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Los Angeles Startup Events


In that post, I mentioned how one of the signals is the big increase in number of startup events and the number of attendees at those events. I realized that it has been a little while since I posted about the Los Angeles Startup Community and so needed to update my list of startup events that will be out of date almost before I finish publishing it. Of course, given the size of this list and having kids, I really can't attend a lot of these.

How Event Farm Is Making Events A Part Of Your Sales Funnel

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In the corporate world, events are more than just an event�they are opportunity to connect with your customers and turn potential customers into buyers. How do you make those events happen? We spoke with co-founder Ryan Costello about Santa Monica-based Event Farm (, on how its software technology is being used to power high end, VIP events for large companies. What, exactly, does Event Farm do? Of course, we have competitors.

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WESAWIT | Experience Events Through The Eyes of The Crowd

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The mobile app and website that allows people to capture and share images and videos of events through social media. The idea for the app is to see events through the eyes of the audience. So you can feel the atmosphere of the concert or whatever event that you are watching.

Callaway and Uber Partner | The Next Wave In Event Transportation

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However due to much controversy and competition, the same hasn’t played true while at large events (*cough* SXSW ). Today that changes as two major brands Callaway and Uber, partner to offer on-demand rides at one of the largest events in sports.

Batch 8 500 Startups Demo Day | Our Top Ten

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After the event, we caught up, Parker Thompson , Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) charged with leading Batch 8. Something we didn’t know, mainstay education programs have < 1% course completion. Amphitheater seating, hundreds of investors.

TechZulu LIVE from SXSWi | Join Us In Alcatel-Lucent’s Trend Lounge

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I’m talking, of course, about South by Southwest (SXSW), Austin’s annual film and music festival that in recent years added an interactive component. We currently have sponsorship slots open If you would like to be part of this amazing event and show your support for TechZulu.

500 Startups Presents Bitcoinference

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To be more specific, as 500 Startups’ Bitcoin head, Sean Percival described, the event was an unconference; m eaning, the open-board signup sessions were as much a part of the day’s activities as the official speaker panels.

Get in the Holiday Spirit at the Annual Digital Family Reunion Bash!

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I’m talking, of course, about Digital Family Reunion – the largest annual holiday event bridging the gap between Southern California’s seasoned Internet veterans and the new generation of digital elites. It’s that time of year again.

It Takes a Village to GROW and Nurture Innovation

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Then there are the professional service providers, the coworking spaces, and the networking events that tie everyone together. It’s happening this August 14-16, and trust me – it’s an event you don’t want to miss.

Entrepreneurs Should Create A Degree – Not Buy One Off The Rack


To my surprise, when I told the Dean that I was learning nothing from the Core courses, he simply asked me what I wanted to take. I have included UCSB’s catalog course numbers in the event a student is interested in learning more about a particular class.

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General Assembly To Open New Location In Irvine


General Assembly said it has not yet finalized the precise location and opening date, but says it will start hosting events and short workshops throughout Irvine ahead of the new location. General Assembly offers up courses on everything from software coding to web design and marketing. General Assembly , the provider of technical skills training, which has an active campus in Santa Monica, says it is will be opening up a new location in Irvine.

DefCon 22 | DISOBEY!

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Whatever your perception may be, an estimated 15,000 attendees showed up for this year’s DefCon 22 , an annual event with talks, contests, vendor-booths, charities, workshop training areas and more. Events. Events DefCon DefCon 22 Hacker hacking

TechZulu Heads to CES 2012! And Your Chance to Win A Kindle Fire!

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Network with hundreds over delicious four course dinner followed by panel on Attracting Venture Capital, and Top Trends for Social Media, Mobile Apps and Consumer Devices. Sponsorship Opportunities for Events, and other channels.

Tech.Co Has Been Acquired by Global Digital Media Business


My first cofounder, Eric Olson, and I launched “Tech Cocktail” events to connect the Chicago startup and technology ecosystem before products like Eventbrite, Twitter, and other social and organizational tools were readily available, yet we quickly amassed crowds of hundreds at each event.

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USC Students Show Off Their Innovations at 2013 Innovator Showcase

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In this yearly event put on by the Stevens Center for Innovation , 30 teams, selected from a pool of 70 applicants, presented their unique ideas to crowds of students, parents, and judges. The event began at 9AM as the early visitors began exploring the showcase.

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StartupWeekend Next Teaches Teams How to Level Up

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Course Culture: Experiential Learning. Entrepreneurship Events Startups Cross Campus QuantSoft Startup Weekend StartupWeekend Next Steve Blank UCLA Wilton Risenhoover

TechZulu Recaps: The Annual Startup Forecast

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The Annual TechZulu Startup Forecast is one of our most anticipated events. For a full breakdown of each of our speakers’ backgrounds, visit our event info site ! For those who missed the sold out event, shame on you (just kidding, we’re sorry to have missed you).

upStart.LA Breakdown | Accelerators and Incubators: An Entrepreneur’s Point of View

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The panel addressed everything from giving a breakdown on the differences between each of their events to how they got accepted (or rejected). And of course, the ladies come after you succeed (j/k).

