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Bio Roundup: Precision Med and Google, Heron, Lilly, Sarepta & More


In other Google-related news, Recode reported that Bill Maris, the founder and president of Google Ventures (now called GV), has left the firm and will be replaced by David Krane. The wait continues.

A Full Breakdown of why Google+ gets a C- in User Experience

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New Google+ announced in last week’s Google I/O. Last week, Google hosted their annual developer’s conference Google I/O , announcing some exciting new products and releases that will likely change the world in the few years to come.

Why Teenagers Make Great Entrepreneurs


Of course there is no right answer—you start a business when you have a great idea and you’re ready to take the entrepreneurial plunge—but I might point out that one age range is conspicuously absent from this debate: the teenage years. What is the ideal age to start a company?

What is Deep Learning and Why Does Google Have a Free Course On It?

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Deep learning in particular is starting to catch on, and though some may think to overlook it for the time being, a recent announcement from Google may change some people’s minds. Google has started a free course meant to teach people about deep learning.

When to Use Facebook Connect – Twitter Oauth – Google Friend Connect for Authentication?


In this post, I want to look at just the question of when it makes sense to use Facebook Connect, Twitter Oauth, OpenID, Yahoo Browser-Based Authentication, Google Friend Connect or basically any of the other authentication mechanisms. Of course, you have to draw the line somewhere.

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Silicon Beach Expands with Santa Clarita’s Startup Weekend Nov. 13 -15

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Prizes awarded will be designed to add value to the winning startup teams, and of course come with bragging rights! Events Startups Google Santa Clarita Silicon Beach Startup WeekendLA’s startup community is so hot, it is spilling over into Santa Clarita.

Biotech Roundup: Biogen Rumors, Theranos, Electro-Drugs & More


Just as many M&A rumors flame out as lead to deals, of course, but the news was enough to give Biogen’s stock price a big bump, and ignite chatter about what a sale of one of biotech’s heavyweights would mean, particularly for the Boston area. Verily is the biotech group at Google’s parent company Alphabet (NASDAQ: [[ticker:GOOG:]]). Biogen was once again all over the biotech newswire this week.

GumGum Makes Images Profitable for Publishers

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He began programming courses at UCLA while in high school and went on to earn a B.S. Buying Google keywords will be popular and expensive. Think about how many images are on the web. Millions, billions, trillions?

Google Power

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 -- Google Power. Serial internet entrepreneur Dmitry Shapiro will provide a special presentation from his full day course in this one hour session. Drawn from the first section of the course Finding Information Online, the presentation will focus on how Internet Power Users like Dmitry use Google and other tools to pinpoint exactly what they are looking for. SDSIC.

Are Smartwatches The New Fashion Statement?

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And of course, the launch of iWatch is something that you should pay attention to. Android Apple Apps & Software Gadgets Google iPhone Smartwatch Apps Designers device Galaxy Mobile Moto360 Samsung smartwatch Technology Wearable Technology Wearables

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TechZulu Recaps: The Annual Startup Forecast

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Heather Wilburn – Founding Member of AdWords Program & Biz Dev Manager for Channel Sales team at Google. Of course, when you’re talking about enabling/emerging technologies, as Brock Pierce puts it, “Market timing is critical to success.”

Small Business Marketing | Get Customers versus Get Leads

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That is, of course, as long as what you are selling is the absolute best in your market.) To learn how to advertise on Google to get traffic to your website or offline business read “ Advanced Google Adwords ” by Brad Geddes. The best place to find forums is Google.

Interview with Brett Crosby and Brew Johnson, PeerStreet


We sat down with Brett Crosby (who founded Urchin Software, the company which became Google Analytics) and Brew Johnson , the co-founders of the company, to learn more about the company and what it's working on. Brett Crosby: When I was at Google, there were a couple of things.

Lead, Follow or Get the F**k Out of the Way

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And of course fudging never produces world-class results, so many companies suffer from mediocrity. People laughed at Google buying YouTube for $1.65 And while leaders set direction, of course it is teams that deliver results. Lead — It’s hard to be a real leader.

