Customer-Centric Strategies Win Over Product-Centric

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Is your marketing focus product-centric or customer-centric ? If you only sell products, it’s time to realize that times have changed. With a wealth of products now available, customers look for the most memorable experience , not just the best product.

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Centerfield Launches New Product For Customer Acquisition


Los Angeles-based Centerfield , a company which provides marketing and customer acquisition to the residential services, business services, and telecommunications markets, says it has launched a new product, called Insights by Scout. According to the company, the new product provides customer intelligence, and is part of its Dugout platform to automate customer acquisition for its customers. Pricing on the new product was not announced.

Find your “teacher customer.”


Your customers know what they want more than you do. This week’s insight came from personal experience and from a good friend who advanced the notion of the “teacher-customer” years ago. The customer would be the first to receive the new functionality in a new release.

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6 Keys to Marketing Customer Experience vs Products

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Not so long ago, every business assumed that the keys to success were the highest quality product, the best value for the buck, and the best customer service. Now all we hear about is providing the best “customer experience.” Exploit your product and service differences.

Greatly exceed early customer expectations.


First customers are critical. Your first customers for any product or service form your reference base, the important group of allies that your marketing and sales people rely upon when attempting to create buzz and make a mass market for a new product.

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How Modern Companies Have Redefined Customer Support

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Too many business owners still think of “ customer support ” as an after-sale process to rectify customer problems with completed transactions. One bad customer experience will kill not only one customer, but many future ones, who hear the message via social media and friends.

Digital Map Products Acquired By LightBox


Irvine-based Digital Map Products , a developer of mapping and location tools used by enterprise and government customers, has been acquired by LightBox , a provider of real estate information products. Digital Map Products was owned by private equity investor Silversmith Capital Partners, and had over 160 employees. Silversmith acquired Digital Map Products in a recapitalization deal in August of 2016.

4 Strategies To Ramp Up The Total Customer Experience

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Much has been written recently about the requirement to focus today on the total customer experience, as a competitive edge or even for survival. You want that customer to be delighted by the overall experience, rather than remember the many steps and the pain.

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Do you take those loyal, key customers for granted?


And that behavior results in leaving little time for outreach to the most critical component in your chain – your key customers. Then, what is a benchmark for customer outreach? But, do your customer know that they want? Do customers know what they like when they see it?

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Customer Service Can Kill Your Customer’s Experience

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With the advent of the Internet, social media, and instant communication via texting, customer expectations for service, as part of their entire customer experience, have changed. Company finds customers based on interests. Technology must improve the customer experience.

10 Key Principles To Drive Customer Decisions Today

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Today’s customers are overloaded and overwhelmed by too much information, so making a decision is a challenge. No matter how certain you are that your solution perfectly matches customer needs, you will be wrong. Emotions drive customer decision-making.

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TigerText Signs Chicago Customer


Santa Monica-based secure messaging app developer TigerText , which provides secured text messaging for the enterprise and healthcare markets, has signed up a customer in Chicago. TigerText said that Chicago Cardiology Institute (CCI), which treats cardiovascular disease in Illinois, has deployed the company's secure messaging products as part of a HIPAA compliance effort. tigertext chicago secure messaging texting healthcare enterprise customer

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Can you create a great customer case study?


Given the statistics quoted above, you must find ways to have your consumers endorse your product publicly, and in a form that is divorced from looking like an advertisement. But it must be told about and by the customer, with your product as the tool of solution, not the focus of the story.

Customer Centric Trumps Customer Service Every Time

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New product startups rightfully begin with a heads-down focus on creating the ultimate product – whether it’s a new technology, a new look and ease of use, or a new low-cost delivery approach. Customer centric means building loyal customers, like Apple appears to have done recently.

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5 Strategies To Thrive In Customer-Driven Disruption

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I’m more convinced that technology merely enables disruption, and changing customer interests and needs really causes it. Other companies keep the focus on their customers, and seem to thrive on disruption, much less survive. Mass-produced products aren’t on anyone’s wish list anymore.

Customer Discovery and Product Market Fit with Eric P. Rose, NPDP, MBA

SoCal Tech Calendar

Wednesday, May 8, 2019 -- Customer Discovery and Product Market Fit with Eric P. This talk will cover the preliminary market research work of Customer Discovery, that is to discover who would most value your proposed new product. It will also cover the tough decisions to then tailor your product in a way that the market values the most and yields the best return on its development investment.

How Snapchat Could Increase Team Production


Being intentionally productive is something we all strive for, but often fail to achieve. Michael Litt recently shared how her B2B company decided to use Snapchat-style videos to engage with both her team and their customers. Routine work is the worst enemy of productivity.

