The Loneliness of Success that Nobody Talks About

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Of course that’s true. Every $10 million financing only puts more pressure on the founders to figure out how to hit the metrics to get to the next milestone and every company that raises $25 million puts a ton of pressure on their 10 competitors who haven’t.

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Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


What metrics are going to be the key startup metrics and how do we get those metrics without too much cost? Learning, Networking, Mentors From the question, this person is clearly looking at the issue of how to grow into this role. And it's quite common for people to get together outside of meetings to discuss issues they face and/or to seek a kind of mentoring relationship. I believe you will find lots of CTOs quite willing to help you as a mentor.

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Why Am I So Lucky?

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He’s an incredibly smart investor and somebody that I actually consider to be a mentor to myself. Of course I ask more politely that than. He called me 15 months later excited to show me his metrics and wanted to talk about his A round. I’m a cynic by nature.

Startup CTO or Developer


Of course, I have an advantage because I organize the LA CTO Forum. Of course, since you know those questions, you can just collect up the answers and provide them to your developers. Of course, it’s never complete.

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Interview with Cody Simms, Techstars LA


We select ten per class, and help those startups connect with mentors and other people in that local environment who can be helpful to the business. Since then, we've replicated the model with a local managing director, local mentors, and have expanded to roughly 25 different programs around the world. When you go through Techstars, your company just becomes bigger than itself, by an order of magnitude, because of the global network of co-founders, mentors, and investors we have.

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Interview with Michael Wong, MergeLocal


We had worked together for six years before starting MergeLocal, which came about on the golf course. We will be opening up a a round of funding soon, as soon as we have some metrics and have been live in the market, and hope to raise some money and capital in the next thirty days.

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Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010


Though this was 2000 , and all startup & VC blogs we've grown to love didn't exist yet, I did have mentors available. We’ve been using MongoDB as the backing store for Treasury , and over the course of two and a half months , we’ve had over 50,000 excellent Treasuries created by the Etsy community, all stored and served in MongoDB. Metrics availability. Some great content around the intersection of startups and being a Startup CTO in June this year.

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Batch 8 500 Startups Demo Day | Our Top Ten

Tech Zulu Event

This was a chance to blow open the story on their companies, to address a room full of potential investors, mentors, partners, customers, and press. Something we didn’t know, mainstay education programs have < 1% course completion. Amphitheater seating, hundreds of investors.

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