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Why Email May Be Draining Your Company’s Productivity

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Email. Ah, email. I’ve taken to saying, “Email is our personal to-do list that anybody adds to – whether they know us or not.” I have taken to limiting my outbound email. Yet email seems to be an open invitation to anybody.

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Vonjour | Connecting Your Business with Your Customers

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Without it, the business wouldn’t have a way to connect with each other and their customers. Vonjour is a contact center solution for customer service. What we’re looking to do is integrate the modes of communication which businesses communicate with their customers.

Customer Support Training | What is excellent customer service?

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Excellent customer service isn’t just something that happens from company to consumer. Customer service starts within a company. We all know about Zappos customer culture and their willingness to stay on a call with a customer for up to 10 hours.

The “drop dead” question for a customer survey


It reminds us that our customers, especially early adapters, must want to continue to use our products to the extent that they “would be very disappointed” if unable to do so in the future.

Sony Online Entertainment: Customer Data Stolen


San Diego-based Sony Online Entertainment , the developer of massively multiplayer online games, has provided details of the intrusion on the firm's systems, saying that hackers may have stolen its customer information.

Are you an old school customer marketer?


Both of these time–honored methods of reaching our customers have worked for as long as there was print and radio–TV to get the message out. Spend lots and not be sure of the return on investment; or spend much less and offer some of the savings to the customer.

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DreamHost Upgrades Email Support


Los Angeles-based web hosting provider DreamHost has upgraded its email experience for its customers, the company said late last week, with a partnership with atmail. The atmail service keeps users' emails on their own, DreamHost accounts, rather than forwarding emails elsewhere. dreamhost email support hosting telecom webmail atmail

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How Sendgrid Makes Sure Those App Emails Go Through, With Jim Franklin


If you're an application developer, sending emails through your application can be a chore. Sendgrid ( has stepped into that void, providing application programming interfaces (APIs) and all the infrastructure required to handle that email delivery.

Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

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From email addresses and demographics to Likes, brand affinitiesand interests, it gives marketersthe insights they need to address consumers as individuals with relevant, meaningful messages that drive response. That’s how social can help build customer lifetime value.”.

Master of Customer Acquisition, Matt Coffin, On Startups …

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He is very hands-on and helpful – especially for any company looking into customer acquisition. o On 1/11/05 his daughter was born at 8AM, at 6 PM email showing first million dollar rev day for the company and 8 PM term sheet from Experian to buy the company – all on the same day!

Using Social Media To Deal With Customer Trolls


You operate your business from a small boat in the remote waters of northern Fiji and your customers are spread across the globe, residing in the US, Europe and Asia. How can you protect your company''s reputation when a rouge customer unjustly flames your startup?

How This Startup Turned An April Fools Joke Into Customers


Last week, Divshot turned a simple April Fool''s Day joke into a marketing coup, generating nearly 6,000 Tweets and over a thousand Beta customers. Don''t Be Afraid To Offend (Some) Customers. A version of this article previously appeared on Inc.

Bridg Aims At Restaurants With New CRM Software


Los Angeles-based software developer Bridg said this week that it has launched a new customer relationship management (CRM) software product specifically aimed at restaurants. According to the company, it is using information from point-of-sale (POS), email, loyalty, online ordering, and other areas to help give restaurants a single, unified view of their individual customers, and helps those restaurants identify growth opportunities based on that data.

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My story: Fail locally, one customer at a time.


In my case as a young software entrepreneur, I had a different approach: Fail Locally, one customer at a time. Email readers, continue here…] I’ve often looked back and said that you didn’t have to be a genius at that time. And I would learn customer service.

SendGrid Rolls Out New Triggered Email Service


SendGrid , the email infrastructure and delivery provider which has a big development office in Orange County, said Thursday that it has launched a new service that helps marketers send out emails to their customers, based on their activities and actions. The new service, Threads by SendGrid , allows marketers to craft how emails are send to users, based on what websites they view, what features they are using, mobile app activity, and more.

GoCoin Adds Email, SMS Billing


Santa Monica-based GoCoin , the Bitcoin payment software developer headed by Steve Beauregard, said last week that it has added a new feature which lets merchants bill customers via email and SMS. GoCoin said the new feature makes it easier for merchants to accept digital currency payments from customers. The new feature allows merchants to request BitCoin and other digital currency payments via either an email or text, directly from a dashboard or an API.

