Shootsta Sets Up Shop In Carlsbad For On-Demand, Online Video Production


Subscription, on-demand video production company Shootsta , which offers up an online, subscription-based video production service aimed at large brands, has set up shop in Carlsbad, the company said today. Shootsta helps its clients generate their own content, and then provides professional editing and post-production via an online, subscription service. shootsta carlsbad ondemand video production

On-Demand Startups Are Completely Changing the Industry


The successor to social media, at least in terms of cultural significance, are the on-demand apps that have us reaching for our phones not just to message friends, but to make transactions. At the top of the list of the challenges these on-demand companies face is managing the labor pool.

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6 Demand Generation Metrics To Quantify Marketing ROI

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Every entrepreneur knows that good demand generation marketing is the key to growth these days, but very few have the discipline or know-how to measure return in a world of a thousand tools and techniques. The fuel for any good demand generation program is relevant, buyer-centric content.

How Snapchat Could Increase Team Production


Being intentionally productive is something we all strive for, but often fail to achieve. Yet as an entrepreneur, you can rarely hide under the rock and pretend there’s nothing else happening around you and no one is demanding your attention. Happy teams are productive teams.

Customer-Centric Strategies Win Over Product-Centric

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Is your marketing focus product-centric or customer-centric ? If you only sell products, it’s time to realize that times have changed. With a wealth of products now available, customers look for the most memorable experience , not just the best product.

Catching Up With Joanne Bradford, Demand Media


Santa Monica-based Demand Media ( has seen its share of ups and downs as one of the highest visibility technology and media companies to come out of Southern California's technology ecosystem in recent years. What is Demand Media doing nowadays?

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Demand pull – cost push.


Place your cash bets behind proven demand. The term, “demand pull – cost push” was created by the great economist, John Maynard Keynes, to describe the two primary drivers of economic inflation. Demand pull: too much demand for a product or service and not enough supply cause a competition for the product that drives prices higher without increasing the intrinsic value of the product. Cost push – demand pull.

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Demand Media Updates Pluck Reviews


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said today that it has enhanced the firm's Pluck Reviews product, which power online ratings and reviews for brand websites. Demand Media said that it has added a new set of capabilities called "Trust Filters", which sorts reviews from Facebook friends and community friends on top of other reviews. Demand said the new feature also pulls information noted reviewers and "product experts" above the "clutter" of generic online reviews.

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How Has Product Hunt Become Such a Critical Startup Website?

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Product Hunt. It seems out of nowhere it has become the go to website for startup companies to launch their new products or businesses. I strong showing on TechCrunch created initial product demand and if you could sustain that it led to buzz overall in the tech community.

Machinima, Demand Media, Maker Studios Among Top YouTube Channels


A new analysis of the most popular, YouTube channels, shows that the Los Angeles area continues to lead the world in content production, even as the medium shifts to the web. minutes per viewer; Santa Monica-based Demand Media had 15.2

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Demand Media Buys E-Commerce Marketplace Society6 For $94M


Santa Monica-based Demand Media has acquired Society6 , an online e-commerce marketplace centered around artists, the company announced Monday afternoon, as part of an effort to expand its content and media platform. According to Demand Media, it paid $94M for Society6, including $75M in cash and approximately $19M in its common stock. Demand Media said that Society6 had revenues of approximately $15M for the twelve months ended December 31, 2012, with $4M in oerating income.

Demand Media Launches New Content Channels


Santa Monica-based Demand Media announced Thursday that it has launched a new product, called Content Channels. According to Demand, the new product is aimed at online publishers, and will provide them with original content focused on attracting readers. According to Demand, it is providing the service to both Hearst and USA Today. Tags: internet journalism channels content media demand

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Demand Media Nets $77.2M From IPO


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said this morning that it received approximately $77.2M The firm, which debuted on the NYSE as DMD, said it will use the new funding for investments in content, international expansion, working capital, product development, sales and marketing activities, general and administrative matters and capital expenditures. Demand's IPO offering was for 10,235,000 shares of common stock at $17.00 demand media exit merger acquisition

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Savvy Entrepreneurs Plan Both Business And Product

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Most technical entrepreneurs I know demand the discipline of a product specification or plan, and then assume that their great product will drive a great business. A product plan is never a substitute for a business plan. business plan entrepreneur product plan startup

Sidecar Shifting Towards On-Demand Delivery


Sidecar , one of a number of on-demand, ride services competing for the LA market, is shifting its services towards on-demand delivery, the company said today. Sidecar announced it has launched a new service called Sidecar Deliveries , which will offer same day delivery of products for companies, and expects that business to be at least 50 percent of its business nationwide this year.

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Curbside Plans Expansion To SoCal With On Demand Pickup Service,


On-demand pickup service Curbside , which develops a mobile, on-demand app and associated service that lets users buy products from retailers such as Target and Best Buy, and pick them up later that day, is planning to expand to Southern California.

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OpenX Launches New Product


Los Angeles-based online advertising technology developer OpenX Technologies said this morning that it has launched a new product, the OpenX SSP (Supply Side Platform). According to OpenX, the new product combines real-time-bidding (RTB) and ad network demand into a single auction system, which can help publishers maximize their advertising yield and increasing competition for their inventory.

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Mommy Bloggers Review Service for Manufacturers of Kid and Family Products

Eric Greenspan

As a newfound Dad Blogger and experienced marketer, I’ve begun offering a great new service that has been greeted by the Mommy Blogger community with great interest and the manufacturers of great products have responded equally well.

