Framework Benchmarks


Framework Benchmarks. How much does your framework choice affect performance? Authors Note: Were using the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. Plain Go delivers the best showing for a non-JVM framework.

Framework Benchmarks Round 16


Now in its fifth year, the TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks project has another official round of results available. See [link] — TechEmpower Framework Benchmarks (@TFBenchmarks) May 17, 2018.

Framework Benchmarks Round 9


The latest round of our ongoing Framework Benchmarks project is now available! Since the first round, we have known that the highest-performance frameworks and platforms have been network-limited by our gigabit Ethernet.

Frameworks Round 1


You are viewing the first round of web application framework benchmarks. Check out the new stand-alone framework benchmarks site if you are interested in the latest and most accurate data. How much does your framework choice affect performance? Web servers.

Framework Benchmarks Round 7


Happy Halloween fans of web development frameworks! After a several-month hiatus, Round 7 of our project measuring the performance of web application frameworks and platforms is available!

Framework Benchmarks Round 13


Round 13 of the ongoing Web Framework Benchmarks project is here! The project now features 230 framework implementations (of our JSON serialization test) and includes new entrants on platforms as diverse as Kotlin and Qt. What a great time to be building web apps!

Pragmatism with Flavor


We build web and mobile applications, and we've been doing so for a little over fifteen years. As software developers, we're technophiles, so we enjoy these cycles and quite often find humor listening to the energy spent arguing on either side of issues. Not to downplay developer happiness. Anyone who has been around the web development block is going to tell you that they select technologies with some balance between coolness and pragmatism.

Divshot Raises $1.1M For Visual Web App Software


Need to build a web application, and wish you could do it in a more intuitive, visual way? in a seed financing round, for its drag-and-drop software for building web applications. The firm, headed by Michael Bleigh, currently offers up it web-based application builder under a free, open beta; the company said it plans to launch as a paid service later this year. The company said its software is based on the open source Bootstrap framework which was developed by Twitter.

Web 142

Dallas Day of.Net | Training and Trends on Microsoft Technologies

Tech Zulu Event

The following is a list and description of a few of the sessions: Real-time Everything with SignalR (2 hour lab)SignalR, the latest addition to the ASP.NET stack, provides real-time capabilities to developers without requiring massive transitions in practice or imposing a huge learning curve.

Journey Platform To Build Data Gathering Mobile Apps | Co-founder Interview Conrad Hofmeyr

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The whole Journey app building experience takes place inside your web browser, so there’s no software to install. In the light of this, our product development efforts are focused on making it increasingly easier and faster to build apps.