Silicon Beach Startup 101 Course [ SANTA MONICA ]


Silicon Beach Startup 101 Course. A comprehensive course on how to build a successful startup from A to Z. Created by Santa Monica New Tech. Where: Santa Monica. Course Costs: 5 Days – $599 (Early Bird till July 26). What is included (5 Day Course): 5 Days of learning sessions led by 15 Silicon Beach professionals: Instructors, Mentors and Investors. Where technology meets the beach.

Lyft is becoming a one-stop transportation app in these 3 cities

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Santa Monica, Calif. Of course, this isn’t just about making the world a better place. Automotive TC Transportation carsharing Los Angeles Lyft santa monica transit Washington D.C.

Docstoc Bolstering Premium Business Courses


Santa Monica-based Docstoc , the online small business resources site led by Jason Nazar, is looking to bolster its video content with more content around small business subjects. In an email to supporters, Nazar said Monday that the company is looking to partner with experts, to shoot courses around such subjects as getting customers, learning online software, marketing, raising money, and other business topics. docstoc business video course premium documents

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Silicon Beach Fest June 2013 Keynote and Accelerator Panel Highlights

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Whether you were a startup, an investor, a blogger, a fashionista, or someone just curious about what is happening in Santa Monica aka “Silicon Beach,” the recent Silicon Beach Fest had something for everyone which included panels, parties and more.

Topspin Links With College On Online Music Courses


Santa Monica-based Topspin Media , the online music startup of former Yahoo Music GM Ian Rogers, said today that the firm has inked a deal with, the online continuing education division of the Berklee College of Music, to partner on a set of online music courses. According to Topspin, the two will work together to develop online music courses designed to teach artists, managers and labels on effective use of Topspin's platform.

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GumGum Makes Images Profitable for Publishers

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He began programming courses at UCLA while in high school and went on to earn a B.S. GumGum HQ, is tucked away on 4 th Street in Santa Monica in a hipster building (that holds other notable startups), and like its young founder, Ophir Tanz , feels warm and inviting.

Cornerstone Links With Sales Training Firm


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand , which provides cloud-based learning and talent management tools, has linked up with a sales training company, Sandler Training, on a new sales training subscription, the two said today. Cornerstone OnDemand says that it has added its new "Content Anytime Sales & Customer Relationships" subscription, and more additional sales courses will be added over the coming months.

Lime is building its first scooter ‘lifestyle brand store’ in LA

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According to a job listing from Lime seeking a “Retail Store Manager,” the startup plans to open a “lifestyle brand store in Santa Monica” that “will place heavy importance on brand experience and customer engagement.”

All The Questions You Wanted Answered about Bird Scooters and Their Recent $300 Million Funding

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Until recently it was headquartered 2 blocks from our offices in Santa Monica so we literally saw it emerge under our feet and we proudly invested in the last 3 rounds of financing. I get why it works in Santa Monica, but will it really work in ….

The Truth About the Scooter Economy?—?An Insider’s Perspective

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They are no longer remarkable in Santa Monica or Venice or in many cities in America, Europe or South America. Santa Monica is a city with congestion problems in the Summer and on weekends and ride-sharing exacerbated this problem. Of course.

Cornerstone OnDemand Aims At SMBs With Free Trial Offer


Santa Monica-based cloud-based learning and human capital management provider Cornerstone OnDemand is looking to attract more small business customers, as it extends from its core enterprise market, by offering up a free trial to those businesses. Cornerstone OnDemands says the access gives those businesses access to its more than 1,500 learning courses.

Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation Launches New Nonprofit Site


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation , the nonprofit arm of talent management software developer Cornerstone OnDemand , said this morning that i thas launched a new online learning and social networking site for nonprofits. The group said the courses include training on fundraising and development, leadership, accounting and finance, operations, marketing and communications, volunteer engagement and program management.

Activision Blizzard To Slash Almost 800 Employees


Santa Monica-based game developer Activision Blizzard says it is slashing 8 percent of its staff, or nearly 800 employees, as a part of a restructuring effort at the company. Most of the cuts are in non-development positions--Activision Blizzard said that the number of developers working on its popular Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone and Diablo titles, in aggregate will increase approximately 20% over the course of 2019.

Verified Expert Lawyer: Andrew Erskine

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Today, as a partner at Orrick in its Santa Monica office, he works with companies large and small in the area and beyond. Andrew Erskine has developed his legal career along with the rise of the tech startup scene in Los Angeles.

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Details of Upfront Ventures New $400 Million Fund

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Upfront’s Base As you probably know we are based in Santa Monica and as my partner Greg Bettinelli coined, we’re #LongLA. And anybody who works with us of course knows Kerry Bennett who runs marketing and our CFO Dana Kibler.

Activision Releases New Content For Call of Duty: Black Ops II


Santa Monica-based videogame maker Activision said Tuesday that it has released a brand new, downloadable content pack for its popular title, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The company said the new content pack, Call of Duty: Black Ops II Vengeance, includes new, multi-player maps, a new, zombie-focused map; a paintball course; and more.

Demand Media Expands Into Online Learning, Buys Creativebug


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said this morning it has expanded into the online learning market, and has acquired Creativebug , an online site which provides educational videos around art and carft instruction. Creativebug offers up its online courses via either subscription ($16.99 and up per course).

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Los Angeles Fundingpost VC and Angel Investor Conference

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We will be discussing trends in Early-Stage Investing, hot sectors, sectors that these Angels and VCs look at, things that are most important to them when they are considering an Investment, the best and worst things an entrepreneur can do to get their attention, additional advice for entrepreneurs, and, of course, the best ways to reach these and other Investors.

