What is the Definition of a Seed Round or an A Round?

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Marc Andreessen kicked off another great debate on Twitter last night , one that I’ve been talking about incessantly in private circles for the past 2-3 years – what actually IS the definition of a seed vs. A-round. My personal definition?

Your Customer Success Team Is Focusing On The Wrong Definition Of Success


When Ara concluded his definition of customer success, it was clear that his approach is anything but obvious. The post Your Customer Success Team Is Focusing On The Wrong Definition Of Success appeared first on John Greathouse A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

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Semtech Gets Ultra High Definition TV Test, Measurement Win


Television manufacturers and broadcasters are in the midst of bringing products for UHD (Ultra High Definition) television to market, which are double the resolution of current, 1080P HD television. Camarillo-based analog and mixed signal semiconductor provider Semtech said today that it is powering a new test and measurement product from OmniTek, a manufacturer of broadcast test and measurement equipment.

AltaSens Debuts New CMOS Sensors


AltaSens developing high definition and wide dynamic range CMOS imaging sensors. altasens cmos sensor image high definition electronics semiconductor Westlake Village-based AltaSens , a developer of CMOS image sensors, debuted two new products Monday. According to AltaSens, it has rolled out two new chips, a new CMOS sensor and an accompanying Wide Dynamic Range processing unit. The new products are aimed at the security, video conferencing, and medical industries.

Opthonix Sees $5.39M More


Vista-based Opthonix , a developer of wavefront guided, high definition vision eyeglasses, has raised $5.39M as part of an ongoing, $12.1M Tags: opthonix eyeglasses medical lifescience venture capital wavefront high definition izon financing, according to a regulatory filing from the firm earlier this week. Details on the funding have not been announced by the company. Opthonix is venture backed by Cross Creek Capital, DAG Ventures, Enterprise Partners, Gund Investment Corp.,

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Topspin Backs High Def MP3 Format


Venice-based Topspin , the music marketing and software firm headed by Ian Rogers, said today that it has inked a deal with Technicolor to distribute its music catalog in a new, high definition, MP3 format. Tags: topspin mp3hd high definition content music retail software technicolor fraunhofer

Los Angeles Digital Summit

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The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering. Tuesday, April 10, 2018 -- Los Angeles Digital Summit. See [link] (more

Lambs, the radiation-proof underwear company formerly known as Spartan, is now selling beanies

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Indeed, there are no studies that definitively prove a link between radiation emitted by cell phones and cancer. Earlier this year, Spartan, the French manufacturer of a silver-lined underwear designed to block EMF radiation from cell phones and wireless routers, relocated to the U.S.

Top CTO Challenges for 2019


The rating scale was 1-5 with: Not a challenge A small challenge Somewhat a challenge Definitely a challenge Keeps me up at night We provide both an Average and a Scaled Rating that gives much higher weight to 4s and 5s and discounts 1s and 2s.

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Stamps.com Acquires MetaPack for $230 Million

L.A. Business Journal

announced today a definitive agreement with United Kingdom supply chain management company MetaPack Ltd. El Segundo’s Stamps.com Inc. to buy the company for approximately $230 million in cash

Frank Addantes FounderBlog: 5. Outsourcing

Frank Addante

Cost was definitely one of the driving factors, initially. However, this “assembly line&# can definitely have its disadvantages when it comes to quality.

Think about Performance Before Building a Web Application


Performance is important, but it’s definitely not everything. “It was running fine.” ” In our performance consulting work, we often hear variations of the following: “Our web application was running fine with a few hundred users.

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Frank Addantes FounderBlog: 2. Under Process, Over Deliver

Frank Addante

Under Process, Over Deliver By Frank Addante (Part 2 of a 5 part series: " So, you need to develop a product? ") Ive learned that more process doesnt necessarily equal higher quality and it definitely doesnt result in increased productivity.

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What’s your story? Did someone else create it?


A mantra, tag line, motto, or logo with your unique brand definition is a good start. It is an old warning in the entertainment industry. Define your persona the way you want others to view you – before someone else defines you by comparing you to someone not as flattering as you would like.

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Mark Suster On Falling Valuations And LA’s Tech Scene

TechCrunch LA

“By any definition we’ve been in a funding… Read More. TechCrunch sat down with Mark Suster, managing partner at Upfront Ventures.

