XPRIZE Whittles IBM Watson AI Teams To 59


According to XPRIZE, it now has 59 teams across 14 countries competing for the $5M prize, with the top ten teams being named this week at the annual conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) in Long Beach. watson artificial intelligence xprize competition

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Postmates’ newest feature is like Uber POOL for food delivery

TechCrunch LA

The feature illustrates how Postmates, one of the earlier entrants to the billion-dollar food delivery wars , is trying to remain competitive by appealing to price-sensitive customers. The feature is now available in Chicago, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Calif., Postmates is launching a new feature called Postmates Party that lets customers within the same neighborhood pool their orders.

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Sweep Eyes Nationalwide Electric Scooter Maintenance, Logistics


Sweep is in a very competitive market--there's already cutthroat competition among independent contractors who go "Bird hunting", being paid to charge scooters and return them to designated spot in the morning. Sweep says it already has operations in Long Beach, Denver, Detroit, Washinton, D.C.,

How Chinese Startup Tradesparq Is Looking To Grow In SoCal


How long has company been around? And, because there are many companies in Long Beach and sourcing operations here, it really made sense to open up operations in Southern California. It''s also a dog-eat-dog world over there with the competition.

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Fuel50: Helping Employees Figure Out Their Career Path, With Anne Fulton


It wasn't long after that I ended up in the U.S., It's a lot like New Zealand in that you can live on the beach�and I can't live without being on the beach and looking at the waves and seeing the birds flying by. We're working from Manhattan Beach and Long Beach, and we've found that Southern California is really friendly. If you're an employee in a big company, sometimes it can feel like you're not sure when your career is going.

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How FreeConferenceCall.com Made Audio Conferencing Free


FreeConferenceCall.com is a Long Beach company which was founded by David Erickson. Why that is now very interesting, is pretty much everyone has unlimited long distance, and things have really become very commoditized.