How to Get Busy People to Take Action When You Send an Email

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We all get a lot of email. For important emails we hope for replies or action. If you do the math on the number of inbound emails you get multiplied by the time it would take to read them all and respond to those that expect a reply you would be astounded.

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Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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Email. Ah, email. I’ve taken to saying, “Email is our personal to-do list that anybody adds to – whether they know us or not.” I have taken to limiting my outbound email. Yet email seems to be an open invitation to anybody.

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Timing and why we’re all VCs

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It’s obvious that we can be too late to these decisions of course. Start writing down predictions about people, companies, and markets. If — and it’s a big if of course — they can do that on the cheap, then why should an LP care at all?

Can you overcome five risks and create wealth?


Of course, we are speaking of increased valuation of your company when we speak of “wealth.” Email readers, continue here…] Are you ahead or behind the market with your product or service?

BLOGGER ALERT: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging

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One of the hardest things about being a blogger is drawing that line between being a business owner and writing for passion. Most bloggers wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to make a full time income from writing their blog. Write those down and then head over to Google Keyword Tool.

Mangling JSON numbers


We should write an alternative to JSON.stringify that produces an exact representation of our number.” If we need to produce JSON from JavaScript, of course we expect that JSON.stringify will be involved. We can no longer write Mustache or Handlebars templates like this: {{! We can no longer write functions like this: function updateEmailAddress(user, newEmail) { // Oops, we failed for user #2^62! post(url, { email: newEmail }); }.

Will your company’s sale be celebration or silence?


And finally, there are the thirty-plus sad exits that were complete write-offs for the investors, sometimes regaining some portion of note-holder or creditor money in the process. Of course, a “big hit” successful outcome is preferable for all.

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Niche marketing works. Here’s how.


Of course not. Email readers, continue here…]. Here’s a quick nod to the folks at Colour Graphics for urging me to write this insight. Close.

The lion and the ant: A managerial lesson


So the lion recruited a cockroach who had extensive experience as a supervisor and who was famous for writing excellent reports. He also needed a secretary to help him write and type his reports. The Ant of course “Because she showed lack of motivation and had a negative attitude.”.

My story: Fail locally, one customer at a time.


It’s good advice; the theory being that entrepreneurs can discover the flaws in their business models sooner, make course corrections and move in a more favorable direction. By Frank Peters.

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I Only Have 7 Trips Left. On Managing Work / Life Balance, Love & Family

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I put on an out-of-office notice (see below) and received some of the nicest emails and text messages including from my good friend Michael Broukhim who ensures me that he and his brother Danny still vacation with their parents and Mike & Danny are both in their 30s! (I

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How to Talk About Valuation When a VC Asks

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I thought I’d write a post about how to talk about valuation at a startup and give you some sense of what might be on the mind of the person considering funding you. This is part of a series I’ve been writing on fund raising.

Why Titles Matter a Lot if You’re a Blogger

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When I first started writing this blog several years ago I had less followers than you have right now. But the realist in me knew I couldn’t write daily nor could I convince you to think to check out my blog with regularity.

The Dumbest Implementation of a Feature – Bcc

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I’ve always thought about writing a few posts on features in products that drive me nuts. We all use email in our daily lives. For the most part you send emails to one or many people and you include them all in the “to&# field. Naw, of course not.

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The Silent Benefits of PR

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It is possible, of course, to recruit great people as an underground startup but it is 10x easier when qualified candidates whom you may not even know read about your company and are excited by your vision. Ironic, of course.

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One of My Most Frequent Pieces of Advice: Be Politely Persistent

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And being persistent I believe is the most important attribute for success in an entrepreneur (assuming of course that you have all the other requisite skills). Of course at one end of the bucket are entrepreneurs who are persistent but just aren’t polite. They get pissed off if a senior executive at Google doesn’t take a meeting with them, if people are late to their meetings or if they have emails that are unreturned. Of course I felt badly.

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Rapper Azealia Banks’ claims to have the inside track on Elon Musk’s Tesla take-private drama

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At this point, yes, of course we reached out for comment. A spokesperson for Musk responded to a request for comment in an email, writing, “With regard to your question about drug use, as a spokesman for Elon this is ‘total nonsense’ – additionally, ‘Elon has never even met Ms.

How to Know if You Have ADD and What to Do About It

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Save it to Pocket, bookmark it, email it to yourself or whatever other coping mechanism you have. Of course you should go on your own journey of discovery. I have checked Twitter at least 10 times during the writing of this post so far and Facebook 3 times. Email twice.

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What Should You Send a VC Before Your Meeting?

