Find your “teacher customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. This week’s insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. The customer would be the first to receive the new functionality in a new release.

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Are you an old school customer marketer?


Both of these time–honored methods of reaching our customers have worked for as long as there was print and radio–TV to get the message out. Today, if you are not targeting your marketing effort with predictive analysis and segment–focused communications, you are way behind others who do.

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Greatly exceed early customer expectations.


First customers are critical. Your first customers for any product or service form your reference base, the important group of allies that your marketing and sales people rely upon when attempting to create buzz and make a mass market for a new product.

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Who cares about customer loyalty?


Repeat customers, raving fans, angry backlashers, commodity shoppers. Here’s another way to look at the ladder to an ideal customer loyalty relationship. Customers hate this, especially when they have a complaint.

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How to Acquire Customers by Marketing “Heroes”

Both Sides of the Table

Social proof is defined as “looking for others to guide our decisions&# and is also one of the most important techniques in acquiring customers in your company. It influenced a generation of tech marketers. We would take every day users from our customer base and make them heroes.

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ReachLocal Trumpets Marketing Automation Customer List


Woodland Hills-based online local online marketing provider ReachLocal is bragging today that it has signed up 1,000 clients for its new ReachEdge marketing automation product. ReachEdge helps small and medium sized businesses with their online marketing efforts, including managing their website, advertising, SEO, lead management, and tracking of customer acquisition efforts. reachlocal marketing automation customers leads software

TCVN Program: Customer Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, January 24, 2019 -- TCVN Program: Customer Development. The four tracks are: Legal, Execution, Finance, and Marketing and will consist of a series of five, consecutive monthly programs designed to give the entrepreneur a comprehensive overview of each area. Who is your customer? Join other entrepreneurs for a detailed workshop that will give you a different perspective on how to find and keep customers.

TigerText Signs Chicago Customer


Santa Monica-based secure messaging app developer TigerText , which provides secured text messaging for the enterprise and healthcare markets, has signed up a customer in Chicago. tigertext chicago secure messaging texting healthcare enterprise customerTigerText said that Chicago Cardiology Institute (CCI), which treats cardiovascular disease in Illinois, has deployed the company's secure messaging products as part of a HIPAA compliance effort.

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SteelHouse Names Chief Customer Officer


Los Angeles-based SteelHouse , which develops online retargeting and advertising software, has named Rory Mitchell as Chief Customer Officer (CCO) at the company. According to SteelHouse, Mitchell has over 17 years of experience in the area, and was previously at Experian Marketing Services. steelhouse chief customer offier executive retargeting advertising software

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How to Know When to Sell vs. When to Market to Customers

Both Sides of the Table

You know exactly when you want to sell to this customer and presumably it’s this quarter! And with scarce resources it’s your job to decide which door this lead must go through – sales or marketing. Which customers to target: Elephants, Deer or Rabbits ?

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Niche marketing works. Here’s how.


How many of us throw away marketing dollars because our paid efforts reach an audience that is much larger than the target or niche audience we need to reach? So, let’s up our marketing knowledge first with a few short answers to marketing questions…. What Is niche marketing?

Marketing Crushes Customer Experience through Data. DUN dun dun!

Tech Zulu Event

Kevin Akeroyd , GM & SVP of Oracle Marketing Cloud and their own Matthew Collins , SVP of Global Marketing. Now nearly every conversation about marketing starts with growth. Apparently, the key to growth is the relationships that you may have with customers and suppliers.

HG Insights Powers New Forrester Market Research Offering


Santa Barbara-based software developer HG Insights is powering a new market research offering from research and advisory giant Forrester, to power Forrester's new Business Technographics Service. According to the two companies, Forrester will use "technographics" from HG Insights, to help Forrester's customers see technology adoption trends in more than 45 different markets worldwide. insights hginsights software marketing analytics data technographics

Coull Entrepreneurs Get More Customers


Skimlinks is an affiliate marketing tool that allows website publishers to readily monetize their online content. According to Lex ,“The next wave of online marketing is the seamless integration of contextually relevant advertisements within the content itself.

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Attract A MILLION New Customers Overnight with YouTube Marketing – Literally

Tech Zulu Event

It is YouTube marketing at its best. Years before Hello Flo’s “The Camp Gyno” video existed, in 2009, Orabrush, a tongue cleaner company, was setting the precedent for what would be how to make a million dollars in ecommerce sales utilizing YouTube marketing.

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Yardi Adds New Customer


Santa Barbara-based Yardi , which develops property management and accounting software for the real estate market, reported another customer win this morning, with commercial property owner Blatteis & Schnur. Yardi did not detail the financial impact of the win. Blatteis & Schnur operates 29 multi-tenant retail properties, which it will manage with Yardi's software.

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My story: Fail locally, one customer at a time.


