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Beware of Mentors. I’m going to take that thought out into the field and validate it with my customers." I’ve spoken to dozens of customers, I have a validated customer persona, built an MVP to test key behavioral hypotheses, and the data doesn’t back what you’re saying."

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Most of our mentors are people who have been successful entrepreneurs and investors, who have been there, and understand how to get a company to the next sage. In LA, we ran a company that was focused on more traditional mentors, but found that it was just too early for 1-on-1 mentorships versus the value being provided, so we quickly moved over to the pre-accelerator model, which we started running full time. Blake Caldwell: We believe heavily in customer in customer development.

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The program is based on a highly developed process created by entrepreneurial thought-leader and Ivy League educator Steve Blank , author of the book The Four Steps to the Epiphany. Customer Development. There is a mentor program that accompanies the class.

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Though this was 2000 , and all startup & VC blogs we've grown to love didn't exist yet, I did have mentors available. 0160; If I need $250,000 to get to 100 customers, or $1 million to get to X, and I can raise both amounts from either Angels or VCs, where do we turn? How to be a successful iPhone developer - 47 Hats , July 20, 2010 I came across this YouTube video of Brian Greenstone from Pangea Software talking about how his company made $1.5 Customer Care Today.

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How a startup should leverage a personal assistant - A Smart Bear: Startups and Marketing for Geeks , August 30, 2010 Rob Walling generously allowed me to reprint this excerpt from his new book, "Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup" available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon and in PDF and ePub from Often board members give entrepreneurs two bits of advice regarding scale: Get a mentor. Develop your business plan.