Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?


There can be nothing more important in your business planning that selecting the proper pricing niche, making your story clear using that niche, and the defending your position against the competition. Here are a few examples to help you. What competition would you face?

Performance competition is a good thing


We deeply feel that competition of this sort is a good thing. It helps motivate performance improvement across the web framework ecosystem and that in turn improves performance of thousands of web applications. We love this! If you've not been watching the ASP.NET team's community standups , you have missed some surprisingly transparent, interesting, and oftentimes funny updates from a major web application framework development team.

New Competition Looks For Startups Combating Climate Change


A new, startup competition, called the California Climate Cup --run by te Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF)--says it is looking to identify the most promising startups, globally, who are working on innovations for megacities for zero emission transportation and clean energy. The new competition will offer up cash prizes and an opportunity to pitch those startups to investors.

Silicon Beach Report Jan 23: Esports One Raises $3 Million to Help Viewers Make Sense of E-sports Competitions

L.A. Business Journal

Esports One raises $3 million to help viewers make sense of e-sports competitions; Snapchat to let users share content on other social networks; and Boring Co. pitches Culver City Council on tunneling plan

Helping Startups Understand Salespeople & the Sales Culture

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there is a nascent industry to try and help you with this, too. Don’t get my wrong – a great looking product can really help support a sale. Sure, you need to be competitive on price. Sales people will always tell you how far ahead the competition is.

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FanWide Wins $10,000 Sports Startup Competition At USC


FanWide , a startup which helps users find "viewing parties" for their favorite college or pro sports teams, anywhere they live or travel, has won a the $10,000 prize in the HYPE Sports Innovation competition, held last week at the University of Southern California. According to HYPE, the competition, held in conjunction with USC's Marshall School of Business and Silicon Valley Bank, was aimed at finding the most disruptive technology likely to shape the future of basketball.

CapLinked Launches Pitch Competition


Los Angeles-based CapLinked , the developer of an online platform for managing fundraising and investors, said this morning that it has launched a new pitch competition. According to the firm, the new competitoin is a way to help entrepreneurs get noticed and gain exposure for their companies, with the finalists invited to make a live, online "pitch-off" to a panel of judges. caplinked pitch business entrepreneur startup competition fundraising

Bird To Face Competition From Uber, Lyft In San Francisco


Bird has raised funding rom Valor Equity Partners and Index Ventures, and also included Craft Ventures, Goldcrest Capital, plus Tusk Ventures and Upfront Ventures, and is reportedly seeking at least another $200M to help it fund its fight against its competitors. bird scooter lime electric rental venture capital uber lyft competition transportation

USC Marshall Awards $50K In Seed Funding Competition


Six companies started by students at the University of Southern California's Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at USC Marshall have been awarded a total of $50,000 in seed funding, after competing in the center's New Venture Seed Competition held this week.

XPRIZE Launches New $10M, Avatar Competition


The XPRIZE , the Los Angeles nonprofit focused on running competitions to help solve world problems, has launched a new prize competition, in conjunction with All Nippon Airways (ANA). According to the two, the competition will spur teams to create a robotic avatar that allows an untrained operator to complete a diverse series of tasks, from simple to complex, in a physical environment at least 100km away, in the next four months.

Meet Our Startup of the Year Competition Semifinalists: Picking Duck


Among the participants that applied for the online competitions, only a progressed into the semi-finals. Tech.Co: What was the road like leading up to your initial pitch for the competition? Manubay: Leading up to the initial, local pitch competition we were pitching to family and friends for practice and for possible investment opportunity.

LawKick: A Modern Way To Find Legal Help


Michael Chasin: is essentially a marketplace that makes it easier than ever to find legal help. How the website works, is the client goes to the website, and indicates what they need help with. If you think about finding legal help, it''s not like you''re buying a t-shirt.

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The four “P’s” to help you build a great business


So, here’s one to help you with squeezing the most out of your own available resources. You are responsible for the quality of performance that defines an excellent enterprise and assures long life for the company as competition becomes more aggressive and geographically extended. How do you manage a great business, as opposed to be a survivor? Well, here are the four areas you should focus upon every day. Now, some of us remember things better when given a catchy phrase or rhyme.

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Competition Heats Up For DogVacay, As Rover Gains Funds


DogVacay , the online peer-to-peer marketplace which helps pet owners find dog sitters, has been one of the favorites of local Los Angeles investors, having picked up funding from such firms as Science Inc., marketplace petsitting capital venture competition sitting rover dogvacay

HipTraveler | Taking Startup Competitions by Storm

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In order to support all of these teams, there are several on-campus startup competitions every year, from the Silicon Beach USC competition to the New Venture Seed Competition, with prize funds to help build the companies.

Meet Our Startup of the Year Competition Semifinalists: Mobile Therapy


From apps to hardware, to KickStarter successes and international startups, we’re inching closer to finding out who will take home the title of Startup of the Year competition at our annual Celebrate Conference in October. Among the dozens of participants that applied for the online competitions, only a few progressed into the semifinals. Clinicians must be convinced that this positively disruptive technology will indeed help them provide better treatment.

Interview with Fariborz Maseeh, Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition


Last week, the University of Southern California 's Viterbi School of Engineering announced that it had established a new, business plan competition, the Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition ([link] specifically aimed at students in the engineering school.