In my case as a young software entrepreneur, I had a different approach: Fail Locally, one customer at a time. You just had to be lucky, write reasonably good code and land in an industry with some legs, and of course, treat the customer well. And I would learn customer service.

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Customer Validation - 33 Great Articles


His basic point was: If someone, including me, tells you something isn’t a great idea and there’s no market for it there are only two acceptable responses. I’m going to take that thought out into the field and validate it with my customers." Customer Validation 101.

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The “drop dead” question for a customer survey


Sean Ellis, the marketing guru behind DropBox and other successes, advises clients that “The most important question on a survey is, ‘How would you feel if you could no longer use this product?’” Again, it is a sign of a viral marketing effort to get more than forty percent checking that box.

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MomentFeed Adds New Customer Tracking Tools


Santa Monica-based MomentFeed , the developer of mobile customer analytics tools, says that it has launched a new, online-to-offline customer journey tracking tool in the latest version of its platform. makes it easier for its multi-location brand customers to track "online-to-offline journeys" and calculate the ROI of their mobile marketing efforts. momentfeed customer tracking location mobile analytics brands

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Why Your Marketing Campaign Sucks

Both Sides of the Table

Mostly it’s because your marketing campaigns suck. Or more directly – they are likely narcissistic resuscitations of your newest features or bragging points that nobody but your marketing team and your mom care about. They offer a point-of-view about their market.

The LALA School of marketing


Let’s focus not upon the process of marketing and positioning, but on you. How should you become the best marketer you can be, even if you are a first time entrepreneur or a seasoned CEO? The first rule of marketing and positioning is to listen to the marketplace.

Putting the band back together, ExactTarget execs reunite to launch MetaCX

TechCrunch LA

Scott McCorkle has spent most of his professional career thinking about business to business software and how to improve it for a company’s customers. If customers are doing the things i want them to be doing through my product.

Navigating the Green Rush: Canna Advertising, Marketing and Branding

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, April 25, 2019 -- Navigating the Green Rush: Canna Advertising, Marketing and Branding. Hear from stand-out canna brands and marketers as they discuss what to know when launching campaigns to reach customers and partners. Learn how to build brand and audience, and design campaigns, while simultaneously navigating shifting regulations and approaches that require a re-think in terms of traditional digital advertising and marketing tactics.

This Startup Hacked LinkedIn To Recruit Customers & Reduce Churn


However, savvy startups can leverage LinkedIn to create a customer acquisition and a churn reduction tool. However, in some cases, especially with its larger customers, the company displaces a competitor. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

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The three legged stool of marketing excellence


Marketing is a science devised to help drive customers to your door. There are lots of ways to define how to market well, including the four P’s of marketing (1): product, price, promotion and place. Then there is the four C’s, the consumer-oriented marketing model (2).

Sneaker market GOAT hires COO Lizzie Francis and makes a play for women sneaker shoppers

TechCrunch LA

She also serves on the board of Shoes of Prey, a custom shoe company currently aimed at the women’s market. Now she’s taking an ops position at one of the biggest players in the sneaker market. We’re open to whatever the customer tells us they want to need.

BlackLine Tops 1300 Customers


Los Angeles-based finance and accounting automation software developer BlackLine reports this morning that it added 393 new customers in 2015 and now has over 1300 customers around the world. BlackLine said that among the biggest area of growth for the company were mid-market companies, in addition to its existing large enterprise base.

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The Empathy Economy: Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service


The “empathy economy” will help define the new reality of human and machine interactions in the customer service industry. Brand loyalty has been championed by brands like Gucci and Tesla, who have both a dedicated customer base and “fans” who admire the out-of-reach products.

Catch up to your market or be lost!


Markets and competitors change. First, speak to your customers often. Look up for customer needs that change. Are you being left behind?

Using Social Media To Deal With Customer Trolls


You operate your business from a small boat in the remote waters of northern Fiji and your customers are spread across the globe, residing in the US, Europe and Asia. How can you protect your company''s reputation when a rouge customer unjustly flames your startup?

Find your “teacher-customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. Find one to teach you. This insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. Email readers continue here.] This is not to bend this insight into a claim that a company should wait to develop new, groundbreaking products and services until a customer asks for them.

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Use “switching costs” to your marketing advantage.


Offer incentives to existing customers to stay, and for competitor’s customers to switch. The momentum from an old decision that took lots of effort to implement is worth something to a marketing professional. And that’s a lesson for all of us in marketing.

Vonjour: Turning Your Phone Into A Customer Support Center


Daniel Tawfik: Vonjour is a cloud-based phone system for enhanced, customer support service. They can manage all of their customer contacts, create customer profiles, and be able to message their customer through SMS and web-based push notification.

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How This Startup Turned An April Fools Joke Into Customers


Last week, Divshot turned a simple April Fool''s Day joke into a marketing coup, generating nearly 6,000 Tweets and over a thousand Beta customers. Unlike many viral marketing events, the company''s latest guerilla marketing stunt was not luck.

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