Applied Information Expands In LA


Applied Information, Inc. , a developer of "intelligent" transportation systems and Internet-of-Things mobility technology, says it has named a new VP for the company in Los Angeles, to head up business development in the western states. According to Applied Information, it named Alan Clelland as Vice President, West, to manage the company's business development efforts in the western United States. Applied Information is based in Suwanee, Georgia.

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Cylance Launches Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Service


Irvine-based cybersecurity software developer Cylance has launched a new service, intended to help companies patch the inability to fill the holes they have in the cybersecurity area, which will provide a "virtual Chief Information Security Officer" (CISO). cylance virtual chief information security officer ciso cybersecurity consulting

Factual Adds Nutrition Information


Los Angeles data startup Factual has expanded its big database in the sky to include nutrition information, including ingredient lists and nutrition attributes for consumer packaged goods. The nutrition information is part of its Global Products dataset, which also is tied into UPC codes. factual nutrition information database query software

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mind the information gap

Tech Coast Venture Network

Jeff Monday watch "mind the information gap" on vimeo. It's called Information Gap Theory. A hexagon is not very different from anything you've previously experienced, so a small gap in your information is formed. You quickly close the information gap and move on.

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Pharaoh Information Systems Acquired by Hyphen Solutions


Irvine-based Pharaoh Information Services , a developer of residential construction-related software, has been acquired by Hyphen Solutions , a developer of cloud-based construction management software. pharaoh information systems hyphen solutions construction management software merger acquisition

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Terrakan Targets Real Estate Property Info For Developers


Terrkan , a new, Los Angeles startup, said on Thursday that it has launched a new online service aimed at providing real estate data to real estate developers. The company said that its service, which currently only covers Los Angeles, hows the development value of any residential or commercial property in the city of Los Angeles. terrakan real estate property information developer development realestate

Tinder Adds Link to STD Testing Information


Los Angeles-based dating and hookup app developer Tinder has added a new Health and Safety section on its website, after relentless pressure by a local AIDs health organization, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). The AHF is the group behind the billboards that had been putting Tinder--along with fellow, Los Angeles dating app developer Grindr--up with sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.

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Esri Launches New Developer Accounts


Redlands-based mapping software developer Esri is ramping up its efforts to reach out to third party software developers, saying Friday that it has launched a new, free developer subscription for its web, mobile, and online tools and services.

Frameworks Round 2


Last week, we posted the results of benchmarking several web application development and frameworks. We received comments, recommendations, advice, criticism, questions, and most importantly pull requests from dozens of readers and developers.

Framework Benchmarks


Among the many factors to consider when choosing a web development framework, raw performance is easy to objectively measure. See Environment Details below for more information. About What we do Portfolio People Blog Contact. You are viewing a single entry.

Document Your MVP for a Developer


He wanted to get input from me on what he's doing, and he wants to begin to ask developers what it would take to build his product. what format would you and the developer want that in? Conversations with a technical advisors or possible developers should be iterative.

Finding Startup Developers - First Email Contact


I'm working on a start up idea in the XXX market with my partner and we are currently looking for full stack developer to join us as a technical co-founder. Please let me know if you can share this information with your members.

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Parasoft Opens Up Tools To Open Source Developers


In a bid to gain better market share among developer, Monrovia, California-based Parasoft announced Tuesday that it will begin giving out free access to its entire suit of test automation software to open source developers. Parasoft develops testing automation software, typically used by enterprises to automate testing of their development efforts. Parasoft said it has launched the Parasoft Open Source Support Program to support those open source developers.

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Esri Targets Developers With New Pay-A-You-Go Plan For ArcGIS


Redland-based Esri , which develops the popular ArcGIS geographical information systems (GIS) tools, says it is looking to make the software more popular with developers with a relaunch of its ArcGIS For Developers products, and adding flexible, pay-as-you-go plans for the software. Esri's ArcGIS tools are very popular with large organizations, particularly government organizations, but are fairly pricey for independent developers.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

Both Sides of the Table

He’s focused on that sector (not exclusively but predominantly) and therefore has an amazing network at large financial services firms to help you with business development. So they develop short-hand ways to qualify things better. REAL information. Raising money is hard.

Mogreet Targets Developers, Debuts Mobile API


Los Angeles-based mobile messaging firm Mogreet is expanding into the telephony API market, telling its users that it has just opened up a new suite of APIs which allow users to send SMS and MMS messages, look up user information, and trancode media. Offers Up Affiliate Payments For Software Developers


Santa Monica-based auto information site is extending its outreach to third party software developers, and is offering up affiliate payments of five dollars per new car lead generated by its API partners, the company said this week. According to, web and mobile developers who use''s API will receive the payments for every new car lead generated via its APIs, which it says is one of the highest commission rates in the automotive category.

Start-Up Options for Rapid Development, Funding, and Commercialization

SoCal Tech Calendar

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 -- Start-Up Options for Rapid Development, Funding, and Commercialization. Is VC funding the only way to develop and grow your company? Have you heard of accelerators, incubators, angles, and other resources for rapid development, funding, and growth of your start-up? Please join us on February 19th for an informative, interactive session and networking.

