How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

Both Sides of the Table

Shame about not getting it in legal writing that you owned the original IP. Oh, they didn’t cover that in your Stanford CS course? But if you can stomach that he’s a star and contingency work / risk sharing on IP claims is key!

Intellectual Property – Worthless To A Startup, Priceless To A Big Dumb Company


Intellectual Property (IP) is an ugly thing at a startup. However, to a Big Dumb Company (BDC), a startup’s IP is a thing of beauty. How can IP be worthless to a startup yet very worthwhile to a BDC? Because IP has intrinsic value, but only in the right hands.

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IP Risk – The closer the Serial Team’s new adVenture is to their prior successes, the greater the risk that they may be accused of infringing on their former company’s intellectual property (IP).

How To Write An Effective Answer On Quora: Communications 101


Listing a variety of bread-and-butter IP protection tactics would not have been as compelling. He is a member of the University of California at Santa Barbara’s Faculty where he teaches several entrepreneurial courses. _.