Learn to never handle a paper or email twice


Never handle a paper or email twice” may be extended to include reading and acting upon other forms of messages, and any written distraction. The exception is an email with an attachment that appears long and involved, such as an executive summary of a business plan. Close.

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Of Course #BlackLivesMatter — How Could Anything be LESS Controversial?

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Of course all lives matter. She asks those who agree to stand and of course nobody stands, to which she rightly says … “That says very plainly, you know what’s happening, you know you don’t want it for you, I want to know why you’re so willing to accept it or to allow it to happen for others.”

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Docstoc Bolstering Premium Business Courses


In an email to supporters, Nazar said Monday that the company is looking to partner with experts, to shoot courses around such subjects as getting customers, learning online software, marketing, raising money, and other business topics. The company said the courses can be created by users remotely, or shot at its production studio in Santa Monica--and that it would also look to pay those experts for their expertise. docstoc business video course premium documents

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Is your budget a forecast? When do you change mid-course?


Email readers, continue here…] Note that I used the term “forecast” for revenues for the next year. Hold it! These are confusing terms. When does a budget become obsolete? Do we rely upon constant changes and call it a forecast?

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Finding Startup Developers - First Email Contact


Here is the most recent version of an all too common email inquiry from a startup founder. The above email is SO BAD that I feel compelled to treat this email as a special case so maybe I can help other founders before they send this email.

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How to Get Busy People to Take Action When You Send an Email

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We all get a lot of email. For important emails we hope for replies or action. If you do the math on the number of inbound emails you get multiplied by the time it would take to read them all and respond to those that expect a reply you would be astounded.

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Email Marketing | 5 Ways to Keep Them Coming Back

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One of the hardest parts of email marketing is building a subscriber base and getting them to open your emails but that’s only half the battle. The goal of email marketing is opening a conversation and turning that conversation into a relationship.

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What is Deep Learning and Why Does Google Have a Free Course On It?

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Google has started a free course meant to teach people about deep learning. So what exactly is deep learning and why would Google start a free course dedicated to it? As one of the biggest tech giants out there, it makes sense for Google to devote an entire course to it.

The Director of the CIA’s Email was Hacked By a Teenager: Here’s How

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election cycle well and truly heating up, it’s hard to go a day without hearing about Hillary Clinton’s secret basement email gaffe. There he gathered every credential he needed to break into John Brennan’s private email account, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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I’ve Got A Golden Ticket! | Inbox by Gmail

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Google has just allowed each of their “ Inbox by Gmail ” users to invite three of their friends and of course everyone is wondering what’s new with the technology giant. Android Apps & Software Google Ello Email Facebook Gmail Inbox mail

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One Simple Way to Eliminate Distractions in a Board Meeting

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How to Deal with Electronic Distractions Of course the biggest competition you have with the attention of your board members is their mobile phones. It’s super distracting when your executives are typing away at email while the rest of the board is meant to be engaged in a discussion.

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Could you have created a “dirty cap table?”


Of course, that worked at the time. Email readers, continue here…] The problem with taking friends and family money rests in the legality of taking money from non-accredited investors, people who do not meet the SEC standard for making non-public company investments. Oh, I know.

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Never Ask Two People to do One Person’s Job

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I’ve weighed in on: Email 1 —  How to Get Busy People to Take Action Email 2 —  Etiquette to Email Introductions Email 3 —  Make it Easy for Me to Forward Your Email ! If you want somebody to action email one person and make it clear whom you’re asking.

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Will you be happy at your finish line?


Investors call this discussion “exit planning” and of course they include themselves in the. Of course, you’ll find another exciting venture and start again. Email readers, continue here…] But this question begs for a positive answer.

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Timing and why we’re all VCs

TechCrunch LA

It’s obvious that we can be too late to these decisions of course. If — and it’s a big if of course — they can do that on the cheap, then why should an LP care at all? If I can ever be of assistance, hit reply, or send an email to danny@techcrunch.com.

Hire a consultant; ignore the advice.


Email readers, continue here…] On the final day of our assignment, I was responsible for the “reporting out” to the assembled twenty or so executives in the large conference room of this major corporation. Not all consultants give advice worth taking, of course.

