Qualstar Continues To Look At Strategic Options


The company says it has been seeing competition in the data storage industry which has "create pressure" on maintaining market share, saying that "market headwinds" have been challenging the company. Qualstar had a major layoff in March of 2016, along with other cost cutting moves, which looked to have most stemmed its quarterly losses. qualstar merger acquisition layoff jobs storage power hardware electronics

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Viddy Chops Staff


Viddy has been undergoing some turmoil, as the firm has seen an increasing amount of competition from others looking to be the Instagram of video; the firm also suffered from an over-hyped launch last year. viddy layoff jobs employment instagram video mobile

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3D Robotics Shuts San Diego Office


The move reportedly comes due to a slowdown at the Berkeley-based drone maker, due to intense competition from Chinese drone makers DJI. robotics drone aerial vehicle diego jobs employment layoffs shutdownDrone maker 3D Robotics , the high profile, consumer drone maker, has closed its San Diego offices and is now refocusing on the enterprise market, according to a number of reports.

Three questions to answer about your COVID response


Act boldly to address painful layoffs, reductions in salaries, cuts in trade shows already contracted (even if cancelled or reset to the fall months.) Most of us are affected by this current crisis. Many businesses threatened with closure forever.

How to protect your company lists and trade secrets


Email readers, continue here…] You can expect to have the same attitude if a past employee resurfaces after a layoff, resignation or after being fired, with a plan for a competitive business – or as an employee of a competitor.

High Functioning vs. Low Functioning Startup Boards

Both Sides of the Table

Here are some observations I have from this exposure: If a company moves from strength-to-strength with predictable outcomes, easy financings, low staff turn-over, limited competitive threats then the composition of the board probably doesn’t matter as much.

6 Keys To Growing Your Career Through The Gig Economy

Startup Professionals Musings

To me, that means treating your career more like a business than a job – with a continual and global focus on keeping up with competition, finding customers, preparing for changes ahead, and taking responsibility for your own finances.

Culture Counts in Every Business, Large or Small

Startup Professionals Musings

Competition is high, profitability is low, especially low when compared with some of the new, hot industries such as those burgeoning in the high-tech arenas. There has never been a layoff nor a labor shutdown in their history. By Roger S. Robinson, Ph.D.

Interview with Josh Stomel, ResumeBucket


Is this at all competitive with LinkedIn? There are lots of people there doing competitive intelligence, or doing research on an industry or landscape. Josh Stomel: We're seeing more and more layoffs every day. Our startup interview this morning is with Josh Stomel , founder of ResumeBucket (www.resumebucket.com), a new web site that is focused on helping people share their resumes with the world.