Greatly exceed early customer expectations.


First customers are critical. Your first customers for any product or service form your reference base, the important group of allies that your marketing and sales people rely upon when attempting to create buzz and make a mass market for a new product.

Custom 263

Helping Startups Understand Salespeople & the Sales Culture

Both Sides of the Table

Whenever I heard why we didn’t feel a sales process at an important customer was going well (or if we lost) I would get involved myself. They are as good at selling you as they are at selling your product to customers. Customers buy solutions to solve their problems.

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Popbase helps YouTube stars build closer relationships with their fans

TechCrunch LA

A new startup is seizing on an opportunity to help up-and-coming online entertainers take a leaf out of that book and grow their relationships with fans. Entertainment has changed.

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LawKick: A Modern Way To Find Legal Help


Michael Chasin: is essentially a marketplace that makes it easier than ever to find legal help. How the website works, is the client goes to the website, and indicates what they need help with. If you think about finding legal help, it''s not like you''re buying a t-shirt.

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BlackLine Taps Zuora For Chief Customer Officer


Los Angeles-based BlackLine said this morning that it has named Karen Flathers as the company's new Chief Customer Officer. BlackLine said Flathers will oversee oversee the day-to-day functions of its Implementations, Support, Customer Success and Product Training departments. BlackLine said Flathers had helped Zuora transition from a "start-up to a pre-IPO mentality." acquisition merger flathers karen executive officer customer chief zuora blackline

Custom 135

Social Media, the Customer Service Spectator, or Superstar?

Eric Greenspan

Using social media to increase your company’s touch and reach with each of your customers may be the most important reason to jump in to this game changing strategy. However, if your customers don’t post anything at all, good or bad, perhaps your pricing is too high overall.

4 Tools to Help Startups Find Quality Leads


Finding potential customers continues to be a huge challenge not only for established marketing and sales teams but also for startup executives and solo entrepreneurs. Customer Outreach Solution – Mailshake.

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Deka Takes On Custom, 3D Printed Bluetooth Headsets


Deka , a new startup developing custom Bluetooth headsets, said today that it has launched a crowdfunding effort to help launch the company. deka dekasounds custom printed bluetooth headset

Custom 202

This Startup Hacked LinkedIn To Recruit Customers & Reduce Churn


However, savvy startups can leverage LinkedIn to create a customer acquisition and a churn reduction tool. However, in some cases, especially with its larger customers, the company displaces a competitor. It’s not about helping them use our software.

Custom 149

Lumi Lands $9M For Custom Packaging For E-Commerce Brands


Los Angeles-based Lumi , which provides the fancy, custom packaging you might see from MeUndies or FabFitFun, has raised $9M in a Series A funding, the company said on Wednesday. The company helps manage manufacturing of custom boxes and other packaging for e-commerce and other brands, using a network of suppliers. lumi custom packaging ecommerce brand branding venture capital

The One Key Person That Will Help You Improve Sales

Both Sides of the Table

The “P” stands for Pain or the reason your customer needs to implement a new product. Not everybody who is nice or helpful to you is your “champion.” In order for somebody with IA to be your champion he has to be actively helping you through the sales process.

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How Catalog Is Helping SMBs Compete Against Big Brands


Earlier this month, Los Angeles-based Catalog (, a startup developing artificial intelligence software to help independent visual artists scale their content production efforts, announced it raised $1.5M Fortunately, the Director of Global Customer Experience at Google, became our first investor, so we could start and figure out the content problem for small and medium businesses. To bundle all of these components requires you to have customers with similar needs.

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The Empathy Economy: Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service


The “empathy economy” will help define the new reality of human and machine interactions in the customer service industry. Brand loyalty has been championed by brands like Gucci and Tesla, who have both a dedicated customer base and “fans” who admire the out-of-reach products.

ReachLocal Trumpets Marketing Automation Customer List


ReachEdge helps small and medium sized businesses with their online marketing efforts, including managing their website, advertising, SEO, lead management, and tracking of customer acquisition efforts. ReachLocal said fifty five percent of its first clients have been prior, ReachLocal customers, and that it has been seeing the most interest in the healthcare, automotive, home services, legal and education industries. reachlocal marketing automation customers leads software

Marketing Crushes Customer Experience through Data. DUN dun dun!

Tech Zulu Event

Apparently, the key to growth is the relationships that you may have with customers and suppliers. Why aren’t more companies capturing this kind of information to deliver a more personalized experience to their customers and/or prospects?

Qualaroo Launches New Product, Helps Convert Web Visitors


Qualaroo , a developer of website conversion and analytics software which helps web businesses improve the experience and conversion of their visitors, has launched a new product. The company--founded by Sean Ellis, Eugene Mandel, Alex Sherstinsky, and Jason Meresman--said today that it has launched a new "Convert" product which helps website owners convert a higher percentage of their website visitors to customers.

Web 168

LogicMonitor Migrates Citrix GoToAssist Customers


LogicMonitor said the move will help it offer its platform to former Citrix GoToAssist customers. Santa Barbara-based infrastructure performance monitoring software developer LogicMonitor announced this morning that it has been named the "preferred" IT performance monitoring platform by Citrix, which is decommissioning its GoToAssist Monitoring product. READ MORE>>. logicmonitor citrix gotoassist performance monitoring software

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6 Services from Telecom Infrastructure Companies in SoCal that Help Carriers Scale

Southern California Edison Blog

The telecommunications industry is under increasing pressure as customers demand high speeds and data transport, as well as implementing big data initiatives for their businesses. The faster the speeds and the higher the quality of your offerings, the more customers you’ll win and retain.

