Cie Digital Labs Names Product Development VP


Irvine-based Cie Digital Labs has named Tegdeep Kondal as its new VP of Product Development, according to the company. Kondal previously as Director of Product Management at OpenX, and also had served at Amazon, Radialpoint, Verint Video Solutions Inc., Cie Digital Labs said Kondal will be reposnisble for product strategy and development. Cie Digital provides interactive development for brands, and also bills itself as a "technology startup studio".

Product Development

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Thursday, June 14, 2012 -- Software Product Development - How to Triple Your Likelihood of Success. Product development has always been challenging. Software products, while being easier to mold and perfect, offer additional set of management and technical challenges. In this workshop, we will discuss techniques that may triple your likelihood of developing a successful software product.

Hiring Developers Before Product/Market Fit?


The problem is you don't yet have product/market fit, and until you do, you don't really know what to build. When product vision is truly clear, then it makes sense to execute it, and hiring follows. These companies are very early-stage and definitely have not shown product/market fit.

Evite Appoints Head Of Product


Los Angeles-based online invitations service Evite announced this morning that it has named Yun Woo as its new Head of Product, to oversee development of the company's product. Woo was most recently Head of Product at Whalerock Industries, where Evite said he had been leading the product team that launched the Kardashian/Jenner family native apps and sites across iOS and Android. evite executive head product

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Working with Developers


There was a lot of passion in the room last week when I presented Working with Developers at the Stubbs Precellerator. I guess it should not be a surprise that Founders have lots of challenges working with developers. But my developers want to go into way too much detail.

Tinder Names New Chief Product Offier


Los Angeles-based dating app developer Tinder has named a new Chief Product Officer, the company announced today, saying that it has appointed Ravi Mehta to the position. Mehta was most precently Product Director for Youth Engagement at Facebook, where he was involved in the launch of short-form video app Lasso, Facebook Polls, and M&A. Tinder's last Chief Product Officer, Brian Norgard, left the company in November saying he'd like to get back to working on startups.

Tinder's Chief Product Officer Back To Startups


Brian Norgard, who was Chief Product Officer at Los Angeles-based dating app developer Tinder , has left the company, and will be starting up a new company, Norgard said today. tinder chief product officer brian norgard executive startupNorgard had been founder of messaging startup Chill, the maker of Tappy, which was acquired by Tinder in 2014. Norgard has been a longtime Los Angeles startup entrepreneur. READ MORE>>.

Document Your MVP for a Developer


I was talking with an early-stage founder who has a product vision and wants to get it built. He wanted to get input from me on what he's doing, and he wants to begin to ask developers what it would take to build his product. what format would you and the developer want that in?

Innovations in Early Drug Development

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Monday, September 24, 2018 -- Innovations in Early Drug Development. Presented by Zizi Imatorbhebhe, Senior Director, Strategic Development Early Product Development, Head Parexel RARE Disease Initiative. Ventura Biocenter. Email

Framework Benchmarks


Among the many factors to consider when choosing a web development framework, raw performance is easy to objectively measure. Simulating production environments. Our goal is to approximate a sensible production deployment as accurately as possible.

TigerConnect Rolls Out New Software Product


Santa Monica-based TigerConnect , the developer of healthcare communications software, has rolled out a new set of products and product enhancements, all aimed at communications between healthcare providers, patients, and health systems. According to the company, it has rolled out a new product called TigerTouch, which it says allows health systems to communicate directly with patients through video, voice, and text.

Develop a culture of curiosity.


Some of the world’s best companies to work for are those that encourage employees to spend time following their own paths of curiosity toward development of new products or services.

Products I Love to Use

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I’m not trying to say my picks are great and other products aren’t and I’ll certainly forget some. But this is just a reflection midway in June 2015 of the some of the products I love, enjoy or use frequently, and am not an investor in. I even developed a nomenclature where I would put “restaurant” or “movie” or “must read” in the title so I could search later.

Accelerating New Product Development

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Thursday, April 30, 2009 -- Caltech Executive Education: Accelerating New Product Development. See [link] (more

Developing New Products

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 -- Developing New Products. Today new startups and many existing companies are looking at new, innovative products to succeed in todays tough economic times. TechBiz Connection (TBC) will present a seasoned panel of experts at a power-packed forum who will discuss best practices for taking an idea and successfully building a new product in todays economy. TechBizConnection.

Ixia Targets 100GbE Development


Calabasas-based network testing equipment provider Ixia is targeting 100GbE technology development, saying this morning that it has added new support for the high speed networking protocol on a number of its products. Ixia said it added the 100GbE support on its Xcellon Multis and Xcellon-Lava portfolio of products. ixia 100gb network development equipment test testing

Effective New Product Development

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009 -- "Effective New Product Development PROCESS in Entrepreneurial Cultures" PDMA SoCal. Product development professionals have long recognized that a new products process, if not properly suited for an organization, can actually hinder new product development. Too much structure can be have people following stacks of policies that make the new product process slow, bureaucratic, and self-defeating.

How to Develop Your Fund Raising Strategy

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As with any sales campaign you need to: Qualify your buyers early so you focus your scarce resources on people likely to buy your product. ” These are people with whom there is a likely match for your product or service. So they develop short-hand ways to qualify things better.

Selecting a Web Development Company


I''ve written before about finding Web Development Firms in Los Angeles. I just got an email asking about exactly this: I''m with a new company that needs some software built, but doesn''t need (or have the resources for) a large staff of software developers.