Demand Media Buys Two Firms, Renews Google Ad Deal


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online publishing empire run by Richard Rosenblatt, said Tuesday afternoon that it has acquired two companies, plus renewed a deal with Google. According to Demand Media, it acquired IndieClick , a Los Angeles-based online advertising company, and also acquired RSS Graffiti , another Los Angeles firm developing social media products for Facebook.

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GoShare Raises $1M For On Demand Moving, Delivery App


San Diego-based GoShare , the developer of an on-demand, moving and delivery app, has raised $1M in a seed funding round, the company said on Friday. The company said it will use the funding to improve its product and expand into new cities. The company--which calls itself the "Uber for Trucks"--said the funding was led by race car driver and entrepreneur Claudio Burtin, and also included Dr. David Panton (Panton Equit Partners).

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VIZIO Adds Hulu Plus, BLOCKBUSTER On Demand


Irvine-based VIZIO , which makes HDTV products, said today that it has added Hulu Plus , the premium subscription service of Los Angeles-based Hulu, as well as BLOCKBUSTER On Demand, to its connected television line. a month; BLOCKBUSTER On Demand offers up rentals from $2.99

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Demand Media's Pluck Powers Chicago Bulls


Los Angeles-based Demand Media reported today that its Pluck product is being used by the NBA's Chicago Bulls, for a online community and social networking site. Demand said that allows fans of the team to connect with others, upload and share photos and videos, and more. Tags: demand media pluck chicago bulls bullsconnect basketball

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Entrepreneur Leadership Today Demands A Human Focus

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Most entrepreneurs assume that success is dependent on their product expertise, coupled with some knowledge of how to run a business. Toxic relationships are emotional, often personal, disagreements which are counter-productive.

Ice Energy Extends Energy Storage Product To Homeowners, Homebuilders


Costa Mesa-based Ice Energy , which develops an energy storage system used for saving energy used for air conditioning, has launched a new product specifically aimed at homeowners and builders. According to Ice Energy, it has rolled out a new product called Ice Cub , a hybrid air conditioning and energy storage system specifically for California homeowners and homebuilders.

Demand Media Invests In CoveritLive


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the social media firm headed by former MySpace Chairman Richard Rosenblatt, said this morning that it has made a minority investment in Toronto-based CoveritLive. CoveritLive develops live blogging tools and related products for creating live, online events. Tags: demand media coveritlive venture capital social blogging

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MicroPower Turns To Financing To Spur Demand


San Diego-based wireless video surveillance developer MicroPower Technologies --which was part of the EvoNexus business incubator--said this week that it has started up a financing program, to spur demand for its surveillance systems. The startup said it will provide installment purchases and financing for its products, which use solar power and lower power technology to make it easy to deploy outdoor and perimeter surveillance cameras.

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5 Ways To Improve Startup Founder Team Productivity

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If you are like most entrepreneurs I know, there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get all your own work done, as well as run the many one-hour meetings each team member seems to demand for decisions and mentoring. 5-minute mentoring business entrepreneur founder meetings productivity

7 Traits That Define Work Productivity Superstars

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We've heard the repeated demands on our time. That's why recognizing, hiring and retaining the most productive people is “job one” for every leader in every business. Highly emotional reactions and outbursts are rarely productive in business environments.

It’s Time To Design Human Experiences Versus Products

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Today’s customers demand more than a good product; they expect a great customer experience. People love Apple’s whole customer experience, and willingly pay a premium for the product. The objective is to build a sustainable relationship between the product and customer.

Clutter Raises $9M From Sequoia For On Demand Self Storage


Los Angeles-based Clutter , an on-demand, self-storage startup which helps consumers store and organize their belongings, has raised $9M in a Series A funding. According to Clutter, ,it will use the new funding to aggressively expand its sales and marketing, broaden product development and help it expand in cities and regions throughout the U.S.

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uSamp Rolls Out New Products


Los Angeles-based uSamp , which develops surveying and sampling technology and services for the market research industry, said this morning that it has rolled out a set of new products. The company sai dit has launched tow mobile products, uSamp Mobile In-Home and uSamp Mobile In-Store, which help market researchers access consumers on demand in those two locations. Pricing on the new products were not announced.

Evolution Robotics Sees Shortages On Strong Demand


Pasadena-based Evolution Robotics , the robotics technology firm out of Idealab, reports today that its first foray into the commercial market is seeing strong sales demand. The new retail product is a first for the firm, which previously was licensing its technology to others.

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Why Startup Product Plans Make Poor Business Plans

Startup Professionals Musings

Most technical entrepreneurs I know demand the discipline of a product specification or plan, and then assume that their great product will drive a great business. A product plan is never a substitute for a business plan.

Cornerstone On Demand Updates S-1


Santa Monica-based Cornerstone On Demand , which recently filed for an IPO on the NASDAQ Global Market as CSOD, has updated its IPO filings documents with the SEC. The firm now says it has 410 clients using its product, up from around 390 when the firm initially filed in September. The firm's latest S-1 shows that the firm had revenues of $32.572M for the nine months ended September 30th, and had a net loss of $31.4M, due to an accounting charge of $24.0M

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Peregrine Ramps RFIC Production


San Diego-based Peregrine Semiconductor , which develops radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs), said today along with Korean semiconductor firm MagnaChip Semiconductor, that Magnachip is expanding production of Peregrine's UltraCMOS RFIC product line. The two did not disclose actual shipping volumes, but said the rampup comes to meet "large demand" for Peregrine's UltraCMOS products.