Sony Documents, Emails Go Online At WikiLeaks


A huge collection of internal documents and emails from Sony Pictures Entertainment --stolen from the company in a massive hacking last year tied to the movie "The Interview"--has been posted online by WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks said it had posted a searchable database of 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails from Sony, claiming it did so to show "the inner workings of an influential multinational corporation."

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Entertainment Partners Acquires Ease


Burbank-based Enntertainment Partners , a provider of payroll an dproduction management services for the entertainment industry, and Ease Enertainment Services , a provider of technology to the industry, said Thursday that Entertainment Partners will acquire Ease. Ease develops a cloud-based system for handling budgeting and schedling, managing production information, document administration, script distriction, as well as production and accounting software.

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Kofax Wins $300K Contract


Irvine-based Kofax , a supplier of document management tools, reported today that it has won a contract worth more than $300,000, to supply an invoice processing solution to an un-named, software maker. Kofax said it is automating invoice processing and accounts payable for a "leading provider" of design, engineering, and entertainment software. Tags: kofax document management software

Beyond Entertainment | Social Media as a Tool for Marketers

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The post Beyond Entertainment | Social Media as a Tool for Marketers appeared first on TechZulu. Business Entertainment Marketing 2013 ads Advertising Brands entrepreneur Fab Facebook Mobile device networking personal connections ROI Social Media Social network From Fun to Big Business.

Los Angeles-based ‘deep tech’ investment firm Riot Ventures is raising a $75M fund

TechCrunch LA

Riot Ventures , the Los Angeles-based, early-stage and deep technology investment firm is going out to market to raise a $75 million second fund to finance the development of startups in LA and beyond, according to fundraising documents viewed by TechCrunch.

Augmented Reality is Here, Thanks Disney!

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If someone writes a note to you in the margin of your book or draws an arrow for you on a map, they are annotating a document for you. While this is certainly entertaining, the applications of this technology in fields like education and the arts are as exciting as emerging technologies get.

10 Apps & Tools for Maximizing Personal Efficiency

Frank Addante

I scan/fax documents to Evernote that I want to keep. On the personal side, I take photos of wine that I like and store them in a notebook called “Favorite Wines” and keep copies of all of my critical documents (driver’s license, passport, insurance documents, etc.)

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Syyn Labs: Now THAT’s an Internship

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A data entry specialist or full-time ‘document processor’ to really utilize strong organizational skills? Arts & Entertainment Business Culture New Media News Startup Video ok go rube goldberg syyn syyn labs this too shall pass

Steve Blank Discusses The Origin And Future Of The Lean Startup Movement


No matter how much you think you know about Steve’s lean startup philosophy, Eric Ries’ contributions to the movement, or the methodologies by which companies have put lean startup tenets into practice, I am confident you will be enlightened and entertained by Steve’s frank and insightful remarks. .

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Product Management for Startups in Los Angeles – Steve Gilison


I personally think that your background with entertainment would mean that you could do something interesting around product management for hybrid online and entertainment plays. It was great to hear from a long, lost colleague the other day.

How Tal Siach Found The World’s Ugliest Facebook Profile


What I like about the opportunity is that…Docstoc uploaded the…document and put it on TechCrunch. By creating an entertaining story out of your competitors’ nefarious actions, you may be able to publicly shame them into becoming good, corporate citizens.

MP3Tunes Files For Bankruptcy


San Diego-based MP3tunes , the online music locker service started by Michael Robertson, has filed for bankruptcy, according to documents posted to the web by an ex-employee. The bankruptcy-due-to-entertainment-studio-lawsuit is not an unfamiliar one for Robertson, whose most famous startup,, was sued by just about every label out there before succumbing to bankruptcy.

This Post Has Nothing to do with #SXSW

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Remember that most panels are painfully boring & those panelists who entertain people will be the most remembered. We didn’t have any documents due that night. This post originally appeared on TechCrunch.

Data is the Next Major Layer of the Cloud & A Major Victory for Startups

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I had been selling large content management systems and storing documents for industrial-scale customers. I see the same again with the entertainment industry. Today Factual announced that it raised $25 million from Andreessen Horowitz & Index Ventures.

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DataDirect Sets Sights On Cloud Storage


The firm is focusing its new product on use for storing Internet content, including photo, video, music, social networking, and other sites, as well as use in data intensive applications like bank check processing and medical and document imaging. DataDirect's storage systems have previously been focused on the high performance computing (HPC) and media and entertainment industry.