Can you pierce layers in supplier–customer partnerships?


I recently experienced an amazing effort of outreach by a vice president of a large national customer asking for a meeting with the product development team of a critical supplier, one of “my” companies.

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SlimSurveys Launches New Product


SlimSurveys , the new startup headed by former TweetPhoto founder Sean Callahan, has launched a new product, aimed at collecting data from website visitors. startup tweetphoto feedback customer survey software slimsurveys

7 Lessons From Airbnb and Uber On Customer Values

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Many notable recent successes, including Airbnb and Uber, have done it by finding disruptive customers, with essentially no new technology. They seek customers willing to decouple from accepted buying models, or are actively looking for a better total experience.

5 Solution Differentiation Moves That Customers Love

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Every entrepreneur believes that their product or service is memorable, and that every customer will quickly see the advantage over competitors. Yet true product differentiation in the eye of the customer is rarely achieved. Quantify the difference for your customers.

7 Groups Of Difficult Customers Test Every Business

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Have you ever noticed that some of your business owner friends get all the bad customers, and yours all seem fairly reasonable? I’m always amazed that, in my role as a business advisor, bad customers somehow seem to gang up on certain businesses.

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How Today’s Full Customer Buying Journey Is Critical

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In today’s totally interconnected world with its abundance of information, choices, and marketing, how your customers buy has drastically changed. Think about how much Starbucks customers have changed what you need to consider to sell a cup of coffee.

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7 Steps To Meeting The New Bar Of Delighted Customers

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Having satisfied customers is no longer enough to keep you ahead of competitors. The bar has been raised to having “delighted” customers. Customer delight is defined as surprising the customer by exceeding his or her expectations, thus creating a positive emotional reaction.

5 Elements Of Innovation That Are Not Product Related

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They nurture connections to other innovators and entrepreneurs, financial benefactors, organizational leaders, and potential customers. As you create an innovative product, put an equal effort into a compelling vision. Elon Musk entrepreneur innovation Jeff Dyer non-product

Don’t Wait To Catch Up Until Your Customers Hate You

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After working in business at all levels, and consulting to entrepreneurs for years, I’m still surprised to see so many situations where things that should be easy are painful to customers, and lead to customers hating your business.

7 Strategies For Anticipating Future Customer Trends

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The market is changing so fast these days, and if you are not planning a solution today for tomorrow’s customers, you may be setting yourself up for failure and don’t even realize it. In addition, most advanced CRM systems will help you analyze your specific customers for directional behavior.

9 Transaction Models Shape Your Customer Experience

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In my role as a business advisor, I often see well-meaning entrepreneurs try to be everything to everyone, which results in many things done poorly, and few totally delighted customers. These days, the whole business experience is often more important than the product.

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LA-based Maslo pivots to professional services, launching an AI product for executive coaching

TechCrunch LA

When the Los Angeles-based startup Maslo launched its first product in early 2018 , the company was focused on a direct-to-consumer tool designed to encourage mindfulness and self-awareness through a machine learning enabled avatar that would respond to individual’s inputs.

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5 Tips For Attracting Female Customers


Purchasing products from a brand you trust can be more of an emotional buy, and trust is one of the key factors to attracting the female shopper. If they know a product is good enough for their family and children, they will share that information with friends.

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Social Media, the Customer Service Spectator, or Superstar?

Eric Greenspan

Using social media to increase your company’s touch and reach with each of your customers may be the most important reason to jump in to this game changing strategy. However, if your customers don’t post anything at all, good or bad, perhaps your pricing is too high overall.

5 Market Obstacles That Kill Even Compelling Products

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Even when your new product or solution fills a real customer need, and has a positive value proposition, many new venture founders are surprised and frustrated to find that excited customers are hard to find and growth is slow. compelling product failure market obstacles

4 Communication Hacks to Entice Customers

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Entrepreneurship is more about building a business than inventing a product. Most importantly, it’s more about being a proactive leader who connects to customers and the team deeply, rather than a bright light that struggles to be seen amidst the glare of a million other bright lights.

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BlackLine Taps Zuora For Chief Customer Officer


Los Angeles-based BlackLine said this morning that it has named Karen Flathers as the company's new Chief Customer Officer. BlackLine said Flathers will oversee oversee the day-to-day functions of its Implementations, Support, Customer Success and Product Training departments. acquisition merger flathers karen executive officer customer chief zuora blackline

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My story: Fail locally, one customer at a time.


In my case as a young software entrepreneur, I had a different approach: Fail Locally, one customer at a time. You just had to be lucky, write reasonably good code and land in an industry with some legs, and of course, treat the customer well. And I would learn customer service.

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