Does Your Mentor Play These 6 Roles?


Bob Wood has been a mentor to dozens of professionals during his long career in public service. As noted in You''re Never Too Old (Or Too Successful) For A Mentor , Bob has become not only my mentor, but also my friend. I can''t emphasize that enough, when seeking mentors.".

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Silicon Beach Startup 101 Course [ SANTA MONICA ]


Silicon Beach Startup 101 Course. A comprehensive course on how to build a successful startup from A to Z. Course Costs: 5 Days – $599 (Early Bird till July 26). Overview: Over the course of 5 days, you will learn not only what an MVP, proof of concept, go-to-market strategy, and user experience design are, but also learn to pitch, meet with real investors and mentors and learn from already successful startups. Where technology meets the beach.

Join Office Hours for Steve Blank's Lean LaunchPad Course

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And while his online course @Udacity is great, it’s missing the classroom experience. Join us to learn and collaborate with mentors and peers in a small group. Tuesday, June 6, 2017 -- Steve Blank is THE person to learn from about Entrepreneurship. In his Lean LaunchPad Stanford class he makes you question: - What significant pain point is your startup addressing? Does the world urgently need the pain point to be addressed? -

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Find Your Mentor: Here’s How…

Jason Nazar

But I did spent those four years starting businesses and courting many mentors to help me along the way. At the end of every meeting, I’d ask, “Would you consider being my mentor?” — and every time, I got the same response. Ignorance is Blasphemy: Why You Need a Mentor in the First Place. Mentors will help identify areas of opportunity or risk that weren’t even on your radar. A valuable mentor will provide you this roadmap and a lot of sage wisdom along the way.

Exit Interview: Lita Nelsen on MIT Tech Transfer, Startups & Culture


And I was very disappointed because, with the exception of one or two courses, the Sloan School was primarily oriented to Fortune 500 companies and to Wall Street—finance theory, that sort of thing. Just about nothing, one or two courses— Ed Roberts had one—on entrepreneurship. [ Editor’s note: This is part of a series of stories examining entrepreneurship on MIT’s campus and beyond. ].

The Breakthrough Presentation that Stole the Upfront Summit

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We’ve known each other for nearly a decade and he’s been a friend, a co-investor in startups and a mentor to many startups with whom I’ve worked. So of course when Cham wanted to build his own startup I was first in line asking to fund him.

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The Perils of Shiny New Objects

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In today’s uber-connected, social media, everything-is-public, people tell you there’s killing it with these new features, investor & mentor whiplash – it’s hard to avoid the latest thing. In due course.

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How VCs Think About Adding New Partners

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Wonderful human being who is civically engaged, mother of 3, mentorer of younger founders, hard worker and arguer extraordinaire (so says her current Twitter bio). She is a coach and mentor to team members. Let me start with the news that I’m excited to share with you.

What Startup Advisors Do I Need?


But, advisors, coaches, and mentors can often fill the bill. In creating Mentor Night , I’ve been happy to hear how giving most people are. If you present a mentor with an interesting startup challenge in a space where they have experience or expertise, the mentors are quite willing to spend a few hours to help the founder. Bob Dorf just published a post Where are the Hackers?

Citrix’s CEO Mark Templeton: Personal And Professional Success Secrets


if I follow a prescribed course, I'm going to get a good picture. Family & Mentors - "A family is the people who believe in you. Mentors are the people you are copying. Mentors and role models are a shortcut to become something you believe in.".

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Micro–train; macro–manage


” Of course, in practice it’s not that easy. My own version is “Hire smart and hire right, and you’ll be a mentor rather than a boss.” Dave’s note: The week, we again welcome Kim Shepherd as our guest author, with her blunt, on-the-target style.

What Makes a Great Independent Board Member?

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The second is that they are usually very experienced operators that can mentor the founding team. Of course great VCs play this role and many founders rely on VCs for input to hard decisions.

Why It’s Time for Les Moonves to Go — You Can’t Charm Your Way out of Sexual Misconduct

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Moonves was seen as a leader and somebody who built careers and was a mentor and a champion to many.

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Craft your roadmap. Plan your trip.


Richa is a successful entrepreneur and technologist giving back to the entrepreneurial community in many ways, including his weekly Internet TV program on entrepreneurism, and participation in several mentoring programs. . By JJ Richa.

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You Can’t Rely on a VC for Your Hardest Decisions

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Of course as a frequently traveler I know this, too. They are there to help you correct your course when you want to make decisions that their history and wisdom tells them might lead you into a dark alley. I was reminded about the role of a VC last week when my partner Kara Nortman (<—- yes, of course you should follower her! In preparation for her reentry into VC she spoke with many mentors of hers for advice on venture capital.

UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


Of course. Salty Girl Seafood - Another focus of the TMP is the recruitment and mentoring of women entrepreneurs. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Want to be an entrepreneur? Don''t go to Wharton or Harvard.

