USC And Unity Technologies Launch Online Game Design Course


The University of Southern California and 3D game development engine developer Unity Technologies are launching a brand new, online game design course , aimed at both students and "lifelong learners", to help them design and publish their own original games, the two announced on Tuesday. According to Unity Technologies and the USC School of Cinematic Arts, its self-paced, adaptive online course will teach students and prospective developers how to design and publish their original games.

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Of Course #BlackLivesMatter — How Could Anything be LESS Controversial?

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Of course all lives matter. She asks those who agree to stand and of course nobody stands, to which she rightly says … “That says very plainly, you know what’s happening, you know you don’t want it for you, I want to know why you’re so willing to accept it or to allow it to happen for others.”

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USC, New York Times Partner On Online Education Courses


The University of Southern California and the New York Times said this week that the two are partnering to provide online, continuing education courses this fall, across seven different study areas. It's been a busy week or so for local universities in the online education area; just last Thursday, crosstown rival UCLA inked a deal with a Silicon Valley company, Encore Career Insitute, to similarly take its own, adult and continuing education courses from UCLA Extension to online users.

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X Prize Foundation Opens Lab At USC


According to the foundation, the new X PRIZE Lab@USC will include a semester-long course for undergraduates, enrolling students from both the School of Engineering and USC Marshall School of Business.

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USC Plans Cyber Security Degree


The USC Viterbi SChool of Engineering said this week that it is launching a new, Master''s program in Cyber Security, focusing on preparing students for administering environments with a requirement for a high level of information security. USC said the new degree will cover such courses as secure operating systems and applications, secure networking, digital forensics, cryptography, and key management.

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USC Students Show Off Their Innovations at 2013 Innovator Showcase

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Because the event was scheduled during Trojan Family Weekend, a weekend where parents and family from all over the nation come visit the USC campus, the event was filled with curious family members.

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USC LavaLab Demo Night [ LOS ANGELES ]


“LavaLab, the University of Southern California’s product Incubator, admits the top 5% of design, business, and engineering minds to create innovative products over the course of a semester ”

USC Launches Annual, $50K Entrepreneurship Prize For Engineers


The new prize, which is being funded by the Massiah Foundation, will award $50,000 each year to the best, entrepreneurial plan and idea to come out of the USC Viterbi engineering school.

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Bring Gaming to the Physical World | Doozy

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The University of Southern California (USC), is famous for its games program. Widely known for outputting amazing video game talent, USC is considered one of the top schools for learning to make games in the nation.

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Online Learning Firm With Links To USC Gets Funded


That program, MAT@USC, ofers a Master of Arts in Teaching through online courses. 2tor also has offices just North of USC on Figueroa Street. A New York-based online learning firm with links to the University of Southern California has scored a round of funding, and added Redpoint's Greg Martin to its board, the firm said this morning.

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2tor Gets $10M Line Of Credit


2tor , the provider of online, graduate program and courses which has strong links to the University of Southern California , has scored a $10M revolving line of credit, the firm said today. 2tor--which maintains an office in Los Angeles near USC--is venture backed by The Hillman Company, SVB Capital, WestRiver Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Highland Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Novak Biddle Venture Partners and City Light Capital.

Paving The Way For Future Women Entrepreneurs | Technovation LA Pitch Night

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All smiles of course, the girls were asked more deeply about various aspects of their projects: in-depth marketing strategies, competing edge, etc. Of course, they were also given plenty of good ideas and suggestions to implement in, not just from the judges, but from the audience as well.

“Visibility” — A Powerful Lesson on DACA and The American Dream from @LeonKrauze

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Speaking up is an obligation in a democracy and of course it’s the powerful who have the loudest voice TO speak up. She was recently graduated from Cal State, Los Angeles and works at USC.

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General Assembly,XYZ Tie On Registry Website Design Contest


LA''s General Assembly and fellow Los Angeles company.XYZ are offering up a free domain name, website hosting, and General Assembly course credits to entrants to a new design contest, which challenges web designers to create a website based on domain extension. Are you a web design wiz who would like to show off their web design chops to the world?

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CreatorUp Links You With Top Filmakers & YouTube Creators To Make Awesome Web Series

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Learning experience includes: on-demand online video tutorial courses, live video-conference workshops, as well as individual online consultations, live workshops, and group programs. Mike Tringe earned his BA in History and Science from Harvard, and his MFA in Film Production from USC.

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HipTraveler | Taking Startup Competitions by Storm

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In order to support all of these teams, there are several on-campus startup competitions every year, from the Silicon Beach USC competition to the New Venture Seed Competition, with prize funds to help build the companies.

Why Has LA Suddenly Gotten So Much Attention from VCs and Entrepreneurs?

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Of course that’s not disputable. To some extent – of course they are. Of course most of you know SnapChat, Tinder & Whisper and many people immediately associate the success of Los Angeles under the SoLoMo banner (Social, Local, Mobile) and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Behind the Scenes: Troy Carter’s SMASHD LABS with Suzy Ryoo


Trakfire : a platform that enables its community to curate the best music from emerging artists, the third company founded founded by 19 year old USC Iovine Young Academy sophomore Arjun Mehta.

