Is your budget a forecast? When do you change mid-course?


Many entrepreneurs are impatient by nature, not the best of detailed planners. Hold it! These are confusing terms. When does a budget become obsolete? Do we rely upon constant changes and call it a forecast? So, let’s spend a few moments defining this sometimes-confusing set of terms.

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Stay the Course – Create Success with Relentless Commitment

Eric Greenspan

But most important is your ability to stay the course. I watch and work with many entrepreneurs each day as they build their dreams. If you believe it and you stay the course, you will find your way to success. Stay the course. The post Stay the Course – Create Success with Relentless Commitment appeared first on Eric Greenspan. Entrepreneuring Ignite Motivational Think BigPatience, it’s not only a virtue, it’s a requirement for success.

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10 Course Corrections Every Startup Should Memorize

Startup Professionals Musings

The popular view of a real entrepreneur is someone with a big vision, and a stubborn determination to charge straight ahead through any obstacle and make it happen. Every entrepreneur faces the challenge in developing a product of deciding when to pivot and when to persevere.

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10 Business Courses We Wish They Offered in College

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m sure that every one of us who has been out in the business world for a few years can look back with perfect hindsight and name a few college courses that we should have taken. You might find on-the-job experiences more valuable than all your other courses, or you might change your major.

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Ten Business Courses Universities Forgot

Startup Professionals Musings

I’m sure that every one of us who has been out in the business world for a few years can look back with perfect hindsight and name a few college courses that we should have taken. What’s another course that you wish you had taken in school, but didn’t realize it was missing until too late?

Building a Startup is Navigating an Obstacle Course

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Zigging and zagging amongst the obstacles is the fun part of being an entrepreneur, and it’s what sets you apart from the average worker who knows exactly what he or she has to do every day to get paid. entrepreneur startup zigzag obstacle Rich Christiansen business

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8 Keys To Business Success For Entrepreneur Introverts

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It really is possible for an introvert to succeed as an entrepreneur, even though you can’t expect to start and build a business alone. You need to build business relationships with partners, team members, investors, and of course customers.

Use Course Corrections to Avoid Turnaround

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If these challenges can’t be resolved by the existing team with “course corrections”, an investor will often bring in an experienced CEO to tackle the “turnaround” before or after bankruptcy. Tags: turnaround entrepreneur startup course correction By Ernst H.

How Digital Entrepreneurs Approach Startup Life


Entrepreneurs have become more resourceful since the 80s, and your options are more diverse as well. The Instagram lifestyle may have inspired a slew of would-be entrepreneurs to merge work and travel as never done by previous generations.

10 Entrepreneur Attributes That Will Make You A Star

Startup Professionals Musings

Elon Musk via Flickr by TED Conference To be successful as an entrepreneur, you don’t have to be a fabulous person, but it helps. Some people, and some entrepreneurs, have that something extra that you can’t quite put your finger on, like Ryan Seacrest is searching for on American Idol.

Understanding Your True Character as an Entrepreneur

Both Sides of the Table

“Of course I work!” I imagine that for many – if you are fortunate enough to stay healthy – it’s the beginning of truly feeling comfortable in your aging skin and accepting the course of your life. Why do we do all that we do? Is it for the money?

One Book Every Entrepreneur Should Own

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” I have long thought about and written about the personal toll that being an entrepreneur places on your life. These were amongst some of the most read blog posts I have written, which shows me that the stress, pressures and loneliness of being and entrepreneur resonates.

How Do VCs Choose Their Investors (and should entrepreneurs care?)

Both Sides of the Table

I recently read a blog post by Beezer Clarkson, Managing Director of Sapphire Ventures about why entrepreneurs should care about from whom their VC funds raise their capital. But should entrepreneurs really care whom the LPs of a fund are?

The Entrepreneur Thesis

Both Sides of the Table

I call it the entrepreneur thesis. I’m not talk about the age old debate amongst investors whether you back entrepreneurs, markets or products (or as people like to hedge – product / market fit). It’s entrepreneurs I back. It’s what I call the “entrepreneur thesis.”

Why Entrepreneurs Hate (Most) MBAs


Someone on Quora recently asked me to answer the following question: Why Do Digital Entrepreneurs Hate MBAs? Tech entrepreneurs' consternation with MBAs does not rise to the level of loathing. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

Sebastian Thrun and Udacity Launch New Self-Driving Nanodegree


These days, Thrun seems just as excited by another imprint he’s made on the still-forming AV industry—not as a researcher, but as an entrepreneur in online education.

Entrepreneurs Who Relish Being Wrong Usually Win


Effective entrepreneurs reject dogmatism and embrace doubt. Confirmation bias is particularly dangerous at startups, as it slows down these vital course corrections. The post Entrepreneurs Who Relish Being Wrong Usually Win appeared first on John Greathouse

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Four Letters: JFDI

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In case it’s not obvious it’s a play on the Nike slogan, “Just Do It.&# ) I believe that being successful as an entrepreneur requires you to get lots of things done. Good entrepreneurs can admit when their course of action was wrong and learn from it.