Digital Map Products Gets $36.3M


Irvine-based Digital Map Products (DMP), a developer of cloud-based mapping products used by businesses and government for mapping and land use applications, has raised $36.3M Digital Map Products was founded by Jim Skurzynski and Geoff Wade, who will continue to lead the company. Silversmith said it was advised by Choat Hall & Stewart int he deal; Digital Map Products was advised by both Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth and Pagemill Partners.

CapLinked Launches New Product


Los Angeles-based CapLinked , the developer of secure document sharing software led by Eric Jackson, said this morning that it has released a new set of Information Security (InfoSec) tools, aimed at helping companies to protect information they are sharing with external parties.

Startup CTO or Developer


Most often at the earliest point in the life of a startup, the dominant need is certainly to produce product to get something in the market, get funding, etc. What worries me a bit is how often I read that startups should hire a developer / hands-on lead developer.

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Medical Device Trends – Robotics & Accelerated Product Development [ LOS ANGELES ]


Accelerate new product development with lean and compliant approaches. The SME’s Sillicon Valley chapter is pleased to announce the 10th Annual SME SV Conference held in conjuction with the Design 2 Part Show. Explore how the Bay Area continues to innovate and respond to global competition in the following areas: Discover the latest robotic trends in medical devices. Enjoy 3D printing, laser, and robotics demonstrations.

ZipRecruiter Expands Product Suite


Santa Monica-based hiring software developer ZipRecruiter , which is led by Ian Siegel, has expanded its product suite, with a new onboarding software for new employees. ZipRecruiter said its new product, ZipHire, helps manage electronic offer letters, employment agreements, and other new hire paperwork. Pricing on the new product was not announced. ziprecruiter product employee recruiting software onboarding

Zadara Enhances Cloud Storage Product On AWS


Irvine-based Zadara , which develops cloud-based, data storage products, said it has enhanced its Virtual Private Storage Arrays product running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). According to the company, its product now allows AWS users to create virtual private storage arrays of any size up to 288 terabytes, selecting their own mix of flash, hard drives, NAS, SAN, CIFS, and other options.

ZEFR Launches New Product


Venice, California-based ZEFR , which develops technology for helping movie studios, music labels, and others identify, claim, and manage content on YouTube, said today that it has launched a new product.

Bridg Names Chief Product Officer


Los Angeles-based Bridg said Tuesday that it has named Mike Horowitz as the company's Chief Product Officer. Bridg said Horowitz will be responsible for defining and implementing Bridg's short-term and long-term product strategy, roadmap and vision. Bridg develops customer relationship management and marketing software specifically for restaurants and retail brands. bridg mike horowitz chief product officer executive

Cool Planet Energy Launches Commercial Production


Camarillo-based Cool Planet Energy Systems , which develops technology to capture CO2 and turn it into a soil amendment, said late Thursday that it has begun commercial production of its product, CoolTerra.

Grab Green Products Raises $2.5M


Camarillo-based Grab Green , a developer of eco-friendly products, said last week that it has raised $2.5M The company (whose corporate name is MaddieBrit Products, but goes by its brand name of Grab Green), said the funding will go to "significantly expand" marketing and worldwide sales. Grab Green says its household products are healthier, eco-responsible, highly effective, and non-toxic. grab green products venture capital friendly household goods consumer

How Best Should an Engineer Run Both Product Development and Delivery

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How Best Should an Engineer Run Both Product Development and Delivery on Ultra-High Performance Electro-Optic SCAs? Thursday, July 27, 2017 -- Chad Fulk Senior Principal Operations Engineer at Raytheon. IEEE Buenaventura. See [link] (more

SlimSurveys Launches New Product


SlimSurveys , the new startup headed by former TweetPhoto founder Sean Callahan, has launched a new product, aimed at collecting data from website visitors.

Shopatron Launches Product Locator Tool


San Luis Obispo-based Shopatron , which develops software which helps manufacturers direct online orders to local retailers, said it has launched a new product aimed at product search. Shopatron said its new product, Local Product Search, helps customers find products from brands, offering up real time, local product inventory to those customers. The company says its new tool instead directly points consumers at available inventory of product.

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Netflix Looks To Raise $2 Billion For Content Acquisition, Production


Netflix , the online streaming movie service operator, is planning to boost its content acquisition and production, via a $2.0 billion debt offering, a move which might benefit the Los Angeles content production industry. Netflix has major content production operations in Los Angeles, along with a significant number of employees. netflix billion debt offering stock content hollywood video filming film development

RFaxis Ramps Chip Production


Irvine-based semiconductor developer RFaxis reports this morning that it has ramped up production of a new chip, focused on the Zigbee and Internet of Things (IoT) market. The company said it is ramping production of its RFX1010 Braodband CMOS RFeIC, which is a CMOS RF Front-end Integrated Circuit (RFeIC) which is used in 802.11ah and ZigBee designs. rfaxis chip production rfeic front zigbee cmos

CyberDefender Taps Symantec For Product Development VP


Los Angeles-based CyberDefender , a developer of anti-spyware and anti-virus software, said today that it has named Sarah B. Hicks as the firm's new Senior Vice President of Product Development. CyberDefender said Hicks helped to develop a number of Symantec flagship products, including Norton AntiVirus, Norton SystemWorks, Norton Internet Security and N360.