I sat in my own safety net while weaving it.


I digress for a moment with a business lesson direct from the hand of our mentor at the time, Mister Berkus himself. Of course it wasn’t just one event that was the cause, as you might guess.

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Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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Of course that’s not disputable. To some extent – of course they are. Of course most of you know SnapChat, Tinder & Whisper and many people immediately associate the success of Los Angeles under the SoLoMo banner (Social, Local, Mobile) and you wouldn’t be wrong.

The Silent Killer – The Company Your Community Never Created

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Of course this can be done and of course I am a big proponent of the rise of startup centers across the country as the Internet has moved from the “infrastructure phase” to the “application phase” dominated by the three C’s: content, communications and commerce. Local mentors matter. Fund formation + local mentors + local talent = a shot at creating successes that drive the future job growth of our great cities.

Why I’m Now Long NPR

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And of course there are virulent debates about whether publicly funded media should exist at all. Unbiased of course doesn’t exist since we all have biases.

The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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Of course that’s true. Advisors / Coaches / Mentors.

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How I Got the Monkey Off My Back – Today Was a Good Day

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Working with early-stage teams : coaching, mentoring, setting strategy, rolling up sleeves: 9/10. I become a venture capitalist in September 2007 – exactly 6.5 years ago.

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Bolstering the Partner Ranks at GRP

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He co-founded a prominent accelerator in Los Angeles called MuckerLab , that has produced a number of impressive companies and he mentored more than 20 of them. Natural mentors – a desire to help.

Here is How to Make Sense of Conflicting Startup Advice

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Many startups now go through accelerators and have mentors passing through each day with advice – usually it’s conflicting. Everybody has a blog these days and there is much advice to be had.

What I’ve Learned from Fred Wilson

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Fred has of course been a public mentor to us all with his market-defining terminology that he popularized including “freemium” and “mobile first.” Last week Fred Wilson and I sat down in Santa Monica for an hour+ discussion with the video cameras rolling.

Silicon Beach Expands with Santa Clarita’s Startup Weekend Nov. 13 -15

Tech Zulu Event

Weekend activities begin with rapid-fire pitches, prototype building, mentor feedback from experts in the field, and it concludes with a Shark Tank-style judging session. Prizes awarded will be designed to add value to the winning startup teams, and of course come with bragging rights!

8 Leadership Skills

Alon Schwartz

I never had a legendary mentor (Yoda was too busy) or a teacher that changed my life. You don’t have to have a mentor just open your eyes, learn and be ready to change. Of course, just looking far will get your nowhere as you’ll stay with the dream.

Understanding the Power of Your Human Networks

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If course you can’t manage all 50 on an ongoing basis with a heavyweight touch but let’s say just 10% of them you really hit it off with and you maintain contact, emails, social mentions and physical meet-ups. Of course I could go on and on.

One Weird Trick to Build a Personal Brand

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My long-time mentor – Yves Sisteron – brought me on board and was gracious enough to give me the space to build out my own personal brand without overshadowing his amazing accomplishments. Jason charted his own course though.

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Do Less. More.

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There are so many events to attend that one could become a full time conference attendee and you could easily feel like you’re missing out with each event that happens without you and of course there is Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat to remind you just how fun it was for everybody else. Of course your friend’s company raised $50 million and offers it’s employees free kombucha and desk massages. We are experiencing a frenetic time.

Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


Learning, Networking, Mentors From the question, this person is clearly looking at the issue of how to grow into this role. And it's quite common for people to get together outside of meetings to discuss issues they face and/or to seek a kind of mentoring relationship. Finding an informal mentor or two would be a great way to be able to continue to focus on this and make sure you are caught unaware. I believe you will find lots of CTOs quite willing to help you as a mentor.

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StartupWeekend Next Teaches Teams How to Level Up

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Course Culture: Experiential Learning. There is a mentor program that accompanies the class. Each entrepreneur will be paired with Coaches and Mentors to receive critical feedback designed to test and probe their assumptions every step of the way.

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How to Avoid Being Disrupted as a VC

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I created an accelerator & mentor network (Launchpad LA). My partner Greg Bettinelli (worth following on Twitter) was recently named by The LA Business Journal as the “ Top deal maker in Los Angeles in Venture Capital.” ” Numero uno. I was nowhere to be found.

How DogVacay Literally Saved my Thanksgiving

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More like a temporary VC just to get some experience and of course we’d pay him. I am a big fan of marketplaces that really do help change people’s lives from Uber, Deliv, AirBNB and of course … DogVacay. Without DogVacay my Thanksgiving would have been ruined.

Why Am I So Lucky?

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He’s an incredibly smart investor and somebody that I actually consider to be a mentor to myself. Of course I ask more politely that than. I’m a cynic by nature. And I think it pays to be so.