SendGrid Sets Up Shop In Anaheim


Cloud-based, email infrastructure provider SendGrid , which develops cloud software to help businesses more easily deliver emails to customers, has set up shop in Anaheim, California, the firm said Wednesday. sendgrid anaheim engineering jobs employment email infrastructure cloud software saas

Nimble Offers Software For Free To Startups


Nimble , the developer of customer relationship management software, said today that it has launched a program for startups, which will offer up a free year of its service. Nimble is led by Jon Ferrara, and offers up a service that helps users better track their contacts, customers, sales prospects, and more, and communicate with them via email, social networks, and more. nimble startup accelerator customer relationship email sales management goldmine launchpadla muckerlab

Nimble Updates CRM Tools


According to the company, led by longtime CRM veteran Jon Ferrara, the updated software includes such new features as embedding within Office 365 and Google Apps; synchronizes contacts, emails, and calendars; new automatic market segmentation tools; personalized outreach emails; new templates for Gmail; and much more. nimble customer relationship management tool software platform

Newegg Adds Facebook Messenger For Customer Support


Los Angeles-based online technology retailer Newegg said Wednesday that it has begun using Facebook Messenger for its customer support efforts. newegg facebook messenger customer support

How To Make Freemium Customers Generate Revenue For Your Startup


In the spirit of the “land grab” mentality of the day, we emphasized usage of our screen sharing technology with no thought applied to how we would convert such users into paying customers. At companies such as SaskTel, Gateway and Cablevision, customer support agents used BuddyHelp to access their customers’ computers and handle their technical support issues. Market segment – users free access, but make users with email address pay.

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5 Tips to Becoming a More Customer Centric Organization

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As organizations we have become more open and I believe this is great for businesses and their customers. We spent time out in the marketplace talking with customers, looking at their solutions, comparing ourselves with our competition and then squirreling ourselves away in our offices designing our next set of features. some came from our customer service, some were to improve performance / scalability from tech ops, some were bug fixes, etc.)

SaneBox's New Tool, SaneConnect, Finds Warmer Intros Using Email


Venice, California-based SaneBox , the developer of email tools to help users better manage the flood of emails in their inbox, has rolled out a new product it says can help better figure out who in your company can make a warm intro to potential customers and partners. According to the company, its new product, SaneConnect, analyzes a company's email to help figure out if anyone else in your organization has a stronger relationship with an employee at your target company.

J2 Global Buys UK Email Security Provider


Los Angeles-based J2 Global announced this morning that it has acquired another company, this time a UK-based email services provider called EPA Cloud. EPA Cloud provides email security and management. J2 Global said it will use the acquisition to expand its customer base, technical expertise, sales, support, and operations in the UK and the rest of Europe. j2global merger acquisition email security software managed services international

Autobytel Relaunches Email Program


Irvine-based Autobytel , which provides an online marketing and lead generation service for automotive dealers, announced today that it has re-launched an email marketing program. The firm said that its Email Manager program is targeted at interact with car buyers in a "lengthening purchase cycle." Tags: autobytel email marketing automotive

5 Reasons Growth Hacking is THE Most Important Function of a Startup

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Awesome, now you know it works, so you need a lot more customers to become an actual business. Thus, you need to enable new ways to create a scalable customer acquisition process. A good example of growth hacking was Andrei Marinescu’s role as head of customer acquisition for Hulu.

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Sendio Launches Free Email Protection Service


Newport Beach-based Sendio , a provider of email protection services, said today that it has launched a free version of the firm's products. Sendio's email service uses sender authentication to prevent spam and other unwanted email from reaching companies.

Want to Get Rich? Listen to Your Customers Like These Founders……

Steve Reich

This is not an article about the high moral purpose and the nobility of listening to your customers. It is an article about how to make your company worth a fortune by listening to your customers. It gives the best customer experience of any phone. Listen to your customers and grow rich. Here are two successful founders who are building great companies by listening to their customers: Rick Stollmeyer of MindBodyOnline and Travis Giggy of SwingbySwing Golf.

Creating A Better Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Instead, decide exactly which customers you want to approach, then exactly how you want to approach them. Johnny Cupcakes , a successful clothing brand, grew customer base enormously by segmenting their audience by age and gender, then sending tailored email ads fitted to each group.

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Why bother to sit in with customer service?


Then, when my manager of customer service sent a request up the line asking for funds for equipment or expanded staffing, I would understand the need, sometimes offering suggestions for improvement to try before making the investment. Start by sitting in with customer service.

Keep constant contact with key customers.


And that behavior results in leaving little time for outreach to the most critical possible component in your chain – your key customers. If the presenting CEO is honest in the analysis of actual time spent each week, it is often revealing to all to see how many hours are spent turning inward toward meetings, operational management, or responding to emails or texts sent by others. Do customers know what they like when they see it?

eFax Adds Large File Sharing Support


Los Angeles-based eFax , the cloud-based FAX service run by j2 Global Communications , said this week that it has added a new service to allow users to share files that are too large to share via email. efax large file support email attachment global j2global