Study: 17% of Tech Workers Are High on the Job


Nearly 17 percent of tech workers admit to being under the influence of marijuana while at work at some point in their careers, according to a new study. The runner-up was “to help pass the time,” at 36 percent, and “to cope with the demands of the job,” at 28.7

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Study Casts Doubt On Green Vehicle Demand


Despite a huge amount of funding given to electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers by venture capitalists, a new study from Westlake Village-based J.D. The study examined attitudes of U.S.

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Silicon Beach Report April 6: Hyperloop One Asks Public to Suggest U.S. Routes, Selects 11 Regions for Further Study

L.A. Business Journal

routes and selects 11 regions for further study, on-demand doctor app Heal adds Obama’s Secretary of Navy to board, and Virgin Galactic planning for test space launch before end of year Hyperloop One asks public to suggest U.S.

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Demand pull – cost push.


Place your cash bets behind proven demand. The term, “demand pull – cost push” was created by the great economist, John Maynard Keynes, to describe the two primary drivers of economic inflation. Demand pull: too much demand for a product or service and not enough supply cause a competition for the product that drives prices higher without increasing the intrinsic value of the product. Cost push – demand pull.

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The brains behind one of marketing’s biggest hits are out to reshape the industry again… with direct mail

TechCrunch LA

Postie uses a combination of online data collection and an on-demand print and mail technology to give its customers turnaround times on print orders in as little as 24 hours and what the company boasts is the equivalent of online ad-targeting.

6 Ways Tech Startups Are Changing in 2019


In 2017, on-demand or “gig” workers grew nearly a quarter — 23 percent — over the previous year. Tech startups are always looking to capitalize on the next big thing. And every year, the startup ecosystem is slightly different.

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How To Snag Lunch With A High-Profile Entrepreneur


Benedikt Scholz is an exceptional student whom I had the pleasure of instructing when he recently studied at UC Santa Barbara. Adam worked with different teams in each venture and only focused projects that demanded his particular skill set.

UCSB Tops Harvard & Wharton In Startup Wars


Instead of a traditional business school''s case study and textbook approach, UCSB''s Technology Management Program (TMP) emphasizes experiential learning. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. Want to be an entrepreneur? Don''t go to Wharton or Harvard.

This Immigrant Entrepreneur Launched Her Billion Dollar Empire, Despite Speaking No English


The company’s “I dreamed…” campaign caused demand to outstrip production. In a 1987 interview, Beatrice noted, “I was studying to be a teacher at the time, but deep down I knew I really didn’t want to teach. A version of this article previously appeared Forbes.

How Many Investors Should You Talk to in a VC Fund Raise? And How Do You Prioritize?

Both Sides of the Table

People who believe the former believe that you should see the market demand before too many people know you’re “in market.” Sometimes I encourage teams to create new analysis on cohorts, future revenue projections, competitor reviews, pricing studies, etc.

You Can’t Teach People To Be Entrepreneurs, But Entrepreneurs Can Be Taught


Although they were all accomplished researchers in their respective areas study, their lectures were theoretical and academic. My courses are rigorous and demanding. A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes.

Crown Bioscience Expands In San Diego


The company said the expansion comes due to increased demand for oncology research studies. Crown Bioscience , a provider of drug discovery and development services, said this morning that it has expanded in San Diego, creating a new "Center of Excellence for Oncology" in the city. Crown Bio said it has tripled its facility space in San Diego to 22,000 square feet, which meet Biosafety Level 2 requirements. The company is focused on oncology and metabolic disease research.

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

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If you figure out how to scale a video product inside of Facebook really, really, quickly they’re likely to allow it to happen for a while so they can study the positive & negative impacts on user experiences. If you want to succeed you need to study the competitors. But not to study what else is happening in a market is wrong. Study your history. Study. Many startup businesses – tech or otherwise – fail.

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Here’s Why a Booming Tech Market May Fool You into Thinking You’re Successful

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” Case studies get done with ebullient CEO’s espousing the benefits of said software even though their organization was barely using the product. ROI studies were published. Work with customers on business cases (for internal use) and ask for case studies (for you to publish in marketing). Since 2009 we’ve been in an unequivocal bull market. Venture capitalists have raised increasing amounts of money from their investors (LPs) every year.

Why Your Startup Needs a Sales Methodology

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And when you achieve product / market fit your company often ramps revenue very fast and you need to build an organization to address it from demand generation (aka marketing) to sales discovery to implementation and after-sales support. This article originally appeared on

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How I Got My Teen from Cs to Bs in Two Weeks

Eric Greenspan

Instead of demanding he do his work, I jumped in and worked with him. I helped him study and I made it fun. First, let me preface by saying that I’m not being compensated in any way by the company I’m about to talk about. This is a true story.

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What Tech Entrepreneurs Could Learn from Chamillionaire

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He studied the errors that other people had made and tried to improve on them. He wanted to create awareness for himself to generate marketing buzz and demand and then get the retail stores to pay wholesales prices for his cds. He created demand. I study it every day.&#.