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Find Money To Start A Business

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One of the most frequent questions I get as a mentor to entrepreneurs is “How do I find the money to start my business?” Of course, every alternative has advantages and disadvantages, so any given one may not be available or attractive to you. business entrepreneur funding money

8 Entrepreneur Mindsets That Investors Seek Out

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An entrepreneur is literally “one who creates a new business.” It allows entrepreneurs to challenge what is already “known” to extrapolate that to an original idea. Of course, it normally takes more than the right mind-set to master the creative mind.

It’s Never too Late to Tap Into Your Creativity


There’s a team of Los Angeles entrepreneurs who would agree with me on that, and they launched their platform Kadenze to help people tap their creativity. More simply put, it’s an online portal to access university level arts and creative courses. There are also a three tiers of membership to suit specific student needs: Free: Enroll in any available course, watch video lectures, participate in forums. I don’t like when people say: “I’m just not creative”.

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Why Aren’t There More Female Entrepreneurs?

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I’m often asked the question about why there aren’t more women who are entrepreneurs. My inspiration to become an entrepreneur came from my mom, not my dad. She was the dominant figure in my family and was both an entrepreneur and a community leader.

You Can’t Teach People To Be Entrepreneurs, But Entrepreneurs Can Be Taught


Despite the fact that I teach entrepreneurship at UC Santa Barbara , I do not believe that entrepreneurs are created in classrooms. Instead of trying to teach students to be an entrepreneur, I expose my entrepreneurial students to tools that will help them solve real-world problems.

7 Tips To Test Your Idea As A Part-Time Entrepreneur

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Many experts will tell you that you can’t succeed as a part-time entrepreneur, as any good startup will require a 100 percent commitment of your time and energy. Thus I often recommend that entrepreneurs keep their day job until the startup is producing revenue.

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Entrepreneurs Who Improve Society Make More Profit

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Many entrepreneurs still don’t understand that building a business culture today of doing good, like helping people (society) and planet (sustainability), is also a key to maximizing profit. Of course, investors still require a profitable business model, and the potential for high returns.

10 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Superheroes


As part of UC Santa Barbara’s Distinguished Lecture Series, Jason Nazar, Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc , recently shared ten lessons that emerging entrepreneurs can learn from superheroes. If you enjoy Jason’s content and style, you might want to check out his online course.

Should You Really be a Startup Entrepreneur?

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One of the most common questions that entrepreneurs who meet me for the first time like to ask is, “Do you miss being an entrepreneur? On Being an Entrepreneur. The following is a short excerpt of what I said, “… being an entrepreneur is very unsexy.

When Hiring Entrepreneurs, Ignore Their Resumes


Reasonable people will attempt to make the best of the status quo – unreasonable entrepreneurs with the proper dose of Confidence, Courage and Conviction will shape the status quo to facilitate your adVenture’s ultimate success. Entrepreneur Launching Venture Sales Team Building

My Favorite Entrepreneur Story in a Long Time

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It is of course why immigrants power so many successful businesses in the US and why we need to embrace them. How much could the new generation of entrepreneurs learn from that? This article originally appeared on TechCrunch. If you don’t like it hot, use less,” he said.

Entrepreneurs Should be Respected, Not Loved

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I wrote several of the characteristics when I did the Top 10 (11) Attributes of an Entrepreneur. But stay the course if you believe in your decisions. Tags: Entrepreneur Advice Start-up Advice Startup Advice

5 Leadership Initiatives Define Great Entrepreneurs

Startup Professionals Musings

Most aspiring entrepreneurs are convinced that the strength of their initial idea somehow defines them as a leader, as well as the success potential of their derivative business. Yet we all know that there is a big gap between good entrepreneurs and a great business leaders.

Marketing Mistakes Serial Entrepreneurs Only Make Once


This approach allows your venture to "fail in the small" and make course corrections before spending significant marketing resources. Many entrepreneurs naively hire a PR firm to launch their nascent products in the hope of leveraging the firm''s industry contacts.

What Makes an Entrepreneur? Perspiration (6/11)

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This is part of my new series on what makes an entrepreneur successful. I originally posted it on VentureHacks , one of my favorite websites for entrepreneurs. I started the series talking about what I consider the most important attribute of an entrepreneur : Tenacity.

How Entrepreneurs Attract Friends, Family And Fools

Startup Professionals Musings

Image via Flickr by Jupiter Labs Many first-time entrepreneurs find themselves unable to bootstrap their startups, and also unable to find early funding at the venture capital level or even with angel investors. entrepreneur family fools friends funding startup

Business Professionals Can Be The New Entrepreneurs

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Thus smart business professionals are rapidly becoming the new entrepreneurs. Of course, entrepreneurs delivering services have existed for some time, including business consultant, independent contractor, and freelancer titles. We are becoming a society of entrepreneurs.