Fri.Apr 19, 2019

Forge Technologies Rolls Out Job Sharing At Mall of America


Los Angeles-based Forge Technologies , a startup developing job-sharing software which lets businesses share part-time labor, says it has rolled out at the Mall of America , the giant mall in Bloomington, Minnesota. According to Forge, it is in a partnership with the Mall of America, which is offering up businesses the ability to join Forge's network.

Bio Roundup: Nationwide’s Rise, a Surgeon’s Quest, CRISPR USA & More


Persistence and perseverance were the themes of two of our top stories this week. First there’s the story of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Columbus, Ohio, hospital chose to invest in gene therapy when the field was in its darkest days.

Utilities Eye West Coast, EV Charging Corridor For Long Haul Trucks


Is it possible to transform the long haul trucking industry from being based on pollution emitting diesel to all electric? A group of nine electric utilities and two agencies on the West Coast of the United States said on Thursday they have launched an effort to explore electric vehicle (EV) charging to enable "zero-emission" shipping along the I-5, connecting California, Washington, and Oregon by an all-electric shipping cooridor.

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6 Keys To Turning Your Failures Into Business Success

Startup Professionals Musings

Mark Cuban image via Flickr by jdlasica We all have had setbacks in business – the challenge is learn from each one to improve skills and decision making, rather than let failures get you down and reduce your chances of ever achieving success. The best entrepreneurs and business owners have experienced failure multiple times before bouncing back to a level of achievement they only dreamed of.

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