Your Startup Should Emulate The Beatles, Not A Flock Of Seagulls


Select a team from sports, entertainment, fiction, politics, etc. Now document the five most salient factors that define your startup’s Core Team. Note: This is Part VI in the Startup Team Building series. Read Part I HERE , Part II HERE , Part III HERE , Part IV HERE and Part V HERE.

Insights: The Challenges (& Opportunities) of Starting a Tech Company in LA


Jason Nazar is CEO and founder of Santa Monica-based document sharing firm DocStoc , and recently put together his thoughts on the challenges, and opportunities, facing startups in Los Angeles.

Taking Your Startup Public Is Fraught With Negatives

Startup Professionals Musings

Too many startups have experienced early financial losses and technical glitches, like King Digital Entertainment and the Facebook IPO a while back, which antagonized individual investors and startup executives as well.

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How to Work with Lawyers at a Startup

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Your cousin specializes in entertainment law – that’s different. I recently read a post over on VentureHacks titled, “ Top Ten Reasons Entrepreneurs Hate Lawyers &# written by Scott Walker (who blogs on legal issues for entrepreneurs ).

LA Tech Startup Innovators and Fun Facts

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Entertainment Tech: Atom Factory. Docstoc offers a repository of templates, research materials, processes, forms, legal documents, and much more, all designed to help small businesses overcome the many logistical roadblocks along the path to success. Silicon Valley? That’s so yesterday.

Small Ideas, Big Benefits


If the crowd is gathered to see an entertainer, you could sell T-shirts, posters, etc. With the first test looming, the entrepreneurial student borrowed notes from three rather scholarly students, consolidated them into a single document and sold copies to other students for $5 each. The student scholars whose notes were used to create the consolidated document were given a complimentary copy (and thus the benefit of the notes from the other two students).

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How to Save MySpace

Jason Nazar

It should be the next generation content/ entertainment portal that leverages millions of user profiles to more accurately provide data to advertisers on what is appealing to specific demographics. I wouldn’t bet against MySpace.

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Interview with Marlon Nichols, Cross Culture Ventures


For you, what that means, is we will leverage our network, which spans professional athletes, entertainers, government, and executives in Fortune 500 companies. If you look at it from a business and product perspective, it's pretty well documented that the more successful companies in the world are all strong from a diversity perspective, in all industries.

Interview with Youtuber Adorian Deck, On Making A Living On YouTube


It's a fascinating new world out there in entertainment and media, where YouTube stars are now as popular--or maybe, more popular--than traditional celebrities.

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Kaleio Integrates National and International Job Listings via | Founder Interview Jim Riley

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Entertainment, Media, Arts & Professional Athletes. For the Kaleio Boardroom, it’s already a great place to share documents and have ongoing, private discussions with a co-worker or a group.

Why It’s Time for Les Moonves to Go — You Can’t Charm Your Way out of Sexual Misconduct

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Les Moonves comes across on the surface as one of the most charming and likable guys in the entertainment industry. It documents his career in the Obama administration working under Richard Hoolbrook on diplomacy in Afghanistan and Pakistan and under Secretary Clinton in the State Department.

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Solaborate: Professional Connections | Founder Interview Labinot Bytyqi

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Say you are sending emails from one place, you share files at another, another place for documentation, a different service for recruiting, and another site for uploading videos. There are different sectors from technology to entertainment startups here.

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Interview with David Aronchick, Hark


We thought we'd create a platform that was as powerful and rich as Youtube is for video, or Flickr is for pictures, or Docstoc is for documents. About one quarter of all of the searches on Google are for entertainment related content, and studios are not playing into that at all.

Get Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor

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A very big thanks to Alexandra Harris, the founder of FanCause , a company that aims to connect entertainment brands with their fans to raise money. soft circle : when an angel gives a verbal commitment to invest but hasn’t actually signed any legal documents or written a check.

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We’re All Frogs Boiling in Water

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Watched on their own they’re entertaining but they’re worth seeing with a friend and then discussing afterward. Josh had the view that we would all live in public and document our lives.

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What Jonah @Peretti, CEO of BuzzFeed, Sees in the Future of Digital Media

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Again he looked to the media industry history and pointed out that before Ted Turner founded CNN he had an entertainment channel. BuzzFeed.