Data Scientist Team Share Lessons Learned From Competition


When you’re in a competition and on the spot, answering questions to industry experts can be a nerve-wrecking process. This competition required the team to answer “…questions on a Food and Nutrition data set that contained 28 features and 30,000+ rows.

Interview with Fariborz Maseeh, Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition


Last week, the University of Southern California 's Viterbi School of Engineering announced that it had established a new, business plan competition, the Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition ([link] specifically aimed at students in the engineering school.

Social Enterprise Venture Competition

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 -- Social Enterprise Venture Competition. The program provides training and mentoring programs for mission-based nonprofits seeking to create an earned income stream through a social venture. Through the Social Venture Competition, 9 semi-finalist nonprofits competed in a business plan competition, presenting their plans to a panel of business and social investors who provided valuable feedback and coaching to each presenting organization.

Insights and Opinions: Top 10 Ways to Win a Business Plan Competition


This time, Frank gives the Top 10 Ways to Win a Business Plan Competition. I'm a judge in a local university's business plan competition. Over the past few years I've been involved in different ways in the UC Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business, Business Plan Competition.

Competition Dangles $200K To Students With Clean Technology Ideas


A new competition--part of the Startup America effort launched by the Obama Administration, and spearheaded locally by Caltech, USC, and UCLA--said today that it is looking to award $200,000 in prize money to university students with clean energy business ideas. First Look West said that the first place team will win $100,000, the second place team $60,000, and third place $40,000; the competition wlil be held April 30th and May 1st.

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2010 Cleantech Open Competition Breakfast Briefing

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Thursday, March 25, 2010 -- OCTANe and Cleantech Open: 2010 Competition Breakfast Briefing. Enter the 2010 Cleantech Open Business Competition. Join us to learn about entering the Competition, get the scoop from a Cleantech Open Alumnus, plus hear how you can get involved as a mentor or volunteer. Are you an "Ecopreneur" with an early stage clean technology company?

USC Launches Annual, $50K Entrepreneurship Prize For Engineers


The University of Southern California and wealthy engineer Fariborz Maseeh , now a hedge fund manager in Newport Beach, is announcing this week a $1M endowment, which will fund an annual, $50,000 prize for a business plan competition for the school's engineering students.

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Digital Activists: WelkerMedia Is Launching a Free Global Accelerator


One notable fact about the competition: While it’s free to enter, fellows should have a plan in place to co-finance their participation through either a fellowship or partner funding.

Susan Cooney


She’s also an advisor, mentor and investor in several startups. She’s a startup advisor, mentor, investor and was a finalist in Fortune’s 2014 Brainstorm Tech Startup Idol competition.

How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Competitive (Athlete: skier & rowed at Princeton, hates losing at everything she does). Wonderful human being who is civically engaged, mother of 3, mentorer of younger founders, hard worker and arguer extraordinaire (so says her current Twitter bio).

Putting the Pedal to the Metal at Amplify

From the Venture Trenches

Amplify Mentor Panel in full swing. Amplify’s close mentoring is by design. Like good mentors Paul, Jeff, Richard, Oded and David as well as Chris and Kris create an atmosphere in which the motivated founders can take advantage of the knowledge base to which they are exposed.

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Want To Live Life With No Regrets? Follow These 43 Life Lessons


Become someone''s hero - when someone asks you to be their mentor, smile and say, "I would be honored.". Share your knowledge and you become immortal - mentoring matters, convey your insights freely to those who seek them. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

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George Powell – Doing Well By Having Fun


I was, however, very competitive when I was young, and had played football in high school well enough to get scholarship offers from what would be called division 1 schools in today’s world. I assume you become his mentor? A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Come Check Out a Very Important LA Tech Event on June 1st

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With over 350 participants expected, teams will compete in a 2-day coding competition to make local government more accessible and citizen-friendly while also getting a shot at fame, civic glory and cash / tech prizes totaling more than $20,000.

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Digest 6/13-19: Big Raises for Vow to be Chic, Vrse, Exactly; Makers Kit, Branch Chosen for Target Techstars


EA Announces Weekly eSports Competitions ( link ). s/o to the mentors that came to brainstorm workshops for kids #cs4all @WeWorkLA TY @WearHacks for the hardware kits Follow LA Tech Digest on Twitter ( link ) for news as it happens. **.

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Cleantech Open

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You will learn about our annual Business Competition, an opportunity to accelerate your cleantech startup with expert training, national visibility and up to $250,000 of cash and services. Beyond great networking, the event will include a brief presentation about how you can get involved as a volunteer, mentor, judge or more. Thursday, March 29, 2012 -- Cleantech Open. Join us for an introduction to the Cleantech Open, the world's largest cleantech accelerator.

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Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


Richa is a successful entrepreneur and technologist giving back to the entrepreneurial community in many ways, including his weekly Internet TV program on entrepreneurism, and participation in several mentoring programs. . By JJ Richa.