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Remember that the goal of an email to a VC or an introduction from a trusted mutual connection is simply to get you the meeting.

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The Full Dataset on What VCs are Thinking About Funding in 2016

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Of course we fund companies in good markets and bad. Every year we try to write up and publish our thoughts publicly both to help other investors & entrepreneurs and also to test our thoughts in the public market of ideas. Every year at Upfront we try to analyze the venture markets.

How I Promise You One of the Most Meaningful Days of Your Life

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But if you commit one simple day of your life I literally promise you that you will email or Tweet me a “thank you” and tell me you’ve been moved. I promised her I would write about this experience for the LinkedIn platform so I didn’t write about yesterday’s trip here.

The Morning After. What Have We Done?

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As of this morning Clinton still holds a lead in the popular vote but even that as I write is only by 0.2% And I want to blame Clinton for using that damn email server but of course I know if it weren’t that it would just have been something else. Of course we need to do this.

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How Many Investors Should You Talk to in a VC Fund Raise? And How Do You Prioritize?

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The surest sign a fund-raising process has stalled is when you aren’t getting follow-up meetings or hearing from the VC or hearing from friends that they got a phone call or email asking about you. Of course there’s no exact number of VCs you should meet?—?these

Burn the bridges behind.


I never took a business course, never wrote a business plan, and never raised any outside capital. Email readers, continue here.] Frank Peters made his money writing software for Wall Street. By Frank Peters. I became an entrepreneur because I had to.

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Can You Build Your Business on Somebody Else’s Platform?

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But of course customers will have to do some technical work to migrate products and will lose DataSift functionality that Twitter / Gnip does not possess directly. Of course we’re also showing them the power and size of Facebook data along with our dozens of other sources.

Why Most of Your Assumptions About Phone Calls are Wrong

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If you follow the tech media you would be subject to a lot of narrative biases that are completely off base – and this includes the value of email and phone calls. billion email accounts. 62% of adult US Internet users check or send email on a daily basis.

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Why Great Executives Avoid Shiny Objects

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As executives we’re all seemingly accessible at any moment to anybody via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Text. Having interesting and frequent opportunities at the top of your funnel is important, of course, but the ultimate score is only measured on the bottom end of the funnel. It’s why sometimes I respond to emails in 5 minutes at other times I go dark for a week at a time. The modern world is filled with constant distractions.

Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


If you don’t know these things, how are you going to course-correct if things go differently than forecast? Email readers, continue here.] A business plan is yours alone. By JJ Richa.

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It’s Sofa King More Effective to Pick up the Phone

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Email is efficient. I email often. I always follow important emails with a call. You CANNOT do this on email. Of course in-person is best for true relationship development but that’s not always practical. A very common experience … One person emails some thoughts. And anger leads to more email, which ends in a flame war. I have seen this time and again and of course I’m prey to it as well. *. Phone calls.

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One Man’s Signal is Another Man’s Noise

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It’s apropos because there is so much noise these days with email, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, web shows, etc. If I check Twitter it’s usually because I’m waiting for a meeting to start and I never write posts during the day. Email. I read 95% of my email.

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Better Business Bureau? For who?

Eric Greenspan

I’ve remained a skeptic about the BBB and as a result of an email I received a couple of weeks ago from them, I have raised the skepticism threat level. So here’s the email I received: Eric, My name is Chad Ratliffe emailing from the Better Business Bureau.

Helping Colleagues in Their Time of Need

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I felt excited to write because it’s a cathartic outlet for me and saves me from doing email. And of course I feel sympathy for the Jews in Israel who have been dealing with this kind of terrorism for decades now and the recent uprisings of senseless stabbings of normal citizens and the constant bombing and terrorism that surrounds the country. I had a bunch of topics teed up now that I’m back in LA after 2 weeks of constant travel.

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GRP Excited to add Sam Rosen to Its Ranks. How Did He Get the Role? Hustle. Here’s the Story.

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We’re excited to continue to grow our investment professional staff and will continue to do so over the course of 2013 & 2014 with our new fund. Of course – some people can be remote. He of coursed required me to lobby on his behalf as well.

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The Corrosive Nature of Over-Introducers

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Or an angel investor starts emailing the CEO of a company with all the people they want him or her to meet. I know some will read this as an indictment of all introductions and of course it’s not that.

What Can You Learn From Ring’s Astounding Success?

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Many people will write the history on why Ring became an enormously successful company and why it became a real-world unicorn in a world when many startups are anointed that merely on paper. With Ring it became your doorbell so of course you always use it when someone’s at your door.