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Biomed Incubator Watershed Develops Tech for IDing Medical Devices


San Antonio — A biomedical product developer, Watershed Idea Foundry, has created a method of identifying medical devices that have been implanted in the body that uses 3-D printing and its own software.

MomentFeed Links Into Facebook's Preferred Marketing Developer Program


Santa Monica-based social analytics software developer MomentFeed announced this week that it has been accepted into the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program, Facebook''s program for linking with companies who develop technologies in the advertising, page management, social integration, and tool areas for the social networking site. momentfeed facebook social marketing developer development program partnership analytics software

Startup Founder Developer Gap


I was just interviewed by Frank Peters - Tony Karrer and the Founder-Developer Gap. I received a follow-up question from an early-stage startup about the Founder Developer Gap that I’ve described before and that was part of the interview with Frank. However, many founders are challenged to engage with developers to make it effectively happen. You have to determine in-house vs. outside development and what parts of the problem each person will do.

Lead Developer to CTO at a Startup


I've previously addressed the role of a CTO in early-stages in my post Startup CTO or Developer. for a Lead Developer: How much will it cost to build what we need to build? How can I control costs but effectively get stuff developed? How can we phase development to balance cost, features, risk, etc? What existing systems will we leverage, what programming languages, software development methodologies, web application frameworks, revision control systems, etc.?

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32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans. Still, if you've not heard these questions from a developer, they are not helping you as much as they should. Location/Geography - are you using geographic information?

32 Questions Developers May Have Forgot to Ask a Startup Founder


Many of these founders have talked with several developers or development firms about their plans. Still, if you've not heard these questions from a developer, they are not helping you as much as they should. Location/Geography - are you using geographic information?

Mobile Healthcare Applications Development

SoCal Tech Calendar

Thursday, March 15, 2012 -- Mobile Healthcare Applications Development. SPEAKER: David Wetherelt, mobi2Clouds This discussion will cover the process of creating Mobile Health Applications and how it encompasses end-to-end solutions that facilitate continuous access to health care information, expert advice, or therapeutic interventionenabled by remote sensing, ubiquitous telecommunications networks, and smart systems and platforms.

USC Ranked Among Top Universities For Game Developers


An online publication--focused on the gaming industry and trends--says that the University of Southern California is one of the top 10 universities for video game development programs, in a new ranking of school. 80 LEVEL says it provides information on the gaming industry, and is aimed at game developers, digital artists, animators, video game enthusiasts, CGI and VFX talent.

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Founder Challenges with Startup Development Teams and CTOs


I''m spending more of my time recently working with non-technical startup founders who are having challenges with their software/web/mobile development teams. Common Signals I''ve written previously about Symptoms of a Weak Development Team. These are often the same things that cause a founder to reach out to me about helping their CTO, VP Engineering, tech team, off-shore development, etc. Rogue developers with their own agenda. One of your better developers leaves.

LA Transportation Agency Dangles Prizes For Software Developers


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has quitely launched a major contest looking to spur development of mobile application that utilize information about the Los Angeles area's public transit. Metro has launched the Metro Development Challenge , which is dangling nearly $10,000 in prizes to for the best mobile and web applications in a number of categories. angeles county metro developer challenge software mobile develop mashup

Nimble Partners With Call Center Software Developer


Santa Monica-based Nimble , which develops contact management software-as-a-service, has linked up its tools with call center software developer Talkdesk. According to Nimble, the move will automatically pair information from a customer''s contact history to Nimble''s contact records and customer data. Nimble said the link is aimed at helping companies create virtual, social call centers for their sales teams. Financial details of the link were not announced.

Eric Futoran: From Scopely To, The Challenges Of Mobile Development


The world of mobile apps has added serious challenges for software developers, who don't just have to deal with crashes�they have to deal with slow performance, strange hangs, multiple carrier networks, and more. How are developers doing this today? By the time you plug in a phone, or ask a user for more information, it's already too late. So we thought about what developers, apps, and the ecosystem needed.

Business Development Advice (for the online world)

Jason Nazar

I often get asked for advice on Business Development. Provide as LITTLE Information as Possible – How often have you heard “sounds interesting, send me more information”. Information, a deal does not close.

Correction: 3D Ram Semiconductor Developer Gets Funding


Update: Crossbar informs us that its investment announcement incorrectly identified the investor in this story as Tao Venture Capital Partners, when it should be an entirely different company -- Tao Invest, the investment fund of Nick and Joby Pritzker (also referred to as Tao LLC).

AppOnboard raises $15 million to let Android users try before they buy apps on Google Play

TechCrunch LA

Pitching app developers with a new way to convert app browsers into actual customers, AppOnboard has raised $15 million in a new round of funding, the company said.

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YouTubers Come Of Age – Google Scores A Solid Return On Its Video Development Fund


Despite the snarky rumors that Google’s content development program was poorly managed at its outset (e.g., DeStorm delivers the Ryobi rap lyrics in an engaging and, from an advertising standpoint, informative manner: I ain’t afraid to dismantle it, I can handle it, ‘cause, I got the tools.

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Esri Signs Customer In Qatar


Redlands-based geographical information systems (GIS) developer Esri has signed up a new customer in Qatar, the company reported this week, with the The Centre for Geographic Information Systems (CGIS) - Ministry of Municipality & Environment, Qatar. esri geographical information systems software qatar middle east international mapping

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