The Internet of Things Version 0.5

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The result will be that devices themselves will inform and make smart decisions for us, permitting us to not think about things like turning off lights or locking doors – while of course keeping out the black hats of the world.

Hack LA Traffic to BlogWorld

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Of course don’t forget to use the hashtag # BWELA so everyone else can find you. Of course, one sucker will have to be listed on the rental agreement but hey, you’ll have your own wheels and can even get out for a little sightseeing. Image via: Denise Taylor.

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Spotlight: LA Tech Winter | Recap, Videos, and Thank You!

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Thank you to the supporters who told their colleagues and friends about the event, to our attendees for the attention towards the center of the room, to our supporting sponsors, our Spotlight judges, and to Bill Gross, our inspirational keynote speaker for the evening.

Why on Earth Would Anybody Post Business Videos on Snapchat?

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Of course YouTube has huge traffic, but it’s different. So of course I want to publish on Snapchat! Of course I fund people outside of that age range but statistically startup founders of VC-backed tech companies are more likely in that range.

Paving The Way For Future Women Entrepreneurs | Technovation LA Pitch Night

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All smiles of course, the girls were asked more deeply about various aspects of their projects: in-depth marketing strategies, competing edge, etc. Of course, they were also given plenty of good ideas and suggestions to implement in, not just from the judges, but from the audience as well.

Will hundreds of new domains complicate your online trademarks?

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Keep an eye on what other companies in your space are doing about these new domains first, then see if a similar course of action makes sense for your business.” Business Events Marketing action Benefit Brand Management Conference ICANN Search Engines small business

A Day in the Life of a Product Manager

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And of course, product managers relay the abstract to the engineering teams to ensure the delivered product is, what it was planned to be. Jen’s list of responsibilities continues: Executive meetings, weekly sprints, bug fixes, and of course ensuring feedback is collected.

It’s All About Location | Where 2.0 Conference and Wherecamp

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Of course, all we could really do with these devices was talk. At one point, Patil raised his Smartphone to the audience and invited all Color users to take a picture and create a photo event.

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leetUP Awesomesauce.Live! | Tonight! March 1, 2012

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I absolutely love attending events and shows at Club Nokia. Introducing leetUP , a new live event series designed to share and celebrate ultimate geekdom; a toast to the unlikely, a showcase for all things nerd culture with strong dashes of technology, arts, lifestyle, and comedy thrown in.

UCLA Extension Creates New Innovation Lab Program


According to UCLA Extension, the new membership program--part of its new "Digital Technology Department"--aims to provide access to executives and founders through webinars and special events, as well as real world projects in collaboration with tech companies. UCLA Extension said the membership is only open to certificate students enrolled in Digital Technology courses at UCLA Extension.

Dallas Day of.Net | Training and Trends on Microsoft Technologies

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The event is a 2-day training in.Net, HTML5, Windows 8, Asp.NET MVC and other Microsoft technologies. Every year, Dallas Day has been sold out and has proven to be a great networking event boasting to be the largest premium conference in Microsoft technologies in Texas.

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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If you’re a technology startup you need to excel at product, of course. While traditional methods (PR, advertising, events, seminars) and online methods (SEO, SEM, social, referral marketing) are well understood by most companies there are many methods that are less well publicized.

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Learn From The Masters of SEO, Social, Branding, Advertising and More | PubCon 2011

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Other then to come hang with the TZ crew of course. Professional : PubCon is in it’s tenth year, with event management roots running over 20 years. We currently have sponsorship slots open If you would like to be part of this amazing event and show your support for TechZulu.

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Why Venture Capital is So Much More Compelling Now

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I presented the deck below – which was prepared with the great help of Upfront Venture’s Principal Jordan Hudson – at Dave McClure’s must attend event called PreMoney with much more data and narrative than I had in my blog post. Of course the concentration of capital in growth firms and the intense competition to fund the best deals leads to some risks.

TechZulu Heads To NYC For #BWE | BlogWorld Expo 2011

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And of course you will be getting all of the amazing TZ interviews live from the Expo floor. Since some of you are new to the event and haven’t attended previously, Dave Cynkin, Co-Founder of BlogWorld would like to say “Thanks for joining us!” That Discount Code is good for 20% Off any pass all the way up through the event. We currently have sponsorship slots open If you would like to be part of this amazing event and show your support for TechZulu.

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