Company founders and aspiring entrepreneurs of all-stripes are welcome to submit their plans for a chance at fame and glory, as well as international exposure for their company.

Be a Unicorn: The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Startup Like a Pro

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Marketing your startup can be one of the most daunting tasks an entrepreneur faces on their journey to world domination. Marketing, however, is not always about what we as consumers need, but what we deeply desire. and magic is at the heart of the very best marketing.

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Create An Industry Alliance Entrepreneurs: Need Friends On The Startup Playground


Entrepreneurs can emulate de la Guerra’s strategy and make their adVenture appear far larger than reality and thus increasing its influence and market reach while discouraging competitive threats by creating an industry alliance.

Why Computer Vision Tracking the Flow of People Will be a Huge Market

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Wearables are clearly an important market but to me a much broader use case is bringing real-world objects into the computing world and there is no better mechanism than Computer Vision. At the earliest stages when I invest my decision is 70% team / 30% market (5).

VCs say Silicon Valley isn’t the gold mine it used to be

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High-profile entrepreneurs and investors, Peter Thiel, for example , have left. “It’s hard to make a difference in San Francisco as a single entrepreneur,” said J.D. “It’s not as a hard to make a difference as a successful entrepreneur in Columbus, Ohio.”