Demand Media Sells Pluck


Los Angeles-based Demand Media has sold its social media software arm, Pluck , to New York-based Sprinklr , the companies said Thursday. Financial details of the sale were not announced. Pluck, which is based in Austin, was founded in 2003, and had been acquired by Demand Media in 2008 in a deal worth $56.3M. demand media pluck merger acquisition social software

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Demand Media Links With Electus Digital For Comedy Ad Sales


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said today that it has linked with Electus Digital , to offload premium ad sales for its website. According to the two, Electus Digital will now offer exclusive premium ad sales representation for, including custom branded content and "high-impact" ad units on the site. demand media electus digital cracked collegehumor dorkly

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Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

Both Sides of the Table

Like most startup entrepreneurs, when I began my first company in 1999 I had no formal sales experience. But before you achieve product / market fit you’re often in “consultative sales” mode where your objective is to tease out customer needs. question in sales.

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6 Demand Generation Metrics To Quantify Marketing ROI

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur knows that good demand generation marketing is the key to growth these days, but very few have the discipline or know-how to measure return in a world of a thousand tools and techniques. The fuel for any good demand generation program is relevant, buyer-centric content.

Demand Media Sells Creativebug, CoveritLive


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said Monday that it has sold both its Creativebug. Demand Media said it sold Creativebug its online video business focused on arts and crafts, to Other Media , a new joint venture between AT&T and The Chernin Group, Separately, the compay said it sold CoveritLiveto Canadian firm ScribbleLive. According to Demand Media, the move will "streamline" its approach to its business, and will help it refocus attention on its overall growth strategies.

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Demand Media Unloads Cracked For $39M


Santa Monica-based Demand Media has sold Cracked , its online humor site, to the E.W. According to Demand Media, the move will give it a "more focused portfolio of businesses", and also "significantly" strengthen its balance sheet. Demand Media acquired Cracked in 2007. The sale comes as Demand Media has been seeing a steep drop in revenues from its content businesses. demand media cracked online humor merger acquisition ewscripps

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Demand Media Shifts Ad Strategy


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the publisher of online content, said late Tuesday that it is changing its advertising strategy to exclusively focus on premium programmatic ads. Premium programmatic ads are typically a controlled set of inventory of advertising only made available to brands and advertisers by a publisher through its own private exchange; it''s unclear what exactly the move means in Demand Media''s case.

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Demand Media Hires Ad Sales Head


Santa Monica-based Demand Media has hired a new executive to head up the firm's advertising sales, the firm disclosed Tuesday. Demand Media has appointed George Stewart as the company's Executive Vice President of Advertising Sales, heading up sales for all of the company's sales channels. The firm said that Stewart will build a sales team to increase sales revenue of Demand's eHow,, Cracked,, and other web sites.

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Demand Media Sweetens Executive Pot


Ahead of its IPO, Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online domain name and media publishing business run by Richard Rosenblatt, updated its IPO filings Thursday, saying that it has granted $30.8M Security research firm KnujOn had reported in June that eNom was hosting a number of "criminal pharmacy networks" and had not agreed to cooperate with LegitScript on rooting out those networks; it appears Demand Media is now actively trying to address that problem.

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Report: Demand Media Snags Another Yahoo Vet


A report Friday afternoon from the WSJ's Kara Swisher says that Santa Monica-based Demand Media has snagged yet another Yahoo executive, this time, Yahoo VP of Brand Packaging Erika Nardini. The move comes shortly after Demand hired former Yahoo Head of U.S. Advertising Sales Joanne Bradford. Swisher also says that Yahoo program manager Sarah Northern also tendered her resignation and is joining Demand. Tags: demand media executive yahoo

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Brain Corp. Claims Record Sales As Robotics Takes Off


San Diego-based artificial intelligence software developer Brain Corp says it is saw "record sales and revenue growth" in 2019, on strong retailer demand for autonomous, mobile robots. The privately held company did not disclose any financial details of its actual sales and revenues.

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JustEnough Targets Sales, Customer Service


Newport Beach-based JustEnough Software , a developer of inventory and demand management software for retailers, said today that it has launched a new product. The firm said its new Mobile Sales Force Automation SuiteApp, built on top of NetSuite, provides access to opportunity/customer data, sales forecasts, and real-time calendar and task management. justenough software demand inventory management netsuite

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Demand Media Nets $77.2M From IPO


Santa Monica-based Demand Media said this morning that it received approximately $77.2M The firm, which debuted on the NYSE as DMD, said it will use the new funding for investments in content, international expansion, working capital, product development, sales and marketing activities, general and administrative matters and capital expenditures. Demand's IPO offering was for 10,235,000 shares of common stock at $17.00 demand media exit merger acquisition

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Demand Media Revenues Up In Q1


Santa Monica-based Demand Media reported its results Thursday, saying that it had a net loss of $5.6 Demand Media said the revenues numbers were driven by continued momentum from its owned and operated sites. Demand also mentioned strong direct brand advertising sales helped its results. The results are the first as a public company for Demand, since its IPO in January. demand media earnings revenues content publishing

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Clutter Raises $9M From Sequoia For On Demand Self Storage


Los Angeles-based Clutter , an on-demand, self-storage startup which helps consumers store and organize their belongings, has raised $9M in a Series A funding. According to Clutter, ,it will use the new funding to aggressively expand its sales and marketing, broaden product development and help it expand in cities and regions throughout the U.S.