What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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Around 2001 Jonah was studying at MIT Media Lab and began running experiments in viral stories in an era before smart phones (2007) and before social networks took off (2004–2007) and before YouTube (2005). BuzzFeed.

Serious Presentation Tips From Standup Comics


In addition, both comedians and entrepreneurs must engage and entertain their demanding audiences. Studies have shown that approximately 55% of a speaker’s communication during the first few minutes of a presentation is nonverbal, while an additional 38% is tone of voice.

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How Online Video Companies Can Increase Margin and Build Better Businesses

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So the goal should be to have some formats that require talent who have become large in their own right and can demand rev shares of 70-90%. I would argue that the strongest visionaries have been TasteMade, who were originally running video at Demand Media.

Understanding the Underbelly of Online Marketing & Why You’ll Lose if You Don’t

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The starting point of product IS marketing, which is what a lot of young entrepreneurs that never studied business don’t realize. Yesterday I wrote a post about “ growth hacking ” and why I thought it was wrong that people were hating on the term unnecessarily.

Girls in STEM and Cyber Security Among Top Startups at Eureka Park 2018


In a study by the US Department of Commerce , women in STEM jobs earn 33 percent more money than women in non-STEM positions. Using an innovative method and blend of data science, machine learning, algorithms and cloud computing, they help companies meet new privacy compliance demands.

Understanding How The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects You

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This is important because the customers they serve (the red line) demand a product that meets their complex requirements. One of the most influential books of my career is The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clay Christensen.

How Snapchat Could Increase Team Production


Yet as an entrepreneur, you can rarely hide under the rock and pretend there’s nothing else happening around you and no one is demanding your attention. As one study suggests, suppressing anger increases the risk of having a heart attack in three times.

The Most Interesting Online Video Trend

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The production quality is terrible” I say, “ Please study The Innovator’s Dilemma because it predicts the disruption of your industry presciently.” Study the video game industry. This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.

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On Leadership, Teams, Success & Happiness

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I honestly believe I learned more by rising up the ranks and becoming the president of my fraternity than I did in the class room reading about supply & demand curves in economics. She’s protecting them from the most intellectually demanding activities.

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Southern California Linked IPOs Grow


Those include a rumor of an IPO at music service Pandora , which is based in Northern California, which was co-founded by UberTwitter's Jon Kraft, a successful IPO for Los Angeles-based Demand Media last month, not to mention companies filed like Santa Monica's Boingo Wireless , San Diego's Fallbrook Technologies , Santa Monica-based Cornerstone On Demand , San Diego-based Peregrine Semiconductor , Los Angeles-based GameFly , and City of Industry-based NewEgg.

Do you Suffer from the Urgency Addiction? It’s More Common Than you Think

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I was the guy in high school who didn’t have to study early to do well on tests and that continued into college.

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This Week in Venture Capital – Episode 3

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So there is likely robust demand from borrowers. Studying for the SAT, LSAT, GMAT, TOEFL, MCAT and other standardized tests in the US is a massive market that has been dominated for years by Kaplan and Princeton Review. OK, it’s official!

Startups To Help You Survive College

Tech Zulu Event

With international study on the up – both China and the United States have seen rises of 10% and 11% of domestic students moving abroad – NetTalk is a great option for keeping up to speed with friends and family back home. Moving to college is hard.

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Congrats To All The Winners and Thanks To Our Speakers at #REACHNeXT!

Tech Zulu Event

EnvoyNow is innovating in the on-demand food delivery space, targeting the underserved college market. Categories: mobile consumer, on-demand, chat. Early 20s: Studied EE and went to business school at age 23. We did it folks! The 1st annual REACH NeXT event was a great success!

US Economic Risks (Sept 2010): Impact on Investors & Entrepreneurs

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High unemployment, wage stagnation, lowering real estate prices and the lowering of demand for products may lead to deflation (where prices of goods & services decrease each month – i.e. the opposite of inflation).

RingRevenue Creates A New Performance Marketing Revenue Channel


Performance marketing also demands accountability. There’s lots more info including videos, case studies and more at Messenger : Rob Duva , Co-Founder, COO RingRevenue, prior Director of Customer Acquisition, CallWave.

The @TWTFelipe Story – A Tale of US Visa Policy Gone Awry (#startupvisa)

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He came to the United States in 2001 to study Software Engineering at Auburn University. “Staple green cards to the diplomas of foreign students who graduate from any U.S. university in math or science&# (Thomas Friedman).

Health Care Reform - What It Can Mean for Small Business

Tech Coast Venture Network

A recent study by the RAND Corporation found that about 60% of employees who work at companies with 50 or fewer workers currently have an offer of health benefits from their employers. Although there is no health coverage mandate for companies of this size, the RAND study still anticipates that the new federal legislation is likely to raise from 57 to 80 the percentage of these companies that offer health benefits to their employees.

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