Everything about Java 8


It's definitely worthwhile to browse through the javadoc of that class. The following post is a comprehensive summary of the developer-facing changes coming in Java 8. This next iteration of the JDK is currently scheduled for general availability in September 2013. At the time of this writing, Java 8 development is still very much in progress. Language features and APIs may still change. I'll do my best to keep this document up to date.

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How much time do you spend “outside the box?”


Our CEO group we left that meeting each more willing to search for talent to help us and our enterprise find creative alternatives that would challenge us, expand our product, marketing, sales and process abilities beyond the constraints of our present definition of our company and its core.

More investors are betting on virtual influencers like Lil Miquela

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Or, depending on your definition, perhaps as early as Space Ghost Coast to Coast , the mid-1990s Cartoon Network series featuring an animated superhero interviewing real celebrities.

Are you ready to take on an office lease?


The flexibility in hiring decisions, reduced fixed costs, forced highly specific communications and better definition of job responsibilities that most often result from need, almost always give a virtual startup the edge financially and flexibly. Rent your first office with caution. .

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Timing and why we’re all VCs

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In the US, the SEC proposed allowing all companies to market themselves to investors before announcing IPOs versus just those that fall under the agency’s “emerging growth” definition.

Sneaker market GOAT hires COO Lizzie Francis and makes a play for women sneaker shoppers

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People come to Flight Club because they’re cultural institutions and so we definitely see a need and an opportunity to create more kind of brick and mortar, long term lease store and keep market.”.

Aclima sucks in $24M to scale its air quality mapping platform

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Control your euphoria!


That success is by definition just one of many such steps, and others will be affected almost always in negative ways not yet considered. One thing a senior manager can count on is that someday, something will go right, very right.

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Do Things That Don’t Scale

Tech Coast Venture Network

Graham calls it “doing things that don’t scale” because part of the definition of a startup is having a scalable technology. So what has changed? Playing Startup. Doing a startup is relatively popular. You know it is when universities start offering “entrepreneurship” programs.

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Premature scaling kills businesses.


By definition, scaling requires the addition of fixed overhead, sometimes the kind you cannot shed easily, including leases for expanded space. Typically, when you bring a VC onboard, you increase the risk, the reward, and the definition of the size for a successful exit.

My Commencement Speech?—?Life at Your Crossroads

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Taking risks is, by definition, risky! My Commencement Speech?—?Life Life at Your Crossroads Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash Crossroads Cal Poly Pomona! What’s up!?! I’m so grateful to be up here addressing you today. Today you’re either here to graduate or support somebody graduating.

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Four ways to find new business in the new year


Expand your definition of advertising to include four, not just two methods of finding your potential customers.

Tech.Co Has Been Acquired by Global Digital Media Business


So you can definitely chalk this up to a 10+ year overnight success! Today, I’m excited to announce that Tech.Co has been acquired by MVF , an international publishing and tech company.

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Do Things That Don’t Scale

Tech Coast Venture Network

Graham calls it “doing things that don’t scale” because part of the definition of a startup is having a scalable technology. So what has changed? Playing Startup. Doing a startup is relatively popular. You know it is when universities start offering “entrepreneurship” programs. As is true for all things popular, there are people who actually do startups and those who play startup. Every startup needs to get users.

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Hold On, Congress Is About To Handcuff Online Sellers


While every state has a slightly different definition of nexus, it is generally defined as, "a physical presence, employee, or products stored in the state." Yet, you may still think, "A million bucks is a lot, this won't hurt my definition of a small business."

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Document Your MVP for a Developer


Me : Product definition, use cases, feature list, wireframes, comps, really whatever you have. Towards An Integrated Approach to UX Design You should definitely look at Steve Blank's book and review his blog

Why PR?

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By definition, public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public; but the strategic communication process that occurs in today’s PR world requires so much more than just information management. As long-time PR pros and communications advocates, we’ve grown accustomed to questions like “What is PR?” or “Why do we need PR?”.

Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was

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This is the definition of nepotism that we would condemn from the least democratic nations in the world. A room full of some of the top tech leaders in our country: Apple, Facebook, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Amazon, Tesla and so forth.

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Necessity Vs. Innovation-Based Entrepreneurs


Under the broader definition are those people who become entrepreneurs out of necessity – starting their own business after losing a job, to supplement their income, or to gain the flexibility to attend to other demands in their lives. What makes someone an entrepreneur?

Nothing commands a higher multiple than hope!


You may recall that earlier in this series, I explained the definition of an inciting incident, using the movie industry and its story telling as the model. Dave’s note: Guest author, David Steakley returns to explain his theory of exit valuations.

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