Cornerstone OnDemand Launches Incubator & Innovation Fund

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Los Angeles-based cloud-based talent management software solutions firm with over 13 million users, Cornerstone OnDemand has launched Cornerstone Innovation Fund , to invest in disruptive LA-based cloud startups building cutting-edge solutions for organizations.

Silicon Beach at USC 2013 | Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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Pelv-Ice is a pelvic support device for post-partum mothers and a recent winner of the Accelerating Innovating Mentoring (AIM) 2013 incubator and pitch competition. In this panel, Jason Corsello from Cornerstone OnDemand proclaimed, “Passion is key.” Over $50,000 in prize money.

USC 102

Silicon Beach Fest June 2013 Keynote and Accelerator Panel Highlights

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One such entrepreneur was Adam Miller , Cornerstone OnDemand , CEO, who kicked off the conference at ROC. Most companies are referred by other VC’s, founders or mentors. He felt you get them into the program and then the mentors will guide their evolution as a startup.

Los Angeles’s Secret to Startup Success


For three years now, Cornerstone OnDemand has been using this conference to celebrate the successes of local startups and to look to the future of technology. As LA’s startup scene matures, expect to see more companies like Cornerstone OnDemand take up the cause of mentoring the startup community and reinvesting experience into it.

Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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And while none has yet had the lasting power of the much bigger NorCal successes I imagine his next moves will continue to be closely watched by those in the know and the countless younger LA entrepreneurs who count Rosenblatt as a mentor may leave an even more lasting impact.

Silicon Beach Fest Hollywood, LA Tech Summit, and Idea to Screen | Why You Need to Attend Any or All

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Hard to believe another Digital LA Silicon Beach Fest Hollywood is happening this week back-to-back with the new LA Tech Summit produced by Cornerstone.