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UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


Apeel Sciences - Founded in 2012, after winning $10,000 at UCSB’s New Venture Competition, the company closed $1.25M in funding during 2013. Salty Girl Seafood - Another focus of the TMP is the recruitment and mentoring of women entrepreneurs.

The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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Advisors / Coaches / Mentors.

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Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?


Resources – Many campuses offer entrepreneurial students a variety of free resources, such as: incubators, accelerators, mentor programs, venture competitions (with meaningful prize money) and even seed funding. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

The Silent Killer – The Company Your Community Never Created

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Local mentors matter. I figured if we couldn’t fund every company locally we should at least embrace them as a community and show that we’re willing to mentor them whether they raise their money in town or not. No – I’m not worried about the competition. Fund formation + local mentors + local talent = a shot at creating successes that drive the future job growth of our great cities.

Why Solving Big Food & Healthcare Problems Will Yield Spectacular Companies

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Since our initial funding round the company went on to win the TechCrunch Startup Battleground in a head-to-head competition with some very impressive startups.

One Weird Trick to Build a Personal Brand

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And as I’ve written about before – building a personal brand is extremely important in today’s competitive job market. My long-time friend Jason Lemkin is on the verge of launching a spectacular SaaS conference called SaaStr this week.

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Want to Know How to Join One of the Country’s Most Successful VC Fund?

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Matt says that this service approach has helped Lowercase really win the loyalty of the founders they back in a market that has grown increasingly competitive. We spoke at length about seeking out mentors and how to get the most out of them. I recently interviewed Matt Mazzeo of Lowercase Capital. By now most of you know that Chris Sacca invested in what is now thought to be one of the best performing VC funds of all time having invested an $8.4

My Number One Advice for Startups or VCs: Conviction > Consensus

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The rest of our partners, principles, associates and EIRs can weigh in with commentary on their views of the quality of the entrepreneur, the market, the product, competition and so forth. I think newer associates are surprised by how blunt we are with each other but I’ll always remember the words of my mentor our founding partner, Yves Sisteron, who said, “reciprocity makes for terrible investment decisions.”

How to Avoid Being Disrupted as a VC

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In a world that is hyper competitive – even amongst VCs – I can honestly say that not only is the media recognition accurate but it is amongst the proudest days I’ve had in developing Upfront Ventures and our future.

Why Am I So Lucky?

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He’s an incredibly smart investor and somebody that I actually consider to be a mentor to myself. Competition is fierce. I’m a cynic by nature. And I think it pays to be so. I sometimes wish I were an unbridled, happy-go-lucky, assume-the-best-in-everybody sort of chappy.

Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


How do we need to structure the systems to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition? Learning, Networking, Mentors From the question, this person is clearly looking at the issue of how to grow into this role. And it's quite common for people to get together outside of meetings to discuss issues they face and/or to seek a kind of mentoring relationship. I believe you will find lots of CTOs quite willing to help you as a mentor.

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Eight Startup Tips From Mark Zuckerberg


1) Get A Mentor. "I " When asked about the competition he feared most, Bill Gates is alleged to have said, "the two guys inventing away in a garage somewhere." Note: This is an installment in the Iconic Advice series.

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Local Universities Get $360K From DOE For Cleantech Entrepreneurship


Department of Energy to help foster student entrepreneurs via a business plan competition run by the group called First Look West. The new effort, led by Caltech's Resnick Institute, is hoping to tap into OnGreen's network to find mentors to guide student groups and clean energy projects.

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How to Raise Money When You’re Not in a Major VC Market

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” Most VCs view it as their responsibility to mentor, debate, cajole and generally assist with investments they make. Thus, a desire to invest more locally where I think I have a competitive advantage. I travel the country a lot.

10 ways you’ll probably f**k up your startup — Spook Studio — Medium

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Whilst the tide is turning, there’s still a need to educate startup founders about the competitive advantage well-designed products and services can bring. Spend time finding a good mentor who you can trust and who has a genuine interest in the success of your venture.

You Can’t Rely on a VC for Your Hardest Decisions

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In preparation for her reentry into VC she spoke with many mentors of hers for advice on venture capital. It’s not our job to predict markets only to have a good sense of where innovation and disruption could lead to big opportunities and to find entrepreneurs who are more driven, more passionate, more committed and more informed in these markets than we are and who we believe are also more of all of these than the competition. *. What is the role of a VC for entrepreneurs?

Do Less. More.

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I really don’t understand why so many first-time entrepreneurs are becoming “mentors” or “advisors” to other startups when that is a distraction to your own success. Success often comes from doing a few things extraordinarily well and noticeably better than the competition and is measured in customer feedback, product engagement, growth in usage and ultimately in revenue growth. We are experiencing a frenetic time.

Announcing a Deal I’ve Wanted to Talk About for a Year

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I acted as the occasional mentor, advisor and coach to Ethan. In the same year they won Business Insider’s Startup competition. Let me not bury the lede.

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