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7 Investor Term Sheet Demands Startups Need Not Fear

Startup Professionals Musings

Investors typically demand preferred stock, to give themselves certain voting and liquidation privileges over later shareholders. Most entrepreneurs looking for an investor can tell you how much money they need, but few have given much thought to what they are willing to give up for it.

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Demand Media Taps Joost For Pre-Roll Ads


Santa Monica-based Demand Media , the online content publishing empire of Richard Rosenblatt, has tapped Joost --now owned by Adconian--for its pre-roll advertising inventory. According to Joost, it is in a global sales and technology partnership where Demand Media will power pre-roll ads on,,, and other Demand Media sites. Tags: demand media joost advertising video

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Increase Your Sales Velocity By Saying No To Pilots


Indecisive prospects diffuse a startup''s focus and slow down its sales velocity. The first step to increasing your company''s sales velocity is to eliminate the word “Pilot” from your salespeople''s lexicon. A version of this article previously appeared on Forbes.

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Evolution Robotics Sees Shortages On Strong Demand


Pasadena-based Evolution Robotics , the robotics technology firm out of Idealab, reports today that its first foray into the commercial market is seeing strong sales demand.

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Appetize Sees Gains With Self Service Kiosks


Playa Vista-based point-of-sale equipment and software provider Appetize says that its recent move to offer up "self-service" kiosks to its customers, has resulted in its customers seeing more spending and demand. The company--which uses tablets and other technology to provide a more modern approach to point-of-sale terminals--said its customers are seeing an up to 40 percent increase in order size due to the availability of its self-service kiosks.

Startup Children – How To Parent An Entrepreneur (Part II) - Sales Advice From Dr. Seuss


Man or woman, the tactics deployed by Sam are applicable to any sales situation and can be put to use by any salesperson, irrespective of their gender. Right from the start, Sam must endure the most painful of all forms of sales rejection, the personal attack.

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THQ Drastically Lowers Sales Guidance


THQ said that it now expects its non-GAAP net sales for its fiscal first quarter to be between $155M and $165M, well below the previously expected $190M to $200M in first quarter sales.

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HelloTech: On Demand, In-Home Tech Support Via College Students Near You


Los Angeles-based HelloTech ( wants to be the service that you refer all of your friends and family to, instead--by offering up low cost, on-demand, in-home technical support. First and foremost, it's an on-demand, in -home technical support service.

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Insights and Opinions: How To Position Your Company For A Sale


Hodes talks about how you might position your company for a sale, and some of the things you need to do as part of that process. In times of recession there is pent-up demand by entrepreneurs to sell their companies. What needs to be prepared to position a company for sale?

Google's $500M Pharmacy Forfeit Sheds Light On Issues At Demand Media's eNom


Department of Justice Wednesday, over the use of Google's AdWords to advertise Canadian pharmacies, has shed some light on the types of issues that were facing Santa Monica-based eNom , the domain name registration and wholesaler owned by Demand Media , last year. DOJ, Google has forfeit $500M--the amount Google earned from advertisements, as well as the amount earned by illegal pharmacies from sales--over the importation of prescription drugs into the United States.

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Evercar: Making EVs The Vehicles Of Choice For On-Demand Drivers


In the world of on-demand driving�such as driving for Uber and Lyft--one of the biggest costs for drivers it the cost of owning, maintaning, fueling, and cleaning their vehicles. Why target the on-demand economy? driving for on-demand services.

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Power-One Revenues Surge On Solar Inverter Demand


Camarillo-based Power-One , which develops both photovoltaic inverters and other poser conversion products, saw its fourth quarter results surge on demand for its photovoltaic inverter products. According to the firm Thursday, it saw net sales of $366M for its quarter ended January 2, up 157 percent from the fourth quarter of 2009. The firm said that for the full year, it had net sales of $1.05

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EcoATM Targeted By Outerwall Investor Group, Seeking Sale Or Shutdown


According to Engaged Capital LLC , it believes Outerwall's current management have impaired the valuation of the company, and is demanding that Outerwall "shut down or sell" ecoATM, among other moves. Engaged Capital wants Outerwall to discontinue its share repurchases and to seek "strategic alternatives" to the rest of Outerwall's business, including outright sale of the entire company.

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Curri rolls out nationwide delivery service for construction materials industry

TechCrunch LA

A little over a year after its graduation from Y Combinator’s demo day, the on-demand construction materials delivery service Curri is beginning to offer its services in all 50 states.