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You are watched, mostly when decisions are tough.


friend who teaches a graduate course in entrepreneurism at a local university. Of course. Decisions go from black-and-white to gray to black-and-white again, based upon relative knowledge of the facts and of course, the law. we_are_wat we_are_watching_you. Close.

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Your core competency and why not to stray


In earlier college business administration courses, professors often touted the advantages of “vertical integration,” the process of bringing all production from raw materials through the finished product under one roof. Consider your core.

Why cash is only one measure of employee happiness


Email readers, continue here…] One of the items on Cohen’s list of twenty-five was stock options. That of course jumps to the top of the list for young, fast growing technology companies. Close.

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BLOGGER ALERT: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging

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This means more people sign up for your email list when you have the pop up box than when you don’t. An email list is exactly how it sounds, a collection of people’s emails who have visited your site. Have an email capture. Go Viral without becoming a Virus.

Can you defend your pricing niche against your competition?


Email readers, continue here…] WalMart is known for lowest prices, often for identical merchandise found in other stores for more. This week, we continue our series on marketing and positioning.

How do you focus your team for action?


Email readers, continue here…] She encourages her group to make fast, fact–based decisions on which alternatives to pursue, prioritizing their actions and those of their direct reports toward achievement of a goal or a solution quickly and efficiently.

Why Confidence is So Important in Fund Raising

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Note: If you enjoy my posts please subscribe to my newsletter by adding your email below. She had emailed with a partner at a big VC fund and he had passed the request to a junior associate. Of course you have to be careful with this.

Mangling JSON numbers


If we need to produce JSON from JavaScript, of course we expect that JSON.stringify will be involved. var url = "/user/" + user.id + "/email"; // Tries to update the wrong user (and fails, hopefully) $.post(url, post(url, { email: newEmail }); }. If we have a long (64-bit integer) that we serialize into JSON, we might be in trouble if JavaScript consumes that JSON.

What’s the minimum information to give your investors?


And most of us investors are frustrated by the lack of regular communication – unless of course – the company needs more money. Email readers, continue here…] Prepare for your annual meetings well.

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Risk, insanity, and the 50% startup rule


Email readers, continue here…] The best advice to anyone considering this course of action is to measure one’s ability to take the risk. Fifty percent of all businesses formed fail within the first two years. .

Risk, insanity, and the 50% startup rule


Email readers, continue here…] The best advice to anyone considering this course of action is to measure one’s ability to take the risk. Fifty percent of all businesses formed fail within the first two years. .

Managing Your Startup Board?—?A Short Presentation

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I think it may be helpful to think about your relationships as “continuous boards” in which you more frequently send texts or emails or do short update calls to keep investors in sync on the changes in your business. Managing Your Startup Board?—?A

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The 18-month rule and a harrowing tale


Of course, I’ll tell another harrowing story here. Email readers, continue here…] Early in the rapid growth phase of my computer software company, I hired an excellent, IBM-trained vice president of sales to further growth and begin our international expansion.

Can you overcome five risks and create wealth?


Of course, we are speaking of increased valuation of your company when we speak of “wealth.” Email readers, continue here…] Are you ahead or behind the market with your product or service?

What if you come across juicy competitor information?


And of course, most are willing to trade information to get information. Email readers, continue here…] All of this was immensely helpful in strategic planning and marketing, even though to this day I do not think those CEOs were aware of the value of the information so easily given.

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Please learn this: “Noses in; fingers out!”


Email readers, continue here…] Here is an example, even where your presence without speaking can do harm. My chairmanship carried unstated power even if not overtly demonstrated, since the CEO reports to and is accountable to the board, and of course its chair.

My Commencement Speech?—?Life at Your Crossroads

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You have the power to change the course of my life and if you do I promise I’ll work so hard you’ll never regret it.” If I never emailed anybody back after our meeting I can tell you something that would shock you. You can’t get mad if people don’t return your emails or calls.

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Would you sign a personal guarantee if you have investors?


Email readers continue here…] Most any entrepreneur with a clean credit record can obtain a bank card with a $50,000 limit, if s/he is willing to give a personal guarantee and has enough assets to back the promise it contains.

Stop managers from gaming the system


Of course, this has never happened to you, and you have never done this in your past. Of course. Business unit managers are under lots of pressure to perform, and occasionally are tempted to step over the line finding ways to look better than reality reflects.