Kabam Launches The Godfather: Five Families Exclusive to Google+

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TGFF includes aspects of competitive interaction, territory building, resource management and synchronous game play create a more immersive game world allowing players to enjoy longer.

What Happens When Startups Turn from Their Innovation Stage to Operational Excellence?

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In the case of MakeSpace we had huge initial successes in New York City as Rahul led the scaling of our drivers, our trucks and our warehouses and we figured out the right price points to beat the local competition.

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Create An Industry Alliance Entrepreneurs: Need Friends On The Startup Playground


Entrepreneurs can emulate de la Guerra’s strategy and make their adVenture appear far larger than reality and thus increasing its influence and market reach while discouraging competitive threats by creating an industry alliance.

Startup Children – How To Parent An Entrepreneur (Part III) - Board Games Can Teach Children Negotiating And Risk Taking Skills


Thus, as is true with any startup, survival is paramount. The Jail board space serves as a reminder to aspiring entrepreneurs that spirited competition is encouraged, as long as it is kept within the acceptable bounds of fair play. Note: This is part III of a five part series.

MeetAdvisors | Business Advice For Entrepreneurs

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Review quality is paramount since Advisors are doing this to build relationships. No direct competition. I am defining competition as a platform to offer free Advice to Entrepreneurs. Every business leader needs solid advice to succeed but a lot of the times the advice one seeks cannot come from the many friends or family. Most of the time the advice you are looking for is from a successful entrepreneurs who might be so busy to be reached.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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So interacting with you in person is paramount. The only way to get VCs to move is to make sure subtly that they feel a deal is or may become competitive. You need to create a sense of competition. Raising money is hard.

Surveying SoCal's M&A Landscape, with David Siemer


They have to be sensitive to competitive dynamics, but, if you are in ad-tech, and WPP or Google is the best buyer for your company, why not spend some time with a VP at Google? That''s paramount to a great exit.

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Interview with Anne Walls and John Singleton, WordHustler


We are trying to keep it competitive. I went to UCLA, and majored in English, and then worked in Hollywood for ten years, for companies such as CAA, Paramount, and Judd Apatow. Anne Walls and John Singleton are co-founders of WordHustler (www.wordhustler.com), a local Hollywood startup looking to help writers connect with publishers. WordHustler launched in May of 2008 in a beta. We caught up with both Anne and John to learn more about the company.

Interview with Sherry Gunther, Masher Media


There's more competition, but there's a lot more available to you as a developer. What I truly feel is absolutely paramount to any successful entertainment project, is the content itself. Last Week, Calabasas-based Masher Media announced it had received a round of angel funding from the Tech Coast Angels to fund its development of MyMiniPeeps (www.myminipeeps.com), a virtual world for children.

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