CTO Equity and Compensation at Venture Backed Companies


You can find a public Google Spreadsheet with the data: CTO Equity Compensation Google Spreadsheet. Of course, this doesn't really apply to the situations where I'm often involved Part-Time CTO , Technology Advisor , or Acting CTO , but this is still really good to have.

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The Silent Benefits of PR

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It is possible, of course, to recruit great people as an underground startup but it is 10x easier when qualified candidates whom you may not even know read about your company and are excited by your vision. When they want to propose spending money with you their boss Google’s you.

Press 155 Releases New iOS App


The company also said it has added Google Chromecast support on its Android version of its mobile app. said the new iOS app includes resizing to different size screens, offline course and video viewing, and other features. said both apps provide access to more than 110,000 videos from 2,600 courses. lynda mobile learning education video courses course

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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If you’re a technology startup you need to excel at product, of course. SEO / SEM are promotional techniques for marketing through the Google distribution channel, which have yielded huge benefits to many companies – Yelp being a prime example.

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Startup CTO Salary and Equity Data


You can find a public Google Spreadsheet with the data: CTO Equity Compensation Google Spreadsheet. Of course, this doesn't really apply to the situations where I'm often involved Part-Time CTO , Technology Advisor , or Acting CTO , but this is still really good to have.

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Do your kids Google Poo?

Eric Greenspan

Of course she asked me, I’m the CEO of a leading computer services company. I guess just knowing we were doing the seminar was enough as she went home and checked her son’s Google search history. Last year my son Jacob was in sixth grade at Montecito Union Elementary School.

Why Misunderstanding Startup Metrics Can Cost You Your Business

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And even when calculated correctly often CAC’s are assumed to be constant but of course they’re not. So if you paid $100 for a customer who converted via a Facebook ad or Google search ad (SEM) that is not your CAC. And of course ultimately on profitability.

Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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So much so that if you read Ken Auletta’s wonderful book “ Googled ” you’ll see that Larry and Sergey had for years stated they would never do paid search results. Yes, Google won. Of course that’s not disputable. Google’s Ad Sense did, too.

The Importance of Teams and Why the Best Leaders Cultivate Them

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The show has become my best curator of which books to read (including my favorite of last year, The Accidental Superpower ) and my go to for understanding geopolitics of: Russia, Iran, Pakistan, China, India and of course the US. This morning’s show took on the topic of “teams” and highlighted research that Julia Rozovsky and Google has conducted called Project Aristotle and profiled in Charles Duhigg’s book Smarter, Faster, Better.

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Interview with Robert Blatt, MomentFeed


Once you get past Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, and maybe Yelp and Bing, you've counted for 90 percent of all interaction. If you ask Siri for where to get skinny legs jeans, or ask Google Maps for where to get a vegan burrito, they try to give you the best recommendation. In 2013, Facebook local pages, Google Pages, and Yelp were not all that active.

BLOGGER ALERT: How to Start a Blog and Make Money Blogging

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Write those down and then head over to Google Keyword Tool. And to the right you can see the amount of people who search Google for your search terms. The best way to teach your expertise is to create an online course exclusively for members. Go Viral without becoming a Virus.

My Actual Google Voice voice-mails using Google Text to Speech conversion…this is hilarious!

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These are real Google Voice voice-mails converted to text by Google technology. Of course in 330, but I wanna go home now. Tags: Crazy entrepreneur tricks eric david greenspan Google Voice I laugh every time I read them, so I had to share… From my brother Randy Greene: “Hey something on the phone for the last 30 minutes and burned up 20% of my battery already.

Be Honest About Whether Your Product Really Makes a Difference

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” I have seen many companies move rapidly up-and-to-the-right by Google search rankings only to crash when they rewrite the algorithm or start competing by offering the same service directly on the SERP. It’s ok to live-and-die by Google early. And of course it’s true in personal productivity apps, SMB apps, B2B software and so forth. Startups in a world of massive markets can be confusing.

