The Truth Behind Display Advertising: Adomic's Quest For Transparency


We had been building technology around a publisher interface, and starting seeing the same things from customers, who wanted to understand what was happening on their site, what their competition was doing, and what advertisers were doing.

Why Solving Big Food & Healthcare Problems Will Yield Spectacular Companies

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Shireen had been studying for her masters in business at MIT and thinking about her own food allergies and Scott was a graduate of the mechanical engineering school at MIT with an emphasis in product design.

Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


Richa is a successful entrepreneur and technologist giving back to the entrepreneurial community in many ways, including his weekly Internet TV program on entrepreneurism, and participation in several mentoring programs. . By JJ Richa.

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UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


Instead of a traditional business school''s case study and textbook approach, UCSB''s Technology Management Program (TMP) emphasizes experiential learning. Salty Girl Seafood - Another focus of the TMP is the recruitment and mentoring of women entrepreneurs.

Should Millennial Entrepreneurs Skip College?


Resources – Many campuses offer entrepreneurial students a variety of free resources, such as: incubators, accelerators, mentor programs, venture competitions (with meaningful prize money) and even seed funding. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

You Can’t Rely on a VC for Your Hardest Decisions

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She’ll have to quit her well-paid job at a respectable company and tell her parents that although she studied hard throughout school and got into a great college and graduated in 3 years that she is now leaving it to change the way that manufacturers sell products electronically through their distribution systems. In preparation for her reentry into VC she spoke with many mentors of hers for advice on venture capital. *. What is the role of a VC for entrepreneurs?

Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010


Though this was 2000 , and all startup & VC blogs we've grown to love didn't exist yet, I did have mentors available. Computer scientists call the study of graphs “ network theory ,&# but on the web the word “network&# is used to refer to the websites themselves). No, that IS NOT a competitive advantage - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , July 12, 2010 This is part 1 of the series: 5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches.

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Paving The Way For Future Women Entrepreneurs | Technovation LA Pitch Night

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The ambitiously competitive teams were as follows: The Brownies, with Epic Tunes, an app aimed at live concert goers, to provide information, show reviews, and access to ticket purchases. Seek out similar academic competitions and programs.

Carpooling Wants You To Share Your Car, Meet New Friends & Get Paid For It!

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While studying at university, one of the founders had a girlfriend who lived in another city. Any competition back home? Do you have any mentors, Investors?

Africa’s Largest and Fastest Growing Social Network | Interview with LAGbook’s Chidi Nwaogu

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Who are your mentors, role models? We don’t have mentors at the moment. Students have to register with their matriculation numbers, and supply upon registration, their course of study, faculty, department, mode of entry, year of entry etc.