Document Your MVP for a Developer


He wanted to get input from me on what he's doing, and he wants to begin to ask developers what it would take to build his product. what format would you and the developer want that in? You likely are writing your first one of these.

Steve Blank Discusses The Origin And Future Of The Lean Startup Movement


Steve is also a Stanford Professor and noted marketing entrepreneur. The Lean Startup approach dictates that successful customer development is an iterative process. Eric (Ries) was a student in one of the very earliest customer development classes at Berkley.

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How Investors Think About Valuation of Pre-Revenue Startups


There's a lot out there around Customer Development - read Steve Blank : Entrepreneurship as a Science – The Business Model/Customer Development Stack - Steve Blank , October 25, 2010 Checklists for Chaos, The Path to Success - Steve Blank , October 28, 2010 and reading about Lean, MVPs, etc. I should try to come back and write about this more, but the point of this post is that it's important not to only think about this aspect.

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Top 120 Startup Posts for 2010


Steve Blank , January 25, 2010 10 Tips for Adding Game Mechanics to a Non-Gaming Service - ReadWriteStart , September 21, 2010 Startups & VCs: Learn How to Design, Market, & Eat Your Own. - Some really great stuff in 2010 that aims to help startups around product, technology, business models, etc.

Your Product Needs to be 10x Better than the Competition to Win. Here’s Why:

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It was a pleasure to write them myself. He wanted to build direct customer relationships to get product feedback but only 2% of customers would ever return their registration cards. they can build teams that really focus on building & marketing great products.

Top 57 Online Startups Meets Technology Meets Product Posts for November 2010


aka: An Open Letter to the Next Big Social Network) - 500 Hats , November 1, 2010 I've held off writing this post for a long time, because I couldn't quite get my head around all the issues. Equity-Only CTO and Equity-Only Developers - SoCal CTO , November 1, 2010 I had a recent email dialog with the founder of a company looking for a CTO for their startup. Was it a Startup Founder Developer Gap ? But I didn’t write it for you; I wrote it for myself.

Top 30 Startup Posts for July 2010


5 Lessons from 150 startup pitches - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , July 11, 2010 I just reviewed several hundred startup pitches for Capital Factory. SaaS 101: 7 Simple Lessons From Inside HubSpot - OnStartups , July 19, 2010 It’s been a little over 4 years since I officially launched my internet marketing software company , HubSpot. The collapse of the IPO market and dysfunctional math in the venture capital community has stacked the odds against you.

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Domain Experience Gives Entrepreneurs an Unfair Advantage

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There’s one attribute (coming soon) that I need to have in order to write a check but I don’t believe is vital for success. I’ll publish the final post in this series this week and then move on to my next series – sales & marketing. When you’re researching a market you can spend a year putting your hypotheses on paper but you somehow never really have a handle on the minute details of the industry until you’ve lived in it.

Top 40 Startup Posts for August 2010


How a startup should leverage a personal assistant - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , August 30, 2010 Rob Walling generously allowed me to reprint this excerpt from his new book, "Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup" available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon and in PDF and ePub from We had to write a CRM to keep track of them all. Develop your business plan. Developer.

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