Networking Events in Los Angeles and Southern California


You can also use Southern California Tech Central's list of Organizations to find possible events: UCLA , CalTech , Twiistup , USC , AeA , TCVN , OCTANE , BarCamp , Enterprise Forum , TCOSC , LAVA , UCI , LINC , UCSD , AWT , Digital Hollywood , WITI , TechBiz , ASP , Stirrers and Shakers , AMA , ACG , Pepperdine , PMI , CTC , LMU , LARTA , AITP , iHollywood. Great post by John Shiple.

Stage 32: An Education Hub For Entertainment Industry Creatives


The integration of massively open online courses (MOOCs) makes strategic sense, which is likely why LinkedIn acquired Lynda for $1.5 The average cost per webinar ranges from $39-59 with longer online courses (2-8 weeks) landing somewhere between $99-799. Well-respected academic institutions, such as USC’s Film School, and still arguably the best places to hone your chops and network – not to mention receive a highly credible degree.

The Silent Killer – The Company Your Community Never Created

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Of course this can be done and of course I am a big proponent of the rise of startup centers across the country as the Internet has moved from the “infrastructure phase” to the “application phase” dominated by the three C’s: content, communications and commerce. For example, Lookout is a mobile security company that was founded by three talented graduates of USC.

Some Thoughts on Branding Startups and Communities

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World-class education including Caltech, USC and UCLA. And of course a place of idyllic weather, culture and a lifestyle. ” And of course it’s not a true assessment. Of course if you’re already known you could put your name or location on your fund name.

Inspiring College Entrepreneurship | With lessons from Y Combinator and Elon Musk

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The best person I know to talk about the growing entrepreneurship culture on campuses is Alex Zhang, a student at USC and the Managing Director of the student-run incubator LavaLab. LavaLab is USC’s first product design incubator program run for students by students.

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Some Thoughts on Leadership Going into 2016

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But of course all of these things are intertwined. Obviously you need to be mentally flexible enough to spot if your instincts were wrong and a change of course is necessary. Of course it’s great to bring in outside experience to complement your team but it must be done judiciously. He took a star receiver from USC in the college draft. Of course continued failure means it’s time for change.

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Can You Really Build a Great Tech Firm Outside Silicon Valley?

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We have world-class universities like Caltech, UCLA, USC and more. If you are talented, of course, you can get funded in any region with enough venture capital and obviously in markets outside of the Valley it is easier to get noticed and get access. And of course you have Hollywood.

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Interview with Fariborz Maseeh, Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition


One of the attributes of this prize, is that USC is going to also conduct a business plan preparation and entrepreneurship course for the students. Along with the prize, we also have the course, which is unique.

Jonathan Taplin On Decoding A Presidential Election, via Twitter


For USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab , you tap into the power of Twitter, and create a tool to try to figure out the real time sentiment of Twitter's users --and account for unique things in politics like the frequent use of sarcasm--to try to figure out what people think of the candidates.

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Music Prodigy Beats 70 Startups To Bring Music Education Technology to the Masses

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Rock Prodigy is an intelligent iOS app and offers definitive, interactive, fun beginner guitar course of 150+ lessons/practice exercises with video tutorials through 49-day calendar that you can follow at your own pace.

REACH Connected Future | Cleantech Recap

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And of course, we’d like to thank our amazing panels of speakers for pouring their knowledge into the mental chalices of our present and virtual attendees. Between Caltech, USC, and UCLA, $1 billion has been put into research expenditures.

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How Amavitae Wants To Help Youth Find A Career They'll Love


Then, we found the most amazing data scientist, who was initially an advisor, who was the founder of the AI Journal, and was at NASA, and taught at Stanford and USC. I understand that at Stanford, one of the most popular courses is Designing Your Life. The two guys who teach this course have written a book, which is very interesting. Our CTO is from the USC Insitute of Creative Technologies.

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Learning The Ropes Of Internet Video With Michael Tringe and CreatorUp


We teach through video tutorials, with courses around specific sites, like how to make content for FunnyorDie, taught by one of the staff writers from FunnyOrDie. Michael Tringe: I went to USC film school, and graduated with a MFA in film production.

Mix and Mingle | LA Startups Shows Some Bite

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The idea came to John Kolker at USC 1 year ago, then through start engine him and his partner were able to make their idea come to life. Golfers won’t have as many injuries and for golf courses, it gets people through the course earlier resulting in more customers.

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Liquid Notes | Using AI to Add Intelligence Back Into Music

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If you look back, the original founder, Stephan studied at the USC Foreign School of Music, so there is a long standing connection with LA. Of course. Obvious statement of the year: Electronic music is everywhere.

How TenOneTen Ventures Is Investing In LA's Technology Future


I was just at USC yesterday, and they''re really focused on great things in science in engineering. Of course, if you can get a referral through a person I know, it''s much more helpful because I can get that person''s opinion as well.

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Interview with Brett Crosby and Brew Johnson, PeerStreet


I grew up in Thousand Oaks, went to USC, and we met each other way back in the 90's. We had courses together in college, and got to know each other on a deeper intellectual level, before we got to know each other socially.