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ServiceNow Wins University Customer


San Diego-based ServiceNow announced today that it has signed on Bournemouth University as a customer. According to ServiceNow, the university is using its software-as-a-service for helping to consolidate multiple IT systems, and provide IT self service to faculty, staff, and students. Bournemouth University is based in England, and has more than 18,000 students.

Custom 135

Colony Logic: Helping The Enterprise Overcome Legacy Systems


Ultimately, we also offer up all the analytics to help them make better decisions for their business. We''ve spend the last two years in the lab environment, and have tested it with one large customer, and are now rolling it out to commercial customers.

Help 239

A Conversation With Appetize's Kevin Anderson On Getting Customer Service Right


As part of the lead in to the conference, and as a part of our sponsor relationship with the conference, we're running a series of interviews with speakers from the conference about their experience in the area of recurring revenues, customer service, and similar topics. What has been the biggest lesson you've learned in retaining and keeping customers? Whether that's our help desk, our account managers, or even the sales guys, to a certain degree, we put the customer first.We

Custom 109

MindTouch Picks Up $12M For Customer Self Service Software


San Diego-based MindTouch , a developer of software-as-a-service tools to help companies create self-service, customer support sites, has raised $12M in a Series A funding. MindTouch's software provides customer support search tools, product information, and more to end users. mindtouch venture capital customer self service portal saas

Custom 122

ValueMyStuff: Helping You Uncover That Monet In Your Attic


offices in Los Angeles--wants to help anyone figure out exactly what those items are worth, tapping into expertise from its staff, who have been at big international auction houses like Sotheby''s and Christie''s. Who is the ideal customer for your service?

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Fan Appz Launches Personal Marketing Platform To Help Brands Convert Fans Into Loyal Customers

Tech Zulu Event

That’s how social can help build customer lifetime value.”. Unlike first-generation social media solutions that focus on building awareness at the top of the funnel, Fan Appz’ Personalized Marketing Platform helps brands close the sale.

How to Acquire Customers by Marketing “Heroes”

Both Sides of the Table

Social proof is defined as “looking for others to guide our decisions&# and is also one of the most important techniques in acquiring customers in your company. You need to give them advance notice of your product development or better yet let them help influence your direction.

Custom 322

How Is Helping To Power The Branchless Banking Revolution


One of the startups looking to help power the "branchless banking revolution" is Los Angeles-based Ben Katz: Our customer is basically anyone who trusts their smart phone enough to bank in the cloud. Almost all of our customers interact with us through their phone screen.

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Lytx Wins Commercial Trucking Insurance Customer


Lytx said Canal will offer up its Lytx DriveCam Program to its fleet customers as a value added service. Lytx said its Lytx DriveCam Program helps prevent collisions, reduce injuries and save lives by offering up video, predictive analytics, real-time driver feedback and coaching for fleets.

Custom 163

Helping Consumers Name Their Own Price For Products, With Greentoe


You put your price into our gauge, which has the colors red, yellow, and green to help guide consumers in making the most appropriate offers. That gauge helps make sure the offers that consumers place are realistic, for example, not offering $200 for a $2000 Canon camera.

Tips to Help you Think About Sales at Your Startup

Both Sides of the Table

How do you get access to customers? Sales. It’s the lifeblood of any organization and yet most startups don’t have any sales DNA on their teams. It’s important enough that I dedicate a tab on my blog to startup sales & marketing.

Tips 328

Staff Ranker: Helping Hospitality Businesses Better Manage Workers


However, Redondo Beach-based StaffRanker ( has rolled out a system to help those companies better manage what is a notoriously difficult segment of the labor market, which has a lot of turnover and which just doesn''t match existing, corporate performance management systems.

Help 236

The/Studio Finds $11M For Custom Manufacturing Network


Los Angeles-based The/Studio , a startup offering up custom manufacturing of products through a worldwide network of apparel manufacturers, accessory makers, textile manufacturers, and many others, has raised $11M in a funding round. The company says it has vetted its own network of factories worldwide to help people with custom manufacturing, without having to set up their own supply chain.

Custom 109

Servier Licenses CureMatch Tech for Custom Cancer Drug Treatments


A global pharmaceutical company based in France has licensed software developed by San Diego digital health startup CureMatch that aims to help cancer doctors customize the combination of drugs they prescribe to patients based on mutations in cancer DNA.

Guide 74

If You Don’t Respect Your Customers You Won’t Be Successful

Both Sides of the Table

I spend a lot of time with startups and thus hear many companies talk about their approach to sales and their interactions with customers. From these meetings you can really tell the leaders that care deeply about their customers and those the look down on them. Given customers & sales are the lifeblood of any organization you’d imagine everybody would respect their customers. But even here you need to care passionately about supporting your customers.

Custom 284

Customer Support Training | What is excellent customer service?

Tech Zulu Event

Excellent customer service isn’t just something that happens from company to consumer. Customer service starts within a company. We all know about Zappos customer culture and their willingness to stay on a call with a customer for up to 10 hours.

Rackspace Acquires RelationEdge, Adding to IT Customer Management


San Antonio —Cloud computing giant Rackspace has acquired a company that helps other businesses implement and use the Salesforce software. The deal expands Rackspace’s focus on helping companies use software and computing services, including those of previous competitors. San Antonio-based Rackspace is building out its portfolio of software-focused customer service offerings, which the company notes are becoming a bigger part of everyday business operations.