ReachLocal Launches New SEO Offering


Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal , which provides local online marketing for small and medium sized businesses, announced this morning that it has launched a brand new, search engine optimization product, ReachSEO. ReachLocal said the new software helps SMBs to drive organic search traffic to their websites. The new product works directly with its new marketing automation software, ReachEdge, and is the first search engine optimization product to come from ReachLocal.

Fullscreen Launches New Product


The new product includes analytics around search engine optimization (SEO), optimal video length for engagement; best times to upload videos; and much more. fullscreen network video search engine optimization content hollywood

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ReachLocal Launches Trio Of Products, Targets Home Services


ReachSite helps provide search engine optimization, content optimization, and lead capture for companies, to help companies convert visitors into customers. reachlocal expansion online advertising search marketing booking softwareWoodland Hills-based ReachLocal said today that it has launched three, brand new services today, including a new website focused on the booking of home services.

Perfect Market Unveils New Content Monetization Tool


Altadena-based Perfect Market , the Idealab startup which develops software which helps traditional publishers monetize their archival and current content, said today that it has unveiled a new tool it is calling The Vault. According to the firm, which is run by Julie Schoenfeld, the new tool helps newsrooms and editors to determine the biggest demand for articles, and help publishers monetize their content based on that demand.

Interview with Robert Flynn, Aggregage


In the quest to own the world of Internet content, there has been a huge amount of focus given to the world of consumer Internet content. Los Angeles-based Aggregage ( is looking to help aggregate the content across multiple blog publishing sites, and curate that information into specific, B2B niche vertical web sites. For that reason, more and more content is going online. Our model is we don't just scrape their content.

Perfect Market Names Bizdev VP


Altadena-based Perfect Market , the Idealab firm which is providing tools to help publishers surface and monetize their archive content, said Monday that it has named Guy Vidra as Vice President of Business Development. Perfect Market developers software which search engine optimizes content from publishers, allowing them to run ads against that content and garner more web traffic.

Google Hell


I've worked with several businesses that were essentially based on driving traffic via search engine optimization (SEO). Bottom line - if you are basing your business on high rankings via organic search, there's pretty incredible risk. The best approaches rely on accumulating quality content and quality links and doing minor optimization on top of that solid foundation.

Covario Targets Mobile Web Sites


San Diego-based Covario , a developer of search engine marketing and search engine optimization software, said today that it has launched a new product focused on creating mobile web sites. According to the firm, its new product--Mobile COntent Optimizer--helps advertisers create mobile-friendly web sites.

Citysearch Invests In OrangeSoda, Launches Online Local Advertising Service


OrangeSoda is a provider of online search marketing services and search engine optimization. The new offering will provide SEO services and content advertising services. West Hollywood-based Citysearch , the online local business guide owned by IAC, announced today that it has launched a new online advertising service for local businesses called CityGrid Complete. According to Citysearch, it made an investment in OrangeSoda to build the new service.

Tsavo Names General Manager For SEO Unit


Santa Monica-based Tsavo Media, the new startup venture of former Userplane founder Michael Jones, said Tuesday that it has named Steve Schepke as General Manager of Tsavo Agency, a new unit focused on providing monetization services to content providers. Schepke has also served at Proceed Interactive, a search and interactive marketing agency, and Terra Firma Marketing, where he was founder.

Perfect Market Names Advisors


Pasadena-based Perfect Market, the Idealab-backed startup which is looking to help publishers monetize their underutilized and archive content, said Wednesday that it has created a new advisory board. Perfect Market is looking to apply search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques to what has traditionally been considered "archive" content--for example, old advice articles from newspapers and magazines.

Insights: 21 Strategies for Generating Irresistible SEO Benefits


Dustin gives his 21 Strategies for Generating Irresistible SEO Benefits : It's pretty easy to blow thousands of dollars (even tens of thousands of dollars) on a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that barely gets any results.

The Disappearing Face Of Mainstream Retailing Setting

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Your visibility strategy to your customers can be implemented anywhere in the world thanks to the power of search engine optimization and online marketing. The internet has revolutionized human life by being able to provide instant and quick access to information.

SEO for Startups


They went on to describe a fairly common type of site that has some original content, but not much. They are in a space where there is lots of search traffic, but they didn't have anything particularly interesting to say about how they were going to get ranked.

Interview with Lolita Carrico, Gloss Network


Obviously, some of this is just about technology--such as search engine optimization--and I think lots of readers are initially finding us through social media and search--but I also think that as the find a channel they are most interested in, they are coming back.

Mafia Sourcing – How Insider’s Game User Generated News

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You submitted news to a website like Digg and if it was interesting content with a great headline and newsworthy text it would get driven up to the masses. I had a lot of initial success publishing my content on Twitter and the truth is that it was fairly democratic. The Web.

Product Manager Entrepreneur Mark Geller


In addition, I do a few consulting projects on the side, in the areas of product strategy, search engine optimization, and intellectual property. My guess is that will be the case with a lot of different kinds of content and applications.

Pour And Stir II – Managing Your Cost Per Customer


There are two ways to decrease your cost per customer; (i) optimize the amount of money you pour into the top of the funnel and, (ii) increase the rate by which you convert potential customers into actual customers and thus increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.


Improving Website and Wordpress Performance with Hard-Coded Share Buttons

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Share Buttons Work… In A Way Share buttons on your post help your content reach a greater audience by creating easy channels to social networks. Depending on where you placed the badge, your content could be held back while the script takes its time and your readers bail.