General Assembly To Open New Location In Irvine


General Assembly , the provider of technical skills training, which has an active campus in Santa Monica, says it is will be opening up a new location in Irvine. General Assembly offers up courses on everything from software coding to web design and marketing. General Assembly said it has not yet finalized the precise location and opening date, but says it will start hosting events and short workshops throughout Irvine ahead of the new location.

Cornerstone's Aims To Help In Syrian Crisis

socalTECH , the online learning site created by Santa Monica-based Cornerstone OnDemand and its nonprofit arm, the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, is pitching in to help address what the Cornerstone calls "one of the worst humanitarian crises in recent time".

Mahalo's New Name, Pivot:


Is Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the startup headed by Jason Calacanis, just about to reveal a new pivot and new corporate name? The story says that many signs point to a rebranding of, the online information and advice site started by Calacanis originally as a "human powered search engine" is now pivoting to create a new "knowledge community, focused on creating high-quality videos, apps, iBooks and written courses"--called

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Los Angeles Startup Events


Of course, given the size of this list and having kids, I really can't attend a lot of these. I recently posted about the Increase in Early-Stage Startup Activity in Los Angeles. In that post, I mentioned how one of the signals is the big increase in number of startup events and the number of attendees at those events.

Docstoc's ExpertCircle Looks To Become The Yelp For Business Services


The Santa Monica site, which is led by Jason Nazar, said it has launched ExpertCircle , an online platform which lets businesses find recommended products and vendors, based on endorsements, critiques, and reviews around everything from business insurance to productivity software.

TakeLessons CEO Discusses Chromatik Buyout, Why it’s a Good Fit


TakeLessons also acquired Chicago-based Betterfly, which offered online vocational classes, DIY projects, and self-improvement courses like public speaking and personal life coaching.

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Activision, ABC To Release Wipeout Game


Santa Monica-based Activision Publishing and ABC Entertainment Group announced today that they are in a deal to publish a new Kinect for Xbox 360 game based on the show Wipeout. Wipeout is the ABC series which pits contestants against obstacle courses, and is produced by Endemol USA. The two said they will release Wipeout In The Zone, based on the ABC show, for the Kinect controller. Financail details of the deal were not disclosed.

Docstoc's Expands To DBAs

socalTECH , the online site run by Santa Monica's Docstoc which helps businesses file for business licenses, has expanded its services to DBA forms, the company said today. License123 is among a growing stable of services aimed at entrepreneurs and small business provided by DocStoc, which is headed by Jason Nazar; DocStoc now provides everything from business forms and templates, to business education courses, along with other related products.

How Event Farm Is Making Events A Part Of Your Sales Funnel

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We spoke with co-founder Ryan Costello about Santa Monica-based Event Farm (, on how its software technology is being used to power high end, VIP events for large companies. We're in Santa Monica, and sometime people think we're a venue or rental space for events, but what we are, is a 100 percent software company. So how did you end up in Santa Monica? Ryan Costello: There were a couple of reasons we ended up in Santa Monica.

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Mahalo Retools As Educational Content Apps Provider


Remember Santa Monica-based Mahalo , the startup headed by Jason Calacanis and backed by such investors as Sequoia Capital? The firm has been fairly quiet recently, but apparently in the last few months has retooled itself as an "educational startup", focused on providing courses on the iPad, iPhone, and Android, in addition to YouTube, the web, and Apple's iBook platform.

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Los Angeles Hosts the Oscars and the Tech.Co Startup Showcase


This year, we’ve partnered with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) – which produces the CES – for the global conference that will bring together tech leaders, influencers, investors, and of course, early-stage startup companies. Where : Philosophie (1615 16th St, Santa Monica, CA 90404). It’s no secret that Los Angeles is home to a bevy of celebrities.

Get in the Holiday Spirit at the Annual Digital Family Reunion Bash!

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I’m talking, of course, about Digital Family Reunion – the largest annual holiday event bridging the gap between Southern California’s seasoned Internet veterans and the new generation of digital elites. It’s that time of year again.

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Brian Callahan’s Mixers: Where Business is Always a Pleasure

From the Venture Trenches

Like a wayward prop plane sputtering through the fog as it makes its final approach at Santa Monica airport, you will need Brian Callahan’s careful guidance to steer you to the venue. Located on the north side of Santa Monica Airport Hangar 8 was literally once an airplane hangar.

Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


You can use keywords like: Events in Los Angeles or Southern California Events or even Santa Monica Events. Quality of Events Of course, the bigger issue with events is finding the ones where you will have a really good opportunity to network with interesting people. Great post by John Shiple. He talks about a bunch of the different networking events that occur in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California.

How to Avoid Being Disrupted as a VC

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Move our offices to Santa Monica so we could be closer to the early-stage companies being created in LA. My partner Greg Bettinelli (worth following on Twitter) was recently named by The LA Business Journal as the “ Top deal maker in Los Angeles in Venture Capital.”

This Week’s Keynote Presentations

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Startup Matchmaking (Wed 5th Oct – Santa Monica) - The first event is tonight (Tues, Oct 5, 2010) at Wokcano in Santa Monica. I have often complained how much I hate sitting on panels. Expands Personal Matchmaking Service


Santa Monica-based is expanding its personal matchmaking service, eH+ , the company announced Monday, after a month long beta test of a new combination of eHarmony''s online, dating service and personal advice and matchmaking services from actual matchmakers. eHarmony said it will further roll out access to the service-- first launched in November--from just a few people to "hundreds" of customers over the course of the year.