When the Good Guys in Venture Change Roles

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Of course Kleiner has had a difficult couple of years. But of course in a legal case it becomes impossible to speak up and I figured my weighing in wouldn’t help in a time where they just had to get through the facts.

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Why Most of Your Assumptions About Phone Calls are Wrong

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In fact 61% of all mobile searches where a customer contacts a business it is via a phone call (source: Google). I’m sure you’ve heard the meme that “email is dead” – if fact if you Google it you’ll find a long list of articles that will mislead you.

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The Internet Accelerates Everything | The Global Human

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Of course, there are physical and geographic limits to trade. For example, I recently learned that Waze (which Google just bought for a cool $1B) mapped the entirety of Costa Rica, a country in which it had no operations or expertise, in under 3 months.

Do your kids Google Poo? (part 2)

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Of course, we agreed to do it. Ever have a game changing day? After 20+ Poogling seminars in Socal, we were approached by a concerned parent and the Santa Barbara Education Foundation to do a Poogling Seminar (teaching parents about child Internet safety) city-wide. I had no idea that the Superintendent of the Santa Barbara Public Schools Brian Sarvis and Salud Carbajal, First District Supervisor would jump in with both feet as well.

Mark Cuban on Why You Need to Study Artificial Intelligence or You’ll be a Dinosaur in 3 Years

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Machine Learning / AI They discussed many topics ranging from protection of the press to what Mark looks for in an entrepreneur to investing outside of Silicon Valley and of course Trump and sports.

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Venture Outlook 2016

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On the one hand innovation is clearly at an all time high unleashed by smart phones, fast telecom networks, social networks that spread commerce and the fact that we are all one click away from buying things on Amazon, Apple, Google or PayPal.

Google's Lurking Problem.

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Yes, even Google has problems. What problem am I referring to with respect to Google? Specifically, the thousands of projects being undertaken by Google employees without proper corporate oversight of which ones makes sense and which ones don't. Google has proven itself competent at monetizing search results. Even the idea of exactly how to do that, of course, didn't orginate with Google. When that day comes, the culture of Google will have to change.

What to Make of Andreessen Horowitz’s Returns?

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This was an industry defining deal on returns in the league of Google, Facebook, Twitter and one imagines Uber. Of course. Rolf Winkler wrote a piece in the WSJ about A16Z’s returns in which he says they “lag behind Sequoia, Benchmark and Founders Fund.”

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The Case for Optimism and Risk at Startups

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Of course the naysayers are out again. As you may know Google recently restructured so that Larry could spend more time on big innovations – on “moonshots.” Of course. I, of course, am betting on the former and am not 1% swayed by the doubters.

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Framework Benchmarks Round 9


Of course, other variables are at play, such as significantly more HT processor cores--40 versus 8 for our i7 tests--and a different system architecture, NUMA. The latest round of our ongoing Framework Benchmarks project is now available!

One of My Most Frequent Pieces of Advice: Be Politely Persistent

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And being persistent I believe is the most important attribute for success in an entrepreneur (assuming of course that you have all the other requisite skills). Of course at one end of the bucket are entrepreneurs who are persistent but just aren’t polite. They get pissed off if a senior executive at Google doesn’t take a meeting with them, if people are late to their meetings or if they have emails that are unreturned. Of course I felt badly.

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Here is Why Non-Obvious Startup Ideas Can Yield the Largest Results

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It has become so synonymous with Internet companies that the French have invented a disdainful term including Amazon: “les GAFA,” which they refer to as Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon to talk about American dominance of the Internet. Of course they are. Amazon.

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The Most Obvious Mobile Ad Unit and What the New York Times Got Wrong

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They cite Quara, Google, Twitter & Facebook as obvious examples. Besides, why call when you can use Google, or send a Twitter message?” Google doesn’t seem to ever take calls from ME when I have a complaint! Google, Facebook & Twitter all provide free services to end users and we eat them up. They call Google, Facebook, Twitter as much as they want and whenever they want. Google already knows this.