DONE Ventures Sues NBC Universal Over Failed Domain Name Sale


compensatory damages; and attorney's fees and costs, among other demands. Ventures , the Internet marketing firm headed by BetterPPC's Ben Padnos , has sued NBC Universal over a failed agreement to buy domains and from NBC Universal via domain name firm Sedo. According to a complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court last Thursday, NBC Universal had agreed to sell and for one million dollars to DONE!,

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6 Critical Marketing Metrics To Nail Today’s Buyers

Startup Professionals Musings

Every entrepreneur knows that good demand generation marketing is the key to growth these days, but very few have the discipline or know-how to measure return in a world of a thousand tools and techniques. The fuel for any good demand generation program is relevant, buyer-centric content.

Leaf Group Acquires Deny Designs


Leaf Group disclosed the sale in its first quarter 2017 results, where it reported a net loss of $10.0M Leaf Group was formerly known as Demand Media. media demand decor home acquisition merger designs deny group leafSanta Monica-based Leaf Group , which is led by Sean Moriarty, said on Thursday that it has acquired home decor brand Deny Designs. Leaf Group said it paid $12.0M for Deny Designs, split between $6.7M in cash plus approximately 215,000 shares of its common stock.

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Energica CEO plots her Italian EV company’s reboot from lockdown

TechCrunch LA

There could be more demand for electric vehicles post COVID-19 crisis, believes Energica founder Livia Cevolini. One of those is greater demand for EVs after the pandemic.

LiveXLive Names Two VPs


According to LiveXLive, it has named Jason Miller as Global Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships and Kyle Hoedl as Vice President of Marketing. LiveXLive provides livestreaming, digital audio, on-demand music, and more from such music festivals as Rock in Rio, EDC Las Vegas, the Montreux Jazz Festival, and others. livexlive music streaming concerts executive jason miller sales kyle hoedl marketing content

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Leaf Group Names Two VPs


Ku will head up Leaf Group's internal sales and advertising team, and Baerga will run Society6, Leaf Group's print-on-demand marketplace. Leaf Group was formerly known as Demand Media. leaf group executives society6 ruben baerga demandmedia demand mediaSanta Monica-based Leaf Group Ltd. ,

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Maker Studios, Vimeo Team On VOD Content


Maker Studios will be producing content for distribution exclusively on Vimeo , the two said this morning, as part of a new, on-demand deal between Walt Disney a IAC. The deal will be through Vimeo On Demand, Vimeo''s pay-per-view service, and apparently is aimed at allowing creators at Maker Studios to boost their revenues through direct sales. maker studios vimeo video demand hollywood

An LA-led, public-private partnership pitches a $150B green infrastructure package to Congress

TechCrunch LA

All of that charging infrastructure and grid upgrades are in part designed to help meet the increased power demands that the proposal expects to bring onto the grid through another $25 billion in government funding for electric vehicles of all types.

JustEnough Wins VisionTek


Newport Beach-based JustEnough Software , the developer of demand management and sales forecasting software, reported a win today with PC products maker VisionTek. JustEnough said VisionTek is using its product to improve sales forecasting and purchasing. justenough software demand planning inventoryJustEnough said that VisionTek is using its JustEnough Mobile for iPad solution. Financial terms of the deal were not announced.

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Here’s Why a Booming Tech Market May Fool You into Thinking You’re Successful

Both Sides of the Table

The problem with shelfware is that if you have great sales people, you have raised tons of VC money from prominent investors, you have some marquee clients and you thus likely have some great press about you it can be hard to tell true success from that which is ephemeral. Have sales bonus plans based on more than just sales targets. These can’t be the main event – sales are sales after all – but can help shape good behavior.

Why buy IT? Why buy MINE? Why buy NOW?


These are so succinct, so well defined, so precise that everyone in sales and everyone involved in marketing must be able to answer these three questions without pause, and convincingly. Can you, your sales people and your marketing staff answer this succinctly?

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For alternative meat manufacturer Beyond Meat, fast food chains giveth and taketh away

TechCrunch LA

KFC had originally launched a one-day test to gauge consumer demand at a location in Atlanta last August. The response in Atlanta continues to underscore the growing consumer demand for high-quality, delicious plant-based meats.

JustEnough Wins Customer In New Zealand


According to the company, it has signed Icebreaker, a developer of outdoor merino wool apparel, as a customer of its sales and demand planning software. justenough software demand inventory management icebreakerNewport Beach-based JustEnough Software reports it has signed a new customer in New Zealand. Financial impact of the win was not disclosed. JustEnough software is headed by Malcolm Buxton. READ MORE>>.

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Hyundai taps EV startup Canoo to develop electric vehicles

TechCrunch LA

The company says its goal is for “eco-friendly vehicles” to comprise 25% of its total sales by 2025.