DogVacay Gets Direct Competition:


Santa Monica-based DogVacay , the online marketplace which helps dog owners connect with pet lovers to help watch their dogs, has some new competition today: According to Seattle-based, it has just scored $3.4M from Madrona Ventures and CrunchFund for its own, pet sitting marketplace. DogVacay, which is led by Aaron Hirschhorn, has the backing of such firms as First Round Capital, Science Inc.,

Using Technology to Realize a Competitive Advantage

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Computers and the Internet have now brought in a new era that relies on data to make profitable business decisions in the competitive environment. Below is a full explanation of how small businesses can leverage technology to earn a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

How Catalog Is Helping SMBs Compete Against Big Brands


Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based Catalog (, a startup developing artificial intelligence software to help independent visual artists scale their content production efforts, announced it raised $1.5M We've got our eye on them, helping them with their micro enterprise, allowing them to be creative, and focus on creating beautiful content, because we're bringing business to them in a much more predictable way.

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Please Help Me Congratulate Jordan Hudson as @UpfrontVC’s Newest Investment Principal

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Please help me congratulate him by Re/Tweeting this post (and following him if you don’t already). Helping be the VC “presence” at key events. Ability to source information easily to help build a thesis around companies / industries / competition.

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Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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His impact has even helped a small country gain admission to the United Nations. IdeaLab has a philosophy that if they can get a centralized group of expert staff to help with legal, accounting, recruiting, PR, etc.

Crowdfunder Dangles $25K In LA Startup Competition


Crowdfunder , an online site offering up a platform to help startups raise money for their firms via crowd funding, is dangling $25,000 in a contest open to Los Angeles companies. Barnett said the contest comes since the firm is not quite able to crowdfund investments for companies yet, but wants to help LA startups get the attention to meet angels and venture capitalist, along with other investors, through its platform.

Helping Consumers Name Their Own Price For Products, With Greentoe


You put your price into our gauge, which has the colors red, yellow, and green to help guide consumers in making the most appropriate offers. That gauge helps make sure the offers that consumers place are realistic, for example, not offering $200 for a $2000 Canon camera.

Tech Coast Venture Network $25K Pitch Competition

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Tech Coast Venture Network is rounding up the finest entrepreneurs to compete for $25,000 in cash prize in their Survivor 7 Pitch Competition this Thursday, November 15th. These include the many pitch competitions, hackathons, Startup Weekends and others.

Enrou: Combining Causes and Commerce To Help Improve The World


Los Angeles-based Enrou ( thinks it has a way--by connecting people with products that also help support international development and causes, via its own online marketplace.

XPRIZE Foundation Eyes Wildfire Detection, Suppression


Marina Del Rey-based XPRIZE Foundation , the group which runs competitions to spur innovation in technology to help solve major societal problems or very hard technical problems, says it is going to launch a new prize to spur ideas for wildfire detection and suppression. xprize wildfire detection suppression prizes newsom fire technology competition contest

8 Questions to Help Decide if You Should be Raising Money Now

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Only … ONLY … if there’s a sense of competition on the deal. I think many entrepreneurs under-estimate the benefit that capital early helps in being able to produce product and differentiate yourself in a nascent marketplace.

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YouMail Gets New Competition: Google


However, Alex Quilici, the firm's CEO, told socalTECH that he actually sees something good from the competition. Our model has lately been to do a deal with carriers directly," he explained, saying that those carriers were replacing their voicemail with YouMail, "in some ways, this is very helpful to us, as it lights a fire under the carriers.".

Riot Games Creates College, High School Sports Body


Riot said the RSAA will provide the company with helping it with scaling competitive operations, creating a more inclusive student community, and aligning with the goals of schools. riot games high school sports esports governing videogame competitionLos Angeles-based videogame publisher Riot Games has created a brand new organization to govern college esports, called the Riot Scholastic Association of America (RSAA).

How Tuition.IO Is Helping To Tame Student Debt, One Employee At A Time


Santa Monica-based Tuition.IO ( has s created a way for companies to both help their employees tackle that mound of student debt, as well as attract better and more loyal employees. It makes sense for employers to help their employees pay that years ahead of that, with this program.

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Grokker Wants to Help You Cook, Keep Fit and Meditate

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We connect YOU (the passionate enthusiast) with expert video and our active community to help you embrace and practice your wellness passions. What makes you unique from the competition? The post Grokker Wants to Help You Cook, Keep Fit and Meditate appeared first on TechZulu.

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PatientPop Launches New Comparison Tool For Healthcare Providers


Santa Monica-based PatientPop , which develops healthcare practice management software, has rolled out a new product, aimed at helping independent healthcare providers compare themselves to other local competitors. According to PatientPop, its new tool--the PatientPop Competitive Scanner --helps businesses compare their business growth to the top three competitors in their local market. patientpop business comparison competition healthcare health practice management

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XPRIZE Backs Forest Health Effort


Los Angeles-based XPRIZE , the nonprofit which runs competitions to encourage the development of new technology to solve some of the world's problems, has put its efforts behind forest health, saying it has put together an outline of potential breakthroughs required for healthier forest ecosystems. The company said its "Future of Forests Impact Roadmap" is being sponsored by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, and might be the basis of future XPRIZE competitions.

Fuel50: Helping Employees Figure Out Their Career Path, With Anne Fulton


Los Angeles-based Fuel50 ( � backed by local investors Rincon Venture Partners and Bonfire Ventures�is helping to solve that problem, with its career pathing software designed for helping employees at large enterprises figure out what's next. It helps you figure out what you can do in a business, what roles are available, what might be my future here. You can find a mentor, a coach, a project, or experience, to help